About Bald & Beards

When it comes to men’s grooming, particularly around the topics of bald heads and beards, the internet can feel like a wilderness, full of conflicting advice and dubious quality. After years of navigating this terrain while growing my facial hair and maintaining a bald style, I, Eric Melillo, decided it was time to chart a better path. And so, out of this personal journey and frustration with the lack of trustworthy information, Bald & Beards was born.

I dove into this journey headfirst as a passionate explorer of men’s styles, a budding home barber, and an insatiable observer. But the road wasn’t always smooth. As I began growing my beard, I realized that this seemingly simple endeavor was anything but. With an unexpected struggle with hair growth, a minimal understanding of grooming techniques, and a lack of knowledge about quality products, I knew I had a steep learning curve ahead.

Undeterred, I immersed myself in the world of men’s grooming. I consulted with expert barbers, learned about the intricacies of hair nutrition, tested an array of products, and began to shape my experience into this resource. However, the journey was not without its trials. Balancing hair loss while struggling to grow a beard were daunting tasks that made me realize the profound impact of these personal style choices.

As I navigated through the wide variety of grooming products, I was struck by the disparity in quality from one brand to the next. More shockingly, I realized the scarcity of reliable, unbiased information online, which often left men making uninformed decisions about their grooming choices.

With a background spanning over 20 years in marketing and content creation, coupled with the expert advice from a network of professionally trained barbers, I found my footing. The learnings and insights gathered on this journey form the foundation of Bald & Beards. But the mission extended beyond my personal grooming journey. I saw the broader issue – the lack of quality content that truly catered to men (and women) interested in understanding and mastering the art of grooming.

Thus, as a devoted home barber and men’s style enthusiast, Bald & Beards became my platform to bridge this information gap. Every piece of content on the site is meticulously researched, crafted, and vetted by industry professionals, including our network of trained barbers and industry affiliate partners such as American Crew, Braun, Gillette, The Art of Shaving, and Skull Shaver.

Bald & Beards is more than just a blog – it’s a mission to provide reliable, expert-approved advice for men and women navigating their grooming journey. Because I understand that your confidence, style, and personal identity are intertwined with these choices, just as they were for me.

With Bald & Beards, you will always have access to trustworthy, high-quality information, ensuring you feel as confident in your grooming decisions as I did when I finally grew my beard.

Eric Melillo
Founder of Bald & Beards