How to Grow a Lumberjack Beard (2024 Style Guide)


lumberjack beard

Men carrying axes with expertise in logging and wood crafts come to mind at the mere mention of the lumberjack beard. However, anyone can grow this thick, full beard, whether or not you enjoy wearing flannel. There’s even a term for hipsters who sport this facial hair, known as “lumbersexual.”

The lumberjack beard is a burly facial hair style characterized by a bushy, thick mustache, long sideburns, and a full beard.

Have you been trying to grow out your beard and mustache? The lumberjack beard is a statement of pure manliness that cannot be ignored. We’ll show you how to get this iconic beard style.

7 Lumberjack Beard Styles to Inspire You

Regarding the lumberjack beard mustache style, you want to let your hair grow out first. Everything great about this look involves thick, natural facial hair that you can brush, trim, and maintain to achieve a shiny, healthy beard.

We take a look at some of the most well-maintained lumberjack beards to inspire your next look:

1. Bushy Lumberjack Beard

When your beard grows bushy, it’s likely because you don’t use a boar bristle brush or beard comb daily. The good news is lumberjack beards look best when they’re bushier.

bushy lumberjack beard
Bushy and slightly unkempt.

2. Long Lumberjack Beard

As your beard grows, you can shape it with a beard shaper guide to get the right cheek angles and symmetrical lines. However, lumberjack styles also look better when they’re less trim and more rugged.

long lumberjack beard
Long and ginger lumberjack beard style.

3. Short Lumberjack Beard

Not as long or bushy, the short lumberjack beard is a trimmed back, tamer version of the rougher look.

Short lumberjack beard perfect for hipsters.
Hipster lumberjack look.

4. Lumberjack Yeard Beard

The ultimate lumberjack beard is a super long yeard beard. These may take years to grow in fully, depending on your age.

long lumberjack beard
The ultra-long.

5. Salt and Pepper Lumberjack Beard

Here are two guys sporting lumberjack beard styles, the definition of salt and pepper.

salt and pepper lumberjack beard
The timeless style of the salt and pepper look.

6. Grizzly Adams Beard

The always friendly mountain man – Grizzly Adams- immortalized the lumberjack beard.

Dan Haggerty as Grizzly Adams and with Kodiak Bear companion Ben
Dan Haggerty plays “Grizzly Adams” and with Kodiak Bear companion “Ben”. Photo Courtesy: Sunn Classics / NBC.

7. Lumberjack Man Bun

The man bun has been sensationalized for hot men’s fashion everywhere. The style gets another lift when paired with the modern lumberjack look for an exceptional combo.

A modern lumberjack beard style with a trendy man bun.
Another hot lumberjack with a beard and man bun. Image courtesy of Ben Dahlhaus (@bendahlhaus) on Instagram

How to Shape the Modern Lumberjack Beard

If you’ve been thinking about a thicker, longer mustache and beard, you’re ready for the modern lumberjack look.

Not all men have naturally thick beards, so if you have tried to grow out your beard in the past, you may want to use some additional products and treatments to increase your beard growth.

Hot lumberjack with beard
Hot bearded lumberjack

Lumberjack Beard Tools

1. Grow Your Beard Out

The lumberjack beard has thicker sideburns, a mustache, and beard hair. While not typically patchy, you may want to brush over your patches to direct hair to grow in the bald spots.

Lumberjack beards typically have thick hair along the jawline, chin, and upper lip with connecting hair from the mouth to the chin hair.

While lumberjack facial hairstyles may seem quite bushy, you can trim and shape them to achieve better symmetry with a beard shaper tool.

2. Trim Back Stray Hairs

Barber shears or scissors are best for trimming back hair carefully and maintaining the perfect symmetry. Mustache scissors work perfectly to trim away wild hairs around your upper lip and connector lines.

3. Style Your Beard

Some men like faded beard styles that use multiple guards on an electric trimmer to shave and blend your facial hair, particularly when cleaning up the beard neckline or cutting sideburns.

How to Thicken Your Lumberjack Beard

Here are some tips to thicken and shape your beard.

Start with a Healthy Diet

Did you know that hair growth is tied to your health? Studies have proven that people who eat foods rich in biotin, vitamin D, and iron have healthier hair growth overall. Some of the best foods to grow a long beard include:

  • Eggs
  • Red protein
  • Oranges
  • Raises
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sorghum

For a full guide, see our article on what to eat for Stellar Beard Growth.

Apply Beard Oil

What can beard oil do for your hair growth? While it’s not always helpful for increasing hair growth, it can help moisturize your skin and improve hair growth if you suffer from dry skin.

Check out the Best Beard Oils for a healthy, natural beard

Some beard growth serums act like beard oil and deliver nutrients right to the root of your hair.

If you’re suffering from beard dandruff, that will inhibit your overall growth, so get rid of dry, flakey skin first with a good beard oil.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Some beard washes and shampoos have harmful chemicals and toxins, such as sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, formaldehyde, and polyethylene glycol. You must avoid these ingredients if you struggle with beard acne or dry skin.


What is a lumberjack beard?

A lumberjack beard is a dense, full beard that originated with loggers in the Pacific Northwest to provide warmth in severe conditions. It features a robust mustache that can be styled into a handlebar, enhancing its rugged appearance.

Why do lumberjacks grow beards?

Lumberjack beards serve primarily as insulation against cold weather, which is crucial for lumberjacks working outdoors. These beards also promote facial health when maintained with products like beard serums, encouraging thicker and quicker growth.

How long does it take to grow a lumberjack beard?

Growing a lumberjack beard typically requires at least one year. This style demands commitment to achieve its characteristic fullness and length, allowing for both bushy and neatly groomed styling options.

What is the woodsman beard style?

The woodsman beard style is characterized by its thick, full appearance, typically longer than standard beards, and often untrimmed to achieve a natural, rugged look. It’s favored for its simplicity and low maintenance, embodying a classic outdoor aesthetic.

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