9 Best Safety Razor Blades for (2024 Reviewed)


best safety razor blade

For shaving enthusiasts, if you’ve received a monthly shaving kit or decided to go with a stylish safety razor, then you probably have also wondered about the best safety razor blades available.

High-quality double-edge safety razors vary in size, weight, material, and performance. You also must check your safety razor beforehand to see if the manufacturer specifies a particular size and brand to use.

Safety razor blades can make your shave incredibly smooth when made from high-quality, sharp material, but there are plenty of products to avoid because they don’t provide such a good shave. Below, we review the best safety razor blades and what to look for.

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What are the Best Safety Razor Blades

Barbers have said that picking out the razor blade and safety razor is very personal to the user. Our profile of a high-quality, safety razor blade would include a thicker, double edge razor blade that’s sharp but not as sharp as a straight razor blade freshly stropped.

best safety razor blades

Barbers recommend finding a blade you’re comfortable with that doesn’t bend or fold, remaining resilient and sharp once placed inside your safety razor. They also recommend going thicker if you’re afraid of nicks and cuts.

Sharper blades, such as the Japanese Feather razor blades, are very aggressive and should only be used by those experienced with safety razors.

Safety Razor Blade Buying Guide

As you look for the right blades for your safety razor, the main point to consider is whether your skin and hair type match the right level of sharpness. If you purchase a double edge razor with a higher sharpness, expect close, precise shaves that require advanced practice with safety razors.


Since razor blades are measured in sharpness, the best safety razor blade for your beard may be slightly less sharp if you have sensitive skin. This is the main difference between a Derby razor and a Japanese feather blade.

Safety Razor Blade for Your Type of Hair

Different blades work best with thicker hair versus light stubble. Sensitive skin also plays a role. If you’re getting razor burn after a close shave, you may want to look into coated razors.

Here are a few of the skin or hair types and what type razor blades match best:

  • Normal Hair: Astra razor blades, Lord razor blades
  • Thick Hair: Feather blades (extra sharp)
  • Sensitive Skin: Derby razor blades, Wilkinson Sword PFTE Coated blades,
  • Beginners: Gillette, Shark


Most high-quality razor blade brands use stainless steel because of its propensity for a sharper cut, as well as long-lasting reliability.

You also should focus on razors that work with the best shaving creams and facial hair types, especially if you’re used to wet shaving. Check reviews to see if customers had issues with certain razors and shaving creams.

Your blades shouldn’t go dull right away. Additionally, you should check reviews to see if blades stored over time develop rust. Avoid those cheaper blades like the plague!

How Many Uses

Your safety razor blades should remain sharp for up to 7 uses. The best double edge razor blades will last more than 7 shaves.


Some double edge razor blades come with a special coating that protects against nicks and cuts. For example, Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Razor Blades have a PTFE coating that helps the blades glide over your skin.

Price per Blade

Many blades are priced at over $1 per blade, which is far too much for a simple safety razor blade. It would be best if you tried to pick a blade between $0.10 and $.21. Brands like Derby, Astra, and Wilkinson fall within this category, but you may like Feather’s extra sharp blades for $0.30 per blade.

For beginners who aren’t sure about the sharpness and their skin type, you should try razor blade trial packs to see what works best. If you like a particular premium brand, you may also want to look into shaver’s clubs. Below are a few of the best safety razor blades.

8 Top Safety Razor Blades Reviewed

1. Astra – Platinum Double Safety Blades

Astra Platinum Double Safety Blades are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a blade that’s sharp but perfect for normal skin and hair. Astra blades are excellent quality and high value for the price, which is typically around $0.10 per blade.

The Best Platinum Double Safety Blades by Astra


If you want a long-lasting, low-cost razor blade, Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge blades offer a close shave for any safety razor. These razors also come highly recommended with over 19,000 positive ratings.

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2. Shaving Revolution – Double Edge Razor Blades

The Shaving Revolution Double Edge razor Blades comes in a 50 pack. The Japanese stainless steel blades are the sharpest blades for the money.

  • Sharp and Precise- Highest quality edging blades for a precise and clean shave.
  • Lubrication- The blades when used with our specially formulated shaving cream, hydrate the skin and protect it from any irritation, leaving a soothing sensation.
  • Durability - The platinum coated, japanese stainless steel blades, guarantee a long lasting razor
  • Safety - Each of the blades is individually wrapped in wax-paper for a safer handling.
  • The Viking Promise - We are so confident that you are going to love this Double Edge Razor Blades, that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we'll take care of it

Best Razor Blades Double Edge Razor (Japanese Stainless Steel)


This big pack of safety razor blades are enough to keep a close shave for months. With the quantity and price, you can afford to switch out you blade more often.

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3. Feather Razor Blades w/ Hi-stainless Double Edge

If you haven’t tried extra sharp Feather Razor Blades NEW Hi-stainless Double Edge razors, then you may be missing out on the smoothest, closest shave. Make no mistake, these are the sharpest razors on the market, and they were designed to fit all types of double edge safety razors.

