45 Best Goatee Styles (Ultimate Guide)


Goatee Styles in 2020

The goatee is compact and trendy facial hair style. In fact, it only covers the chin and upper lip with many variations of this short beard style, like the circle goatee, door knocker, Van Dyke, and chin only beard.

What type of goatee are you looking for? This guide shows you all the different style options with photos of our favorite goatee celebrities.

There are a lot of ways to style a goatee, whether you trim away more hair or even dye it for a personal brand.

Here’s a look at our top goatee style picks.

1. Chin Goatee

The chin goatee AKA “chin beard” or “chin only beard” is a classic goatee with no mustache. The chin only goatee has an extra emphasis on the chin hair with the face shaved smooth. See more beard styles without a mustache.

Soul Patch with chin goatee (chin beard)
Djimon Hounsou with a classic chin goatee.

2. Long Goatee

Long goatee styles add hair length to the chin. The goatee is grown out longer on the chin and longer than the surrounding hair.

Alexi Lalas Long Goatee
Alexi Lalas long goatee – Image source: IMDB.com

3. Petite Goatee

The petite goatee style is a smaller variation of the full goatee. The common version is worn with a mustache but the classic version without a mustache AKA under the chin petite goatee.

Ryan Gosling Petite Goatee
Sporting a slick, petite goatee. See more Ryan Gosling beard styles.

4. Mustache And Goatee

This is a typical look when people think of the mustache goatee combo. The simplicity is in the disconnected style of the soul patch, goatee, and mustache combination.

Ludacris mustache and goatee
Ludacris mustache & goatee.

5. Goatee Without Mustache

This is a basically the same as your classic goatee sporting only chin hair. The hip and understated look is a perfect starter beard.

Brad Pitt Goatee Without Mustache
Goatee Without Mustache Style

6. Extended Goatee

The extended goatee style has a chin beard plus mustache with chin hair that extends up the jawline. Typical styles have the goatee extend almost the full length of the jaw for a unique style.

Charlie Hunnam sporting a stylish extended goatee.
Charlie Hunnam with a cool extended goatee.

7. Full Goatee

Full goatee styles commonly have a connecting mustache and a soul patch (strip of hair) under the bottom lip. The hair is grown thick giving the goatee its full appearance.

Chris Pine Full Goatee
Chris Pine’s full goatee at Star Trek Beyond premier, Image courtesy of Time Magazine

8. Van Dyke Goatee

Van Dyke Goatee / Goatee Vs Van Dyke

Probably my favorite style, and it’s been popular for centuries! The Van Dyke is a goatee styled after 17th century artist Anthony van Dyke. The beard became such a fashion trend that it persists to this day and the one I wear.

See our Cut and Style Guide for the Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke goatee has a Parisian style with clean-shaven cheeks, a short mustache, small goatee, and soul patch beneath the bottom lip. Typically chin hair is styled to a point. However, there are many variations (below).

9. Goatee And Beard

This is a classic goatee look with longer hair up the sides and down the chin. This is typically achieved through fading or layering with different guards, so that your goatee shape has longer hair than the sides and cheeks. It’s a bit of an unkempt look that can look super stylish if you incorporate definition and neat lines. 

Here are a few examples:

10. Anchor Goatee

The Anchor Goatee AKA “Anchor Beard” is a classic style keeping facial hair disconnected to form the shape of a ship’s anchor.

Anchor Goatee Beard
The anchor goatee beard is a classic.

11. Short Goatee

The short goatee is similar in style to the petite goatee, but with a bit more length.

Goatees commonly have shaved cheeks and sides, corralling facial hair to just the chin and sometimes mustache area.

Brad Pitt Short Goatee
Brad Pitt’s short goatee

12. Hipster Goatee

The hipster goatee is a soft and understated look. Lightly shaven and barely pronounce look.

Johnny Depp Hipster Goatee
Johnny Depp – Hipster Goatee

13. Circle Goatee

The circle goatee, better know as the “Circle Beard” is a clever look that encircles the mouth. Typically connected with an adjacent soul patch.

Johnny Depp Circle Beard
Johnny Depp sporting a Circle Beard Goatee

14. Asian Goatee

The Asian Goatee is a lightly stated beard style.

