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best beard shaping tools

Do you hate waiting for the barber to call you to the chair? Now is the time to take charge of your beard grooming routine, and you don’t have to see a barber for shaping and styling the perfect look. With a beard tool, or beard template, you can easily cut and trim your beard like a professional.

A Beard Shaping Tool helps shape a beard with precision for clean edges and lines along the cheeks, jawline, and chin. These beard guides are often made from plastic, but premium tools may be made from metal or wood. Also, some beard shapers offer added features such as a beard comb and sideburn shaper. 

If you’ve ever trimmed your beard too closely or found your beard lines uneven, a beard shaper tool makes it easy to get the right lines and symmetry. Here’s a look at a few of the best beard shapers and how to use them.

Advantages of a Beard Shaper

Proper beard care includes knowing how to style your beard. Whether you like a quick trim or want to create a tapered edge, a beard shaping tool makes at home styling of facial hair easy.

Trimming your facial hair is easy with any electric trimmer, electric shaver or blade razor. You do the once over with a #2 and go with the traditional look. However, what if you want to get the perfect lines and edges for a unique beard shape?

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Beard shapers come in handy when you’re trying to style specific shapes and angle your facial hair expertly with your trimmer or beard trimming scissors.

What Can You Do with Beard Shaping Tools?

You don’t need to use a barber pencil to draw out the shape of your beard. You can use a beard shaper guide with transparent material on the edge to align your beard shape easily and start trimming away.

  • Get perfectly straight cheek and neck lines
  • Don’t pay a barber for a professional beard style
  • Trim and line your sideburns like an expert
  • Curve your facial hair on your cheeks or goatee line
  • Razors and trimmers glide along the edge of the tool
  • Transparent edges so you can see where your hair line is
  • Line up your facial hair and create the perfect symmetry

It doesn’t take as long to cut and trim your beard using one of these tools. If you wanted to try something like the Tony Stark Beard or Van Dyke beard, you can easily use a beard lineup tool to get the perfect lines.

How to Use a Beard Shaper

You simply line up the beard shaping template to your cheeks and jawline, then use your trimmer or scissors to cut along the guide.

The result is a symmetrical beard shape that perfectly matches on either side. If shaving your neckline, you can place the beard shape tool under your jaw and quickly use the guide to create an even line.

Look at how easy it is to use the “Beard Bro,” one of many facial hair shaping tools that helps you to get the exact beard style you want from home.

Types of Beard Shaping Tools

When you look at different beard shape templates and guide tools, you’ll notice that they come in a variety of shapes and materials. Some offer several ways to line and edge your beard hair, while others are very simple and just help you keep your neck and cheek lines symmetrical.

Beard Shaper Cuts

There are various cuts you should be able to achieve with most beard shaping tools, these include:

  • Curved cut
  • Step cut
  • Curve goatee
  • Straight goatee
  • Clean neckline
  • Edge cut

Many beard templates also come with edge technology, which lets you create unique cuts, as well as add-ons and combs.

Curved Lines

Most beard shaper tools include a curved edge. You can use this to shape your facial hair under your cheeks or even curve around your jawline.

Beard Shaper Tool and Comb

This guide allows you to use a trimmer or scissors to cut away hair along a perfectly curved line.

Straight Lines

The other edge of the beard shaping tool is typically a straight liner with a transparent edge.

Straight line beard shape tool

Depending on how you want to shape and angle your facial hair, the straight line tool is best for your cheeks, sideburns, and jawline.

Specialty Angles

Some beard shapers have notches for your nose, so you can cut your facial hair around the mouth and nose precisely. This works best for goatee beard styles.

For example, the Beardclass has 8 specialty cuts that you can create with both a straight and curved edge.

Combs and Add-Ons

Many beard shapers come with more tools, adding to their value and strength. For example, the Beardclass beard shaper comes with beard scissors and comb.

Thin Edge Design

A beard template should have a thin edge all around the outside. This allows you to shape your beard, sideburns, and mustache with precise lines. When a beard shaper tool has uneven or thick edges, it’s difficult to slide your razor or beard clipper to get the perfect trim.

Best Beard Shaping Tools

There are several types of beard shapers readily available on Amazon and Walmart. Some include multiple liners and edging capabilities so you can cut your beard as well as your sideburns, mustache, goatee and neckline.

1. Beardclass Beard Shaping Tool

2. Aberlite ClearShaper

3. The Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool

4. Cut Buddy Beard Shaping Tool

5. The Beard Bro Shaping Tool

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