  • One Hundred Count Of Double Edge Razor Blades; With Feather Razor Blades Extremely Sharp And Smooth; Our Razors For Men Are Made To Give You That Perfect Shave
  • Fits All Types Of Double Edge Razors; Highest Quality Japanese Blades; Made To Fit Different Double Edge Safety Razors
  • Made From Platinum Coated Japanese Steel; Hi Stainless Platinum Coated; Retain Their Sharpness That Allows Each Typical Blade Between Eight And Twelve Shaves
  • Provides Very Close Shaves; Retain A Very Close Shave; Less Shaving Can Help With Less Irritation; More Shaving Could Cause More Irritation On Your Face
  • Over Eighty Years Of Outstanding Quality; Deliver High Satisfaction To The Customers All Over The World; Feather Manufactures Precise And Quality Shaving Razors; Suitable For Each Purpose To Meet Your Demand

Razor Blades W/ Hi-Stainless Double Edge by Feather


These razors are made from platinum-coated Japanese steel, making them extremely sharp. The brand also promises up to 5 shaves per blade.

If you’re comfortable with your razor and finding the right shaving angles, you may want to try these for a super close shave. These aren’t recommended for those with sensitive skin prone to ingrown hairs.

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4. Derby – Extra Double Edge Razors

The sharpness of the Derby Extra Double Edge Razors doesn’t outmatch their thickness, which is perfect for a beginner who wants to avoid nicks and get a close shave. These Swedish blades also have edges with chromium ceramic, tungsten, and platinum coating.

  • Made using stainless steel
  • Fit all kinds of safety razor
  • You don't need to split double edge razor blades any more

Derby - Extra Double Edge Razors for the Best Shave


You’ll get a super close shave with Derby razors, but you won’t have to worry about nicks. They also have a longer shaving life than many other brands. We wouldn’t be surprised if you got 7 shaves out of each Derby razor blade.

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5. Shark – Double Edge Razor Blades

Have you ever used super chrome razor blades? The Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades are made from stainless steel and polymer coating for a smooth shave, also known as a “super chrome” coating. These blades work with all double edge razors.

  • 100 blades - 20 tucks of 5 blades each
  • Super chome - stainless steel and polymer coated for smoothness and longevity
  • Delivers an outstanding smooth shave
  • Excellent for parker, merkur, gem, gillette and all other brands of standard safety razors
  • Premium quality

Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades


Despite their low cost, Shark razor blades are known for their high-quality sharpness and durability. You’ll love how easy it is to put these into your Parker or Merkur safety razor, then get a smooth shave in just a few strokes.

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6. Vikings Blade – Swedish Razor Blades

The Vikings Swedish Razor Blades are for those with sensitive skin and lightweight hair. These are definitely not for thicker hair or for those who want a super aggressive razorblade. While Vikings razor blades are sharp, they’re specifically made for beginners and those with non-coarse hair.

  • SMALL BUSINESS: This product is from a small family business brand. Support small
  • SMOOTH and CLEAN shave: our premium platinum coated blades are made from SWEDISH Sandvik 13C26 Stainless Steel, well known for producing Smooth, Sharp, Precise and Close shaves
  • MILD & GENTLE: Easy on sensitive skin. Each blade lasts 5-7 shaves (Longest lasting on the market). Suitable for ALL Genders
  • RECOMMENDED: (1) Starters, (2) Non-coarse hair, (3) Users who are sensitive to overly aggressive blades
  • SAFE and ECO FRIENDLY: Double wrapped for extra safety and easy disposal

Swedish Razor Blades by Vikings Blade


If you want a premium razor blade but not sure where to start, you may want to try Vikings razor blades first. You get a close shave but without the aggressive sharpness of a Feather blade. These blades are also rated for 5 to 7 shaves, and they include disposal instructions.

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7. Wilkinson Sword – Classic Double Edge Razor Blades

We’ve always been a fan of Wilkinson Sword Class Double Edge Razor Blades because they’re made from stainless steel. They also have a triple PFTE coating that makes their razor blades glide over your skin. They’re also resistant to rust.

  • Two packs of 5 blades.
  • Blade maintains its edge even longer than stainless steel for incredibly smooth, close, and comfortable double edge shaves.
  • Triple coating process of chromium to resist corrosion, ceramic for added durability, and PTFE for less irritation.
  • Fits all standard double edge razors.

Classic Double Edge Razor Blades by Wilkinson Sword


You’ll love Wilkinson Sword classic razors if you want something that’s comfortable and works well for all skin and hair types. While it’s not extra sharp, these blades are perfectly sharp and coated for a smooth shave that doesn’t nick you at any angle.

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8. Dorco – ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

When we tried Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades, we found them to be incredibly sharp and perfect for normal skin types, although it may be slightly more aggressive if you’re used to Gillette. The best thing is that they’re high-quality stainless steel for a fraction of the price.

ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades by Dorco


Dorco razor blades work well as a daily safety razor blade, but they also feel like an upgrade from cheaper options. You’ll like the sharp edge as well as the durability, as these last between 5 and 7 shaves.

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9. Quality Double Edge Razor Blades – 100 Blade Sampler (18 different brands)

The 100 Blade Sample Pack comes with several razor brands in one package. You can try Wilkinson Sword, Astra Platinum, Dorco, Feather, Shark, Supermax, and Derby brands to find the sharpest blades or the best blades for your skin.

  • 100 Quality Blades
  • 1 packet of 18 different brands for a total of 100 blades
  • Extremely High Quality Blades
  • 16 packets of 5 blades and 2 packets of 10 blades for a total of 100 blades
  • See product description for the list of the blades

Quality Double Edge Razor Blades - 100 Blade Sampler (18 different brands)


Razor Blades Club’s Sample Blades Pack is best for beginners who just bought a safety razor and aren’t sure what blades would be best for their skin and hair. You can determine the right sharpness and feel just by trying each one.

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