Asian Goatee
Asian Goatee – Image source: JayneStars.com

15. Stubble Goatee

The stubble goatee is shaved trim to a light scruff, just enough to be noticeable.

Leonardo DiCaprio Stubble Goatee
Leonardo DiCaprio – Stubble Goatee

16. Goatee with Soul Patch

I’ve seen lots of musicians rolling with the Goatee with Soul Patch look. The look is simple, connecting (not required) the chin hair to the soul patch.

Tom Waits Goatee and Soul Patch
Tom Waits – Goatee with Soul Patch

17. Landing Strip

The landing strip is a vertical strip of hair running from under the lower lip down to just under the chin.

Landing Strip Goatee
The landing strip is cool and jazzy.

18. Chin Puff

The chin puff goatee AKA “Chin Puff Beard” is small strip of chin hair. It’s used as a small accent style.

John Travolta chin puff goatee
John Travolta

19. Chin Strap Goatee

The chin strap with goatee is a simple layout of goatee plus the addition of a chin strap beard.

Chin strap goatee
See more chin strap beard styles.

20. Door Knocker

The door knocker beard is really just a goatee that resembles a door’s brass knocker.

Door Knocker is a great Goatee Style
The Door Knocker goatee is nothing to mess with.

21. Tony Stark Goatee

Robert Downey Jr. (RJD) made Iron Man and Tony Stark household names. In the Marvel movies, the Tony Stark Goatee AKA “Iron Man Goatee” is a uniquely styled beard. It’s a disconnected look with sharp angles and fine point edges.

Robert Downey Goatee
Robert Downey Jr. dawns the Tony Stark Goatee at the Iron Man 3 premiere.

22. Guy Fieri Goatee

Who would Guy Fieri be without his iconic goatee look?

Guy Fieri Goatee
Guy Fieri Partially Dyed Goatee

23. Walter White Goatee

There have been many famous faces to sport a goatee. If you like a traditional goatee, you probably thought Walter White on Breaking Bad had the perfect goatee.

Bryan Cranston, AKA Heisenberg with a Goatee on AMC's Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston shows his best Walter White Goatee. Courtesy “Breaking Bad” on AMC

However, there are so many varieties of this beard it’s hard to tell which one is the most accurate depiction.

24. Brad Pitt Goatee

From the red carpet to the big screen, Brad Pitt has always shown us hi best goatee styles.

25. Johnny Depp Goatee

Johnny Depp has probably styled every variation of the goatee. Look at our Johnny Depp Beard Style Guide to steal his look.

Johnny is famous for his pirate goatee where he plays the infamous Jack Sparrow.

26. Idris Elba Goatee

27. Tom Hardy Goatee

28. Black Men Goatee

From music moguls to movie stars black men look wildly handsome with facial hair in general but especially wearing goatees. See more beard styles for black men.

Kanye goatee style
Kanye West “Ye” – Goatee Style

29. Famous People with Goatee

Some of the worlds most famous people wear facial hair to perfection. Celebrity goatee styles are mainstream and easy to copy with star-worthy results.

30. Dr. Strange Goatee

The Dr. Strange Goatee AKA “Dr. Strange Beard” has a unique cut. It has swooping angles and sharp-edge lines for a distinct superhero beard.

Dr. Strange Goatee
Dr. Strange Goatee

31. Bald With Goatee

The Bald With Goatee is the perfect look for Common (rapper). A goatee is the perfect compliment to the bald look.

Common - Bald With Goatee
Common – Bald With Goatee

32. Mexican Goatee

The Mexican Goatee is cool symbol of Mexican heritage for men.

Diego Luna representing the Mexican Goatee.
Diego Luna representing the Mexican Goatee.

33. Devil Goatee

I didn’t really want to add the Devil Goatee AKA “Evil Goatee” to my list but people ask – even outside of Halloween. A good sport, Pierce Brosnan, represents the pointed beard style well.

Pierce Brosnan Pointed Beard represents the Devil Goatee well.
Pierce Brosnan Pointed Beard – source Pinterest

34. Sideburns Goatee

The goatee with sideburns is a straightforward look. Adding sideburns to a goatee is a natural.

