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Each man has a personal relationship with their beard style. It’s part of your signature look, and the way you trim your beard can say a lot about you and your hygiene. So what happens when you need to trim your facial hair for a professional beard style?

Professional beard styles show attention to lines, edges, and clean-shaven areas, such as your cheeks and neckline. These looks are perfect for the office, professional engagement, or any other occasion when there’s a need to impress. 

The following beard styles are in their most sophisticated form with clean edges, faded sideburns, and perfectly trimmed necklines.

Sophisticated Beard Styles

Maintaining your beard growth and choosing the right facial hair style can help you in business and other parts of life. If you work in an environment with facial hair restrictions, it’s even more important to keep your beard in check.

Many guys believe only modern barbers can deliver a super sleek beard cut. But with the right beard trimmer and beard oil, you can look like a million bucks and skip the waiting room.

1. Suave Short Beard

What does your beard say about you? Shorter beards have a lot of advantages, especially if you have thick facial hair. These are office-friendly, professional-function-ready beards that have precise lines around the cheeks and jaw.

Short Boxed Beard Style
Short boxed beards can have a full beard look with proper trimming and length.
professional short beard style
Professional short beard style

Get the Short Beard Look

Short beards work well on any facial shape, but if you have a square face, try reducing the length of your facial hair on the sides to elongate your chin.

If you have an oval face or narrow chin, grow your sideburns into your beard or keep your beard longer on the sides to add more width to your jawline.

  • Use a beard shaping tool to get the perfect lines around your cheeks, sideburns, and jaw
  • Beard trimmers work well to tidy up and even fade your cheek line and neckline
  • Avoid cutting your beard too short along your jawline by going slow and following the natural curve of your face
  • Untidy necklines tend to stand out more with short beards, so it’s best to start with your neck using a beard trimmer.

2. Defined Stubble Beard

Beards are the best accessory, even when they’re barely there. Whether you like long or short stubble, it’s important to add definition and angles with this style. A bit of facial hair like this can also mature your look, especially if you have a baby face.

Get the Stubble Beard Look

Stubble beards work best with regular trimming. However, if you’re just starting to grow a beard, you can shape your stubble so that your hair grows longer in the areas you want.

One thing to keep in mind is that short stubble beards just look like a five o’clock shadow. You want to strike a balance between short and long, using an electric trimmer with a guard length of 2 or 3.

  • Let your stubble grow over 3 to 4 days for longer hair to avoid beard rash
  • Set your beard trimmer to a 2 for a short stubble beard or longer lengths of 3-4 and slowly go over your facial hair, following the contours of your face
  • Use a shorter length guard, such as a 0.5mm to 1 mm to fade and graduate your stubble under your jaw and at the cheeks

3. The Sleek Goatee

Goatees are often associated with bad boys, but really it’s a style that all bearded men can pull off, especially if you struggle with growing thicker hair along your jaw and cheeks.

If you go too precise or over-shave so your connector lines are too thin, the look is completely thrown off.

Here’s a look at some professional goatees we love:

<a href=
Brad Pitt

Brad often wears the stubble goatee on the red carpet.

Kanye goatee style
Kanye West

Get the Sleek Goatee Look

  • Maintain a shorter hair length on your chin area, letting hair grow just underneath the chin
  • Moisturize and use a good shaving cream as you shave around your goatee to keep it clean and free of razor burn
  • Try variations on your goatee, such as the anchor beard or Van Dyke beard for a more stylish look

5. The Beardstache

With this hybrid beard style, the mustache takes prominence, allowing for longer hair on your upper lip while maintaining a shorter beard.

Beardstache Style
See more beardstache styles. Image courtesy of @chrisjohnmillington

For unique personal styles, pair a longer mustache with stubble or short beards for a look that will definitely draw attention. 

Longer Van Dyke Goatee
Style the handlebars of your beardstache to enhance your face shape.

Get the Beardstache

  • Let your mustache hair grow longer, but keep trimming along your upper lip to avoid overgrowth
  • Comb and add wax to your mustache if you want to shape into a handlebar
  • Shave your beard with a beard trimmer using a 2-3mm guard to get a shorter length than your mustache

6. Faded Full Beard

So what about a long, full beard style? You don’t want to shave off your progress, but maybe your boss has an issue with “bushy” beards. One option is to fade your full beard so you have stylish sideburns and cheek lines.

Pointed beards and ducktail beards are also in right now, and these can easily be styled with a pair of scissors and beard balm or wax.

Get the Faded Full Beard

We provide a full beard fading guide to get this look.

Professional Beard Tools

We’ll show you quick ways to get the perfect beard length, edge, and lines for each style, along with the best products for a healthy beard glow.

Here are some tools you’ll need to style these looks:

Now you’re ready to create a professional type of beard.

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