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Have you ever rocked a mustache for longer than a week? Now would be the best time to bring your mustache back. All new facial hair trends suggest that the way you wear your mustache says a lot about your style. One thing’s for sure, mustache wax is a necessity to shape and style your moustache, especially if you’re one of those competing in a Mustache Championship

Mustache wax is a type of “leave in”, facial hair styling product typically made from beeswax and coconut oil. The wax holds mustache hair in place, making it easy to shape, style and condition.

The best mustache waxes are firm and easy to mold with, and they’ll provide a long-lasting hold a beard balm or beard oil just won’t. There’s nothing worse than a handlebar mustache that won’t stay up after you apply the wax.

Mustache Wax Buyer’s Guide

The top mustache wax brands focus on glitzy packaging, because they’re all so similar. There are only a few differences between the field of products that make one superior over another. Most of the time, it comes down to ingredients, but scents, costs, and toxic chemicals are other things to consider.

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Get to know what’s inside mustache wax

As you shop for products and read reviews, here are some features to keep an eye out for.

Mustache Wax Ingredients

A mustache wax should feel similar to beard balm and have a slightly tacky consistency. There are some common ingredients in hair wax products, but mustache wax products are a little different.

There are brands that don’t use petroleum jelly. Instead, they may combine beeswax with shea butter or pine resin. Other formulas use scented essential oils and tallow.

The most important ingredient is beeswax. You can tell a high-quality wax because of its hold and stickiness. Tackier wax products have the best beeswax.

Scented or Unscented mustace Wax

Most of the time, scented wax products aren’t a problem. They may even smell like sandalwood, coconut, argan oil, pine, or other scents. Some are added into the formula through essential oils, but others may be artificially scented, which can lead to skin sensitivities.

Unscented mustache wax may also be beneficial for those who just want the hold and none of the smells. Perhaps you already have a cologne or lotion that you like best. In this case, you should always look for waxes with truly unscented products.

What to Avoid in mustache wax

Not all hair products are created equal. The B&B team has tested a variety of mustache waxes and found that the best brands have a soft sheen texture, great smelling, created with organic and all-natural ingredients.

Here’s a list of the major bad toxins found in some styling products that cause allergic reactions and acne:

  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  • DMDM Hydantoin
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Parabens
  • Retinyl palmitate
  • Triethanolamine

Cost of Mustache Wax

High-quality mustache wax typically doesn’t cost more than $10. However, some salon products will go over $30. Most of them come in a 1 to 2 oz tin. Other brands may use plastic bottles or cans.

A 1 oz tin is more than enough, and even the most well-known brands like Golddachs, Beardbrand, and Proraso don’t cost that much.

5 Best Mustache Wax Products You Can Buy Right Now

Mustache wax can help you do so many new mustache styles with your facial hair. While it’s especially made for training your mustache hair to curl and hold unique shapes, you should also note the scent and texture of the wax as well.

High-quality products have a tacky yet smooth texture that doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin. These products work for all hair types, including black mens’ mustache styles

We rated the top mustache waxes on their ability to hold, shine, and protect mustache hair. Also, Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Wax is a popular brand that’s not on our list due to customer complaints about the poor smell.

1. Bossman MUDstache: Best Overall Mustache Wax

One of the most popular mustache waxes of all time is the Bossman MUDstache. This is an unscented, no tint, superior hold stache wax that can last all day. It’s very smooth and easy to work with for any facial hair texture and style.

  • 24 Hour Mustache Wax: MUDstache Wax gets its name from Texas mud which is thick and strong enough to snatch a cowboy boot clean off your foot. But unlike regular mud, our matte mustache wax goes on smooth, is both colorless and odorless, and...
  • Train That 'Stache, Boss: Don't be that guy. You know…the guy eating the burrito at the taco truck with the piece of lettuce dangling from his unwieldy landscape of hair. Our mustache wax strong hold for men wrangles your upper lip hairs in unity...
  • Go Epic with Our Mustache Kit: I know what you’re thinking, “My facial hair won’t grow that way," “I can’t pull off that look." Enough my fellow naysayers. With Bossman’s MUDstache Wax, any style is possible from the iconic Handlebar...
  • Smooth and Easy Application: Our water-based moustache wax is a clay-like substance that's not hard and unmanageable like other mustache products. Easily distribute our extra strong hold mustache wax through your hairs to train them away from the...
  • Fragrance and Tint Free: By popular demand, we decided to remove any fragrances from our travel mustache wax. Yes, our propriety crafted scents on other Bossman beard products are all the rave, but we don’t want to spoil your senses. Our formula is...

Bossman MUDstache - Best Overall Mustache Wax for extreme hold

The best part about this wax is that you don’t have to worry about strange scents, dyes, or other toxic chemicals in the formula. This is a nearly pure beeswax hair care product that makes your hair more manageable. 

2. Death Grip Mustache Wax: Best Hold Mustache Wax

Looking for a super strong hold with your wax? Death Grip says it all. This mustache wax is made for those who want to mold their mustache and have it last for 8 hours or more. These tin cans last for over 4 months, so it’s a great investment for very little cost if you want a professional wax product.