Sideburns Goatee
Sideburns Goatee.

35. Thin Goatee

The thin goatee has very narrow lines. You’ll need a really good trimmer to cut the goatee line thin on the sides.

Kanye West - Thin Goatee
Thin Goatee.

36. Bad Goatee

A bad goatee is a beard that’s a mess from the grooming to the way it’s grown out. It has an unkept look that just doesn’t work under any circumstances.

Bad goatee and beard.
Bad goatee and beard.

37. Viking Goatee

Viking Goatee style is a must-have for badass norse warriors.

Viking Goatee Style
Viking Goatee Style.

38. Biker Goatee

The biker goatee is long and rough around the edges.

Charlie Hunnam Biker Goatee
Biker outlaw with the Jax Teller Beard.

39. Thick Goatee

The thick goatee is a full style goat beard with extra facial hair growth. The thicker goatee will require extra maintenance to keep the longer length.

John Travolta Thick Goatee
John Travolta Thick Goatee

40. The Rock Goatee

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is everyones’s hero and so is his beard. The Rock Goatee is similar to a door knocker or lock beard.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Goatee
Dwayne Johnson Goatee – image courtesy of MTV

41. Gray Goatee

The gray goatee AKA “white goatee” is a timeless classic full of stature. As your beard hair turns gray, it’s a time to grow a goatee.

Sean Connery Gray Goatee
Sean Connery Gray Goatee – Image source: Gentleman’s Journal

42. Patchy Goatee

The patchy goatee grows in light and unevenly. Known for the patches or sparse areas of hair, the goatee doesn’t grow in fully.

Johnny Depp Patchy Goatee
Johnny Depp Patchy Goatee

43. Braided Goatee

The braided goatee will give your fierce look. The style is a real commitment and could take more than a year to grow out. You’ll need at least 12 inches to pull off the braid.

goatee with braids
Braided Goatee

44. Short Beard Long Goatee

The short beard with long goatee is a unique look. The surrounding beard hair is kept relatively short, while the goatee is grown longer on the chin.

Brad Pitt - Short Beard Long Goatee
Brad Pitt – Short Beard Long Goatee. Source: CNN.com

45. Bobo Goatee

The mock, Howard Stern Show celebrity, “Bobo” is sporting a new goatee he gladly ripped off of Guy Fieri. What a goof!

Bobo Goatee

Goatee FAQs

What Is A Goatee?

A modern goatee is simply a beard style that’s a combination of chin hair and mustache hair that often connects around the jaw. The modern goatee has evolved to include a mustache, various lengths, several unique style variations, and serves as the foundation for many short beard styles.

What Is A Classic Goatee?

A classic goatee is a beard style grown only on the chin and without a mustache. This original goatee is similar in style to a billie goat, and hence the name.

Are Goatees In Style?

Many celebrities have sported the goatee look for years and usually a good indication that a look is in style. The Van Dyke and anchor beard looks have surged in popularity thanks to famous people who wear them, such as Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.

Which Goatee Style Is Best?

We think the best goatee styles are a matter of personal preference. However, the best looking goatees are those neatly trimmed around the mouth and chin to accentuate your best facial features.

How to Grow a Goatee?

This is honestly up to the wearer and personal style preference. Start by clean shaving the areas cut with your trimmer. Second, shave and define your neck under your jawline to avoid a neck beard. Then leave hair growth short, typically 1/2 inch or less on your chin.

Most goatee wearers don’t grow their chin hair past the Adam’s apple. In fact, it’s best if you cut it an inch above your Adam’s apple and continue to fade or trim away hair until it looks appropriate for your face shape.

how to trim a goatee

Quick Tips

  1. Pick a goatee style like a hairstyle that matches your look and personality (see our beard style guide)
  2. Use an electric clipper and blending shears to shape your goatee
  3. For patchy beards, focus on the beard and mustache hair first
  4. Comb your beard regularly and apply a beard oil or balm to keep hair healthy 

Is The Goatee For You?

Many guys start growing a goatee because it’s easier than a growing a full beard. You can grow your chin hair and mustache first, then worry about the rest later if you want. It’s best to focus on establishing thicker chin hair over time.

Looking for other beard styles? Check out our celebrity beards.

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