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Facial hair is trending, so it’s natural for teens to start growing out their beards. For most teenagers, this is a painstaking process, as hair doesn’t come in thick and fast until much older. Puberty typically hits around the age of 13, which can include more body hair. However, most men in their youth grow patchy and thin beards.

Teenagers can grow a thick beard if they have higher amounts of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). However, it’s not guaranteed. DHT must first bind with androgen receptors, which is regulated by your genetics. Most men’s androgen receptors don’t get this boost until after the age of 20.

If you want to grow a beard as a young man, it’s important not to force growth, which can lead to long-term side effects. Instead, grow your hair naturally and choose a beard style that matches your growth rate.

How Long for a Teenager Beard?

Research shows that young men don’t develop facial hair until after puberty hits. While some experience puberty as early as 12 or 13, others won’t go through puberty until 16 or 17. On average, young men develop facial hair around the age of 17.

Do Girls Like Teens with Beards?
Grow your teen beard out

If you want to grow a beard at an early age, you’re not alone. Most of the time, it happens naturally, while others may do it believing girls like beards. However, most young men can’t grow a thick beard, so it’s unclear whether girls like beards or not.

For adolescents, it’s easier to grow a patchy beard, goatee, or patchy mustache rather than a full beard.

Best Beard Styles for Teenagers

Some beards are easier to grow than others. For instance, patchy beards are in, thanks to Keanu Reeves, because they look more natural and are easier to grow. These are some of our top picks for teenagers based on current young celebrity men who sport the scruff beard.

1. Light Mustache and Chin Patch

Brooklyn Beckham was 18 at the time of these BRIT Awards in 2017. This is a good example of growth after puberty.

Teenage Beard Style
Brooklyn Beckham shows off new facial hair as he attends The BRIT Awards at The O2 on 22, Feb, 2017 in London

2. All-Over Stubble

KJ Apa was 21 at the time of this stubbly beard.

KJ Appa - Teen Beard
KJ Appa – Image courtesy of WikiCommons.

3. Short Beard

At the age of 17, Shawn Mendes was sporting a short beard and mustache he posted on Twitter, saying “my beard is coming in nicely.”

Shawn Mendes Teenage Beard
Image courtesy of @ShawnMendes

4. Chin Beard

In 2018, Lil Pump was already styling his chin beard at the age of 17.

Lil Pump Teenage Beard
Image courtesy of WikiCommons.

5. Pencil Mustache and Barely There Beard

Jaden Smith never fails to go big with his hairstyles and facial hair. Here he is in 2017 at 18 sporting a subtle pencil mustache & barely there beard.

Jaden Smith Teenage Mustache and barely there beard
Jaden Smith

Teenage Beard Growth Stages

If you haven’t noticed any facial hair growth yet, you may simply not have gone through every stage of puberty. Hair growth comes in phases and may vary depending on your genetics and hormones.

1st Stage: Upper Lip Corner Hair

You should notice some hair on the outer corners of your lips. These may appear around the age of 13 or later in puberty, after the age of 16.

2nd Stage: Pencil Mustache

Hair has grown across your upper lip but may still be sparse. Hair will continue to grow in thicker along your upper lip.

3rd Stage: Stubble on Cheeks, Lower Lip, and Chin

At this point, you have a thicker mustache with a few sparse hairs growing under your bottom lip and chin area. You may notice some stubble within the hollows of your cheeks.

4th Stage: Thicker Beard Growth

You may notice more hair on your chin that grows along your neck and jawline. So, I suggest trimming your neckline.

As you grow more hair, your beard and mustache may connect around the mouth, and you may want to grow a thicker soul patch like Frank Zappa. There are several beard styles to consider once your hair comes in.

Keep it Trim

If you don’t have a full beard by the end of high school to age 20, don’t panic! It’s common that young men can’t grow a full beard until later in their 20s. Whatever you do, don’t shave off any growth. Instead, keep your neckline clean shaven to emphasize your stubble beard.

Brushing Over Shaving

The myth of shaving for thicker beard hair is simply that, a myth. Instead, young men should aid their hair growth by brushing or combing it regularly and using a beard balm to treat any beard itch.

How to Grow a Beard as a Teenager?

If you have trouble growing out your facial hair, just know that it may take a couple years to get substantial growth, especially if you’ve just hit puberty. Here are some tips to grow out your hair at a young age.

1. Get Past the Itch

Growing out a beard at first can be itchy. This is new growth that may irritate your skin, especially if you have dry, sensitive skin. To get around this, you can use a good skin moisturizer, beard wash, or beard balm to get rid of the itch.

2. Eat Lots of Protein

Protein-rich diets allow you to ingest a ton of biotin, amino acids, and B vitamins essential for hair growth.

3. Use a Boar Bristle Brush

If you start to notice some stubble, you can direct your hair and even stimulate growth with a boar bristle beard brush. This works by brushing your hair the way you’d like it to grow. It can help with patchy beards and keep your facial hair smooth and tidy.

4. Topical Methods

We don’t recommend teenage boys go out and find these chemicals if they aren’t able to grow a beard. In fact, talk to your parents or a doctor first. However, if you still have no growth after the age of 18, there may be some other options.

Minoxidil Creams

These are commonly known as Rogaine creams. These may boost androgen levels and start facial hair growth, but it may not work if you don’t have any stubble at all.

Biotin Creams and Beard Washes

Some beard washes have biotin and other hair growth ingredients. These are more natural than minoxidil creams, but they don’t always work.

Saw Palmetto

Some creams and beard conditioners contain saw palmetto, which has been shown to grow hair.

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