How to Grow a Mustache: 7 Easy Steps (with Pics)


how to grow a mustache

What connects Albert Einstein, Ron Burgundy, Salvador Dali, Frank Zappa, and Mark Twain? They all had magnificent mustache styles that defined their looks.

Part of a man’s grooming is learning how to grow a mustache. It’s also a rite of passage.

Before we look at all the styles, let’s start with the basics. In no time you’ll be growing your long, thick, manly mustache in 7 easy steps.

1. Learn your Facial Hair Type

Looking for that Ron Swanson mustache? To grow and maintain facial hair, you needn’t stress over a complicated routine or fancy products. It’s simply a matter of time, patience, and a little care.

Ron Swanson definitely learned How to Grow a Mustache
Nick Offerman sporting his famous Ron Swanson mustache.

Most men start off growing a small pencil mustache as teenagers. This is the first time that you’ll notice wispy hairs growing along your lip and chin.

There are a thousand styles to choose from when it comes to mustaches, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the same look forever.

Finding your facial hair type is a bit of an art.
Finding your facial hair type is a bit of an art.

As your mustache grows in, take a second to appreciate your new look. With more hair, you’ll be able to trim and style it with some expert barber techniques. (We’ll show you how below.)

2. Study Trendy Mustache Styles

Who hasn’t seen Burt Reynolds’ famous ‘stache? Whether your mustache grows in slow or thick, you get to choose how to cut and style your own facial hair. There are plenty of celebrities to show you how to grow the perfect mustache to the desired length.

Here are some of our favorite mustache styles:

3. Use Pro Mustache Styling Tools

Every man has a drawer with all of their facial hair trimming tools and styling products, even Tom Selleck. Here’s the rundown on the best products according to barbers and customer surveys:

Mustache Comb

Facial hair grows in certain directions, but some think you can control and change the direction just by brushing or combing your hair. Mustache combs and beard combs can help with this.

Zeus Mustache Comb

This is essential for any mustache growth. It’s also pretty fun to comb and straighten your mustache, shaping it with just a few strokes a day.

The best mustache combs are small with slightly narrow teeth and a short handle, typically made from wood, resin or stainless steel.

Electric Trimmer

While razors can get the job done, nothing works better than the best electric mustache trimmer to help you shape and shave your mustache hair. Many trimmers come with guards and special attachments, such as liners, to help you trim off stray hairs or slowly fade the edges of your moustache.

Norelco Philips Series 9000

Barber Scissors

The easiest way to shape and style straight lines along your mustache is with a pair of the best mustache scissors. Japanese steel scissors are the crème de la crème, so to speak, but any pair of barber scissors will get the job done.

Sanguine - Professional Mustache Scissors

4. Use Top Mustache Products

Mustache Wax

A little dab of wax can help you shape your mustache any way you like. However, it’s particularly fun to grow a handlebar mustache with the help of wax. I recommend Mountaineer Brand for a lightweight finish and superior hold.

Check out our New Mustache Wax Buyer’s Guide

Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax 100% Natural Beeswax

Mustache Oil or Balm

Mustache hair can get pretty stiff and coarse, if not taken care of with the right products. While wax helps you shape your hair, balms and oils moisturize and soften your hair. We offer a guide to mustache and beard oils to pick the best one.

Mustache Oil or Balm for a smooth mustache.
Mustache Oil or Balm for a smooth mustache.

5. Color Your Mustache

If you have a slightly lighter, darker, or red mustache, you may want to dye it to match your hair color. However, other men are experimenting with facial hair dye to create an alternative look, such as a blonde mustache with dark hair or vice versa.

Just For Men Mustache Dye

Dark dyes can instantly make your hair look fuller and more prominent. There are plenty of facial hair dye options too. Whether you want to add more texture or change up your look, it’s entirely up to you.

Learn How to Dye You Beard to get some fresh ideas.

6. Perfect Your Grooming Routine

If you only want a mustache, you’re likely shaving the rest of your face clean. To avoid irritation or razor burn, then it’s best to use a good moisturizer and shaving cream before you shave.

We also suggest exfoliating your full beard and mustache to avoid dry skin, flakes, and ingrown hairs. The best exfoliating products won’t have any sulfates, alcohol, petrol, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals.

7. Train and Trim

There are a few tips for shaving and styling your mustache. We recommend not trimming your mustache too much, as it could lead to a shