Handlebar Mustache: Learn How to Grow & Style Like a Pro


Handlebar Mustache

The distinguished, ever-impressive handlebar mustache will go down in history as a rebellious military fashion statement, whether you’re General Poe or a modern-day soldier forbidden to grow a handlebar.

The handlebar moustache a classic mustache style with its length grown out and curled upwards at the outer tips. Its name is derived from its resemblance to bicycle handlebars and graspable looking extremities. Sometimes referred to as a “spaghetti moustache” because of Italian men, it’s a nostalgic look typically styled with moustache wax.

While the handlebar mustache is a classic style, it may take months to grow and style, but anyone can grow a handlebar mustache, eventually.

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Handlebar Mustache History

While the handlebar mustache may have started in 18th century Europe, America made this long mustache style a part of the culture soon after in the 19th century. In early Americana, prominent statesmen and infamous Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp wore it to a new standard.

Today the handlebar mustache is one of the defining features of American men who love an unforgettable mustache style.

Handlebar Mustache Styles
Can you see yourself in a handlebar mustache?

Best Handlebar Styles

Thinking of rocking this look? We’ll show you how to grow a handlebar mustache in different styles. Scroll down below to check out or guide to growing and styling a handlebar mustache.

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1. The Classic Handlebar

Classic Handlebar Mustache
Tha handlebar moustache is classic nostalgia. Image courtesy of FashionBeans.com.

2. The Smaller Handlebar

Minimal Handlebar Mustache
Small and tight handlebar stache. Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyle Today.

3. The Hipster Handlebar

Hipster Handlebar Style
Hipster looking handlebar is a cool & unique mustache. Image courtesy of ArtVoice.com

4. The Long Handlebar

Long Handlebar Mustache
The long handlebar is a bold look!. Image courtesy of StelStuff.com.

5. The Curly Handlebar

Curly Handlebar Mustache
Get your curl on with these handlebars. Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles

6. Handlebar with a Beard

Handlebar Beard
Pair your handlebar moustache with a beard for maximum style impact. Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyle Ideas.

How to Style a Handlebar Mustache

There’s been a rise in handlebar mustache styles on Instagram. With barbers showing the proper way to style a handlebar on YouTube, it’s still unclear if the handlebar is a 2024 trend or just a thing we’re trying along with longer facial hair growth overall.

Make no mistake, it’s the quality and overall shape of your handlebar mustache that really matters.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to show how anyone can grow a handlebar mustache.

Growing Time

Your handlebar mustaches can take 4 to 6 weeks to grow. That’s right! While your hair may grow faster if you have certain genetics, men can grow mustache hair about a quarter of an inch every two weeks on average.

Handlebar Mustache Curling and grooming
Learn how to curl the handles.

During this growth phase, you don’t want to trim or shave any part of your mustache. You may want to let a full beard grow out as well, to avoid any grooming during this time.

Caring Routine

It’s best to keep your facial hair clean, hydrated and free of debris. So I recommend using a good mustache shampoo to cleanse your mustache daily. Then you’ll use a moustache oil before applying the wax needed for training your facial hair to curl (see instructions below).

Over time, your hair will be smooth thanks to the beard oil and easy to style with mustache wax products.

Train Your Handlebar Shape

Part of growing a handlebar moustache is forming the unique shape. When you train your hair, it will naturally start to form a certain way as it grows longer. The ends of your mustache should start to turn up on their own as you comb and wax your hair each morning.

To train your hair, you’ll need mustache wax, a good comb, and beard and moustache oil or beard balm.

Get Your Curl On

The moustache wax works best to shape your hair and curl up the edges. With a mustache comb, you can part and direct your hair to grow the way you want.

You can curl the ends as much as you want, but just make sure it’s even. Symmetry is everything with this classic mustache.

Learn how to curl the ends of your handlebar mustache

You’ll need to keep repeating this routine to train your mustache to shape this way naturally. According to expert barbers, it’s the best way to get a great-looking curl.

Grooming Tips for Handlebar Mustaches

You may also want to pick up a pair of barber shears to trim and prune your mustache as needed.

If growing a beard with your handlebar, you’ll also want to use our trends above to pick the perfect shape for your handlebar or you may want to look at other mustache styles if none of these fit.

These facial hairstyles look best when trimmed and shaped for symmetry, especially when looking to grow a longer handlebar while still maintaining a neat, professional look.

Additional resources

For mustache enthusiasts, I suggest checking out The Handlebar Club. It’s an association of like-minded handlebar mustache aficionados hailing from London, England.

Membership requires a graspable stache and no beards please. They also take a stand against the ordinary. Maybe you’re their next member!

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