Best 55 Beard Styles for Men (New Guide)


20 Best beard shapes

A man’s facial hair is an integral part of his style. Some say there are as many beard styles for men as stars in the sky, and we can’t argue with this opinion!

The best beard styles will help you look like a hero to your friends and family while giving you more confidence than ever before.

Beards come in various styles, and you can shape them with the help of a comb, beard oil, trimmer shaver and edger. In fact, you can look at a face shape chart to see what hairstyle suits your jawline and cheekbones.

This guide shows you different ways to groom, manage, and care for your beard so it grows thick and complements your face’s shape. Find the perfect shape below.

1. Full Beard

The full beard is at the top because it’s the epitome of beard growth to achieve. If you have a long, luscious beard that connects to a well-developed mustache, you often won’t spend a ton of time grooming. Rather, the length and rugged appeal of the beard makes it desirable.

Bushy Thick Beard
Full style beard style is the ultimate for beard wearers.

2. Short Beard

The short beard is a simple and attractive style that’s easy to grow and maintain. It only takes a few weeks to grow and can be shaped with clean, defined lines for added visual appeal.

The short beard typically incorporates a connected mustache cut to the same overall depth.

Short, Trim Beard with a Mustache
A timeless short beard.

3. Thin Beard

Thin beard styles are actually quite popular because you can trim and fade the beard, so even if you have light patches, they’re not as prominent. You can also comb and brush your beard with a balm to promote growth in patchy areas.

Thin Beard with Fade
Well groomed, thin beard with a subtle fade. Image courtesy of D’Boss Barber Shop.

4. Designer Stubble

The designer stubble beard tends to have varying thicknesses, making it perfect for those who want to bring out their chin more. Inverted triangle, oval, and smaller chin shapes can use this neat, short stubble to define their jawline and cheekbones.

Designer Stubble Beard Style worn by Adam Levine
Adam Levine and his designer stubble beard. Image courtesy of GQ.

5. Lock Beard

If you want to grow your hair around your mouth to the bottom of your chin, then the lock beard (aka padlock beard) is a unique twist to the traditional. Similar to a goatee, the rest of your face is clean-shaven. You must maintain this clean look like Brad Pitt (below).

Brad Pitt Lock Beard Style with a little gray mixed in.
Ultra hip lock style beard. See more Brad Pitt beard styles.

6. Chin Strap Beard

This is a good beard to try if you want to highlight your chin and balance out a larger forehead shape. This is also a superb look for triangle and heart shapes.

The chin strap beard can vary with or without a mustache. Personally, I wear it with a thicker mustache style that connects with each side strap and grow the chin beard out slightly longer up to the mid-jaw line. Then, it’s cleanly shaven up to the ears and your natural hairline.

Chinstrap Beard style is a good look for professionals.
Chinstrap Beard worn short with clean lines.

7. Stubble Beard

The stubble beard is a great choice if you want that brooding look like Ricky Martin. You can allow your hair to grow naturally on your face, including into the hollows of your cheeks. You’ll use a beard trimmer to keep your beard hair short along the jawline and underneath.

Ricky Martin Full Stubble Beard
Ricky Martin showing his perfect stubble beard.

8. Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard extends from the bottom of the lip outward to cover the point of your chin. It’s a smaller, trim beard that’s highly stylized. It may make your face look more angular, so oval and rectangle faces with higher cheekbones can pull this look off the best.

Van Dyke Beard
The Van Dyke Beard – Image courtesy of Wahl USA.

9. Five O’clock Shadow

If you want to grow your hair and keep it neat while growing it out, you can go with a styled 5 O’clock Shadow Beard. This beard is defined by clean, straight lines under the cheekbones and a mustache. It’s kept short along the jaw and with all stray hairs trimmed.

Groomed 5 O'clock Shadow Beard Style
Perfectly Groomed Five O’clock Shadow.

10. Neck Beard

If you want to grow long hair down to the bottom of your chin and below the neck, you can achieve a rugged, wilder look. However, grow too much hair below your neckline, and you’ll develop a nasty neck beard. Learn how to trim your neckline here.

Rugged Beard with Longer Neckline
The neck beard looks a bit unkept as it grows down your throat.

11. Square Beard

The square beard is a full shape style that’s neatly trimmed. Typically, the style looks more chiseled than it does “square” from the jaw hinge to the length under the chin.

You’ll trim the stray hairs from the bottom and sides to make it angular. If you have a rounder face, this look can straighten out your natural curves and help you achieve a mature, defined look.