  • Caution For Serious Moustaches Only - Hairdryer or heat with a little bit of practice is recommended
  • Extra Strong Hold - Holds those unruly stash whiskers in place for 8 plus hours even in hot weather
  • Lasts A Long Time - 1oz metal tin mustache wax can last up to 4 months of daily usage; non scented
  • Handcrafted Made In the USA - All natural cruelty free ingredients competition grade moustache wax
  • Death Grip Mustache Wax Promise - If you are not happy for any reason we will refund your money
Death Grip Mustache Wax for Best Mustache Hold

Handcrafted and made in the USA, Death Grip also provides a moneyback guarantee if you don’t like using this wax. With over 1,100 positive ratings, it’s one of the most well known waxes for men who are serious about styling their mustaches. 

3. Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax: Best Scented Wax

We know that scented wax can be a real guessing game, but Mountaineer’s Mustache Wax is truly one of the highest-quality men’s care brands.

Their cedar fir scent mustache wax is absolutely amazing and holds mustache hair in place for several hours. In addition, it comes in a large 2 oz tin can that will last you for 6 months.

  • NATURAL HOLD: Look your best with Mountaineer Brand’s Mustache Wax. All-natural nourishing beeswax and plant-based oil formula has restorative properties and keeps your styled mustache shape from chevron to handlebar perfectly in place.
  • CONDITION AND STYLE: Experience the benefits of using the wax on your mustache and beard, it reduces dandruff and itchiness by moisturizing the skin underneath. Warm the wax by rubbing your index finger and thumb then apply and style dry facial hair.
  • TAME THE STACHE: Made from 100% natural beeswax, shea and cocoa butter, grapeseed and coconut oils it keeps unruly stashe strands in place without petroleum or chemicals. Twist, curl or point your waxed mustache to keep a long lasting dapper shape.
  • SHAPE STYLE FORM: Affordable, the wax lasts a long time. Pinch, twist and shape your moustache for an all day controlled styling hold that isn’t tacky. No added coloring makes this a universal wax for all mustaches and beards types and colors.
  • HAND MADE IN WV, USA: Mountaineer Brand men’s grooming line provides premium, high quality all-natural products. Each batch is handcrafted with you in mind. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll refund your money. No questions...

Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax for the Best Scented Wax

With its all-natural beeswax formula and plant-based oils, you’ll love the way your hair looks and feels with this organic mustache wax. 

4. CanYouHandlebar Moustache Wax Set: Best Premium Wax

You’ll get two cans of handlebar mustache wax for a total of 2 ounces. The “Medium Hold Wax” primary and the “Extra Strong Hold Wax” secondary. The extra strong hold mustache wax is for those days when you want to style a cowboy or smooth handlebar mustache that needs all day hold.

So, why did CanYouHandlebar create this set? For men who want the shine and look of wax as well as for days when you need a stronger hold.

  • MOUSTACHE WAX FOR MEN – Can You Handlebar professional-grade mens moustache wax is ideal for daily moustache grooming, and to assist in training and taming. Moustache grooming set of 2.
  • HELPS IT LOOK GREAT AND HEALTHY – Our moustache balm was designed to help keep your moustache healthy and looking great. A perfect moustache styling balm, lets you shape, define, and tame stray hairs.
  • MEDIUM AND EXTRA-STRONG HOLD SET – The Primary moustache wax medium hold is ideal for a more loosely-groomed look. The Secondary moustache wax strong hold is firm and ideal for styling very tight, manicured looks.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Our natural beeswax moustache wax is made from local wax (from Michigan bees), USP lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. Unscented moustache wax, fragrance-free.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN USA – Can You Handlebar has been producing moustache and beard grooming products for men since 2012. Our moustache and beard care products are handcrafted right here in the U.S.
Best Premium Moustache Wax Set by CanYouHandlebar

We like the idea of having multiple mustache strength waxes at home, especially for days when we’re serious about our cowboy mustache. These formulas are also oil-proof and waterproof, and it’s one of the brands recommended by barbers and salons. 

5. Firehouse Moustache Wax – Wacky Tacky, Strong Mustache & Beard Wax, Naturally Scented

We wanted to include the Firehouse brand mustache wax because of its all-weather, tinted formula. It’s actually made to have a slightly natural dark tint, which is perfect for defining your mustache shape. There are three colors to choose from including a light, medium, and dark hair color tint.

  • STRONG, HIGH HOLD MUSTACHE & BEARD WAX: This mustache wax for men is made to withstand extreme heat, humidity, wind, or any other weather condition your mustache or beard encounters. Easy application with no need to reapply.
  • COMPETITION-HOLD, YET STILL PLIABLE: This mustache wax extra strong hold doesn't get cemented in after application. Hair remains pliable, and you can change moustache styles throughout the day for a more natural look.
  • BEST FOR: Our Wacky Tacky mustache wax for men is the darkest of our waxes and blends well with brown to black hair. Goes on lighter than it looks in the tin & can be lighter/darker than shown due to natural variances in the waxes used.
  • NATURAL SCENT & COLOR: There are no dyes or fragrances in our mustache & beard wax for men. The strong hold mustache wax’s color and scent come naturally from the waxes used. A must-have for your mustache & beard care!
  • REAL WAX, NOT CREAM OR PASTE - This firm hold mustache wax is meant to be hard & stiff, & requires a little warming up before application, especially in colder months.

Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky

The wax blends exceptionally well into any hair color, but it’s best to purchase a darker tint if you have light brown hair, rather than go for the light wax. It’s a great option for blending away gray hairs and getting a super strong hold on your mustache hair. 

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