Square Beard Style is bold look.
The square beard has a big, bold look.

12. Short Box Beard

This is a fuller-looking beard shape that’s more neatly trimmed to reduce the weight and volume. The short boxed beard is perfect for those looking for a full beard look without the overall bulk.

Short boxed beard style
Cut close without the bulk.

13. Pointed Beard

Want to elongate your face shape? This is the beard for you. These beards are trimmed, so the hair is shaped to a point. This brings the focus down your jaw.

Pointed beard style
Full beard that comes to a subtle point.

14. Ducktail Beard

The ducktail beard is basically a full beard that concentrates its shape on your chin’s facial hair. With being fuller on your chin, the shape resembles a duck’s tail, and that is essentially where it gets its name. See Leonardo DiCaprio’s stylish Ducktail Beard.

Leonardo DiCaprio Ducktail Beard
Leonardo DiCaprio is sporting a cool Ducktail Beard.

15. Scraggly Beard

For a hipster look, the scraggly beard is perfect. It’s a bit messy and long, and it connects to a bit of an unkempt mustache.

Scraggly beard looks unkept by design.
The scraggly beard screams – “Whatever!”

16. Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi Beard is a well-balanced look with a soft curve around the chin hair. The style typically has a flatter curve, but I personally like the tighter curve in the image below. It creates a distinct and sophisticated look – IMHO

Garibaldi Beard is a timeless style that's classy and refined.
The Garibaldi Beard is clean and refined.

17. Wolverine Beard

I totally dig superhero beards, especially the Wolverine. It’s a mutton chops style beard but with a stubble mustache. I’ve tried to rock this style, but my wife prefers a full stache. Check out all the Wolverine beard style variations from the X-Men movies.

Hugh Jackman sporting the iconic Wolverine beard.
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Image: Hollywood Reporter.

18. Balbo Beard

If you’re trying to grow longer facial hair on your chin, then the Balbo Beard style with a curly mustache may be your new look. This style is easy to grow it out and maintain, and it just looks crazy cool.

Hugh Jackman Balbo Beard and shaved head.
Hugh Jackman has a shaved head and a cool Balbo Beard. See more bald with beard looks.

19. Tapered Beard

This full beard tapers at the edges, but it’s fuller around the lower parts of the chin (like the ducktail). This leads up to your thinner areas in the hollows of your cheeks. Lines are cut and trimmed under the cheeks to the ear.

Many consider the taper similar to a beard fade. They are different.

A Shapely Full Beard with Tapered Sides
Sleek and crisp lines from the taper fade hairstyle to the tapered beard.

20. Barely There Beard

Not ready to commit to a beard but like the lines it creates along your bottom jaw? This beard is mostly clean shaven, with a line of hair along the jaw and chin. You may have a slight mustache, but it does not connect to the beard like Van Dyke.

Johnny Depp barely there - stubble beard
Johnny Depp’s thin stubble beard style.

21. Heavy Stubble Beard

The heavy stubble beard is the most attractive facial hair. It’s easy to grow and maintain. I also like this look in the summer, and it helps make your face look a bit more square with emphasis on your cheeks.

Heavy stubble beard is dashing and rugged.
Heavy Stubble Beard is a rugged classic style. Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Today.

22. Bushy Beard

If you want to get a bushy beard bushy, you must avoid trimming or cutting your length for several months. These beards typically evolve with the growth of your hair along the jaw, up the sides, and significant length.

It’s a low maintenance beard because you avoid heavy trim sessions. However, that doesn’t mean no maintenance. Getting the bushy look still requires adding a good balm and brushing the beard out for fullness. It’s also good to make the beard look a little unkept.

The Bushy Beard style is a pillar of masculinity.
The bushy beard has an unpolished and slightly unkept look.

23. Yeard Beard

The Yeard Beard is the ultimate in full beard growth. Grow your beard out for 1 full year and be the envy of all other beards.

How to grow a yeard beard
The yeard is a real commitment for the beardsman.

24. Tony Stark Beard

The Tony Stark Beard is the very definition of cool! This style looks great and is one of my personal favorites that Robert Downey Jr. wore in the Marvel classic Iron Man and Avengers. I find it easy to style once you master the side angles.

Tony Stark beard AKA Iron Man beard style
Robert Downey Jr. sporting his Iron Man Beard.

25. Johnny Depp Beard

Johnny Depp’s beard has taken many shapes over the years and in his movies. From traditional to classic, to hipster – Johnny always keeps his style fresh and edgy.

Johnny Depp beard styles
Johnny Depp’s ultra hip beard.

26. Beard Fade

The beard fade is a hot trend among modern barbers. It creates a smooth transition from longer to shorter facial hair, adding contrast and dimension to your face.

The beard fade is a hot trend and adds a unique look.
The always in-style beard fade.

27. Patchy Beard

For those having trouble growing beard hair, don’t let that stop your dreams of a fuller beard. There are also several ways to fix a patchy beard and improve overall thickness.

Just look at Keanu below, patchy beard styles can be cool, too, and shows off your confidence.

Keanu Reeves sports his famous Patchy Beard style.
See more of Keanu Reeves’ famous patchy beard.

28. Ginger Beard

The ginger beard is only for a select few beardsman that typically have red hair – though I’ve seen some blonde men with a red beard. The unique look should be revered and not avoided.

The Ginger Beard Style
Full style ginger beard.

29. Long Beard

The long beard separates many beard wearers into an elite group. Not a Gandalf beard, but it’s much longer than a yeard (above) and requires real commitment. Truth be told, I’ve never had the drive to grow that long.

So, the ultra long look is just cool! It’s a serious look if you’re game to invest the time.

The Long Beard is a testament to growing and style.
The long beard requires true dedication to growing.

30. Viking Beard

The Viking beard is your answer for those who want to go full beast mode. It’s a style that’s seen in many short and long variations.

The beard may also be braided or in a dreadlock style, often with jewelry adornments like beard rings or beads.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor with a single Viking beard.
Chris Hemsworth as Thor. He’s sporting a braided Viking style beard—image courtesy of SA Gamer.

31. Anchor Beard

Looking for a classic look? The anchor beard that resembles a nautical anchor is your ticket. It has several variations and is always in style.

David Beckham anchor beard
David Beckham sports the anchor beard.

32. Professional Beard

Simple and straight forward professional style beard.

Professional Beard
Professional beard for the workplace.

33. Salt and Pepper Beard

Classy and distinguished salt and pepper beard style.

salt and pepper beard style
The salt & pepper beard for two tone style.

34. Beard without Mustache

The 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln, had a classic beard without a mustache look.

Abraham Lincoln beard - Beard without Mustache
Kazuhiro Tsuji (Hollywood makeup artist) recreated the classic Abraham Lincoln beard without a mustache.

35. Monkey Tail Beard

Is that even real? Who would strap a monkey tail beard to their face?

Monkey Tail Beard
Monkey Tail Beard.

36. Scruffy Beard

The scruffy beard is noted as the most masculine looking of all beards.

Scruffy beard
Scruffy beard can be faded using electric trimmers and guards.

37. Teen Beard

The teen beard is grows in light at first and usually not much more than stubble.

teenage beard
Teenage beard.

38. Braided Beard

The Braided Beard is standard for all Norseman.

Braided Beard
Braided Beard.

39. Blonde Beard

Charlie Hunnam is sporting a shaggy blonde beard, AKA the Jax Teller Beard.

Charlie Hunnam - Blonde Beard Style
Charlie Hunnam – Blonde Beard Style.

40. Asian Beard

Cool Asian beard with light patches and connected sideburns.

Stubble Asian Beard
Image source:

41. Amish Beard

The Amish Beard is the hallmark of Mennonite men. Typically, a long style beard without a mustache.

Full Amish Beard
Amish Beard – Image courtesy of

42. Wavy Beard

The wavy beard sometimes referred to as the “curly beard,” boasts lots of character.

Curly Beard
Wavy Beard.

43. Lumberjack Beard

The Lumberjack Beard is long and cool. It’s reminiscent of Dan Haggerty as old Grizzly Adams.

Lumberjack Beard Style
Lumberjack Beard.

44. Beardstache

The Beardstache is just cool (period). It sports a heavy stubble beard with a pronounced mustache.

Beardstache Style
Beardstache – Image courtesy of @chrisjohnmillington.

45. Beard with Glasses

It’s not complicated. A beard pairs perfectly with a classy set of eyeglasses.

Ultra classy Gradient Mid-century Framed eyeglasses complete the beard look
Beard with glasses.

46. Beard Dreads

Beard Dreads are an acquired style for the rocker in all of us.

Long Beard Dreadlocks
It can take months to years to grow these beard dreads.

47. Circle Beard

The circle beard makes a perfect circle around the mouth. It takes a little practice to get the round shape right.

Common Rapper Circle Beard
Common Rapper Circle Beard.

48. Beard Jewelry, Rings & Beads

Beard jewelry like rings and beads give your facial hair that extra touch of style.

Thorin beard jewelry
Beard Jewelry – Image Source: The Tolkien Forum Wiki.

49. Beards for Weak Chins

If you have a weak chin or maybe a double chin, you’ll need the right beard to strengthen your look.

Beards for Weak Chins
Beards for Weak Chins.

50. Beards for Older Men

If you’re an older man looking to improve your style, then a beard is definitely in your future. The right beard enhances your look, masculinity, and sexual appeal.

Beard Styles for Older Men
Beard Styles for Older Men.

51. Weird & Funny Beards

When you’re looking for something funny and weird, try a crazy beard if you’re man enough.

Weird Beard Styles
Weird Beard Styles

52. Beards Styles for Round Faces

If you have a round or fat face, you’ll need the right style to soften your face curves.

Beard Styles for Round Faces
Beard Styles for Round Faces.

53. Mexican Beard Styles

Show off your best Latino style beard, from goatees to short beards.

Mexican Beard Styles
Mexican Beards

54. Biker Beard Styles

Ride with your best Biker beard from long goatees to the Yeard.

Jax Teller - Biker Beard
Jax Teller and his cool biker style beard.

55. Verdi Beard Styles

Named after the Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, rock this distinctive beard style!

verdi beard style
Verdi Beard Style.

The Beard Shape Guide

First, figuring out your face shape is a good place to start if you’re heading in a technical direction. While you don’t have to measure your face with a tape measure to get the exact size, take a forward-facing photo to see your jaw, forehead, and cheekbone shape.

Then match with these shapes below. Each one has a preferred beard style, though you don’t have to use this guide. We review each facial hair style in greater detail below the face shape guide.

Determine your ideal face shape

  • Rounded Rectangle or Round
    You have a wider jawline and round cheeks. Your cheeks and face length are similar in width and height. Your jaw may not be as defined. Rounded face shapes go best with a triangular beard shape.
  • Rectangle
    Your face length from forehead to chin is very long, and you have a squared jaw. You should go with a beard that’s fuller on the cheeks. Men with longer faces should avoid triangular, pointy beards.
  • Square
    It’s all angles with a square face, and they can typically pull off various styles. However, experts say to ensure the chin hair is rounded or triangular. You can make your chin look longer with a goatee-style beard and soul patch.
  • Triangle
    The forehead is generally smaller, and the chin is a bit larger with these face shapes. The beard and mustache combination is the best look for those who want to balance out their face length and disguise their jaw. If anything, barbers say to keep hair away from cheekbones.
  • Heart
    In this case, the forehead is stronger than the chin. You don’t want to lose your chin in a beard, but you can add “designed stubble” fade into fuller beards that strengthen your bone structure. You can have a mustache and chin hair that gradually fades into stubble on the sides.
  • Diamond
    These faces are widest in the middle or at the cheekbones. You have a narrow forehead and jawline that are nearly symmetrical. The goal should always be to keep some hair on the chin to offset your cheekbones.
  • Oval
    Several beard shapes work for this face, but if you want to create chiseled cheekbones and square jawlines, you should opt for short on the sides and cut underneath.

Even with our guide and tips from barbers, choosing the right style to match your face shape requires a keen eye. So, suggest trying different beard styles to achieve a look that matches your aesthetic.

Every face has prominent features, and you can use your facial hair to accentuate what you love when you look in the mirror. These different beard styles show you different ways to achieve the look.

Beard Style Guide


What are the best beard styles?

Beards are a highly personal choice, and the best beard style should enhance your overall look. A great beard will emphasize your best facial features while softening the ones you don’t like. So, grow a beard that reflects your personality and sense of style. Short beards a sexy and stylish, while long beards are big and bold, then goatees are trendy and badass.

How to choose the right beard style?

Choosing the right beard style depends largely on your face shape and ability to grow facial hair. First, determine your face shape using this face shape guide and lock on your first style.

Then, lock on your target length based on how your facial hair grows. If you have a thin or patchy beard, a shorter length, like a stubble beard or goatee, are good choices. A full beard style may be a solid ambition if you have thick hair.

Are beards attractive?

Research has shown women are more attracted to bearded men, especially those with a trendy stubble beard. A beard has an outwardly rugged appearance and is a positive sign of masculinity.

Do beards make you look older?

A beard uniquely makes a young man or man with a “baby face” look older. The manly appearance of beard hair directly affects a person’s perception of the beard wearer’s age. Conversely, shaving a beard can make an older man look younger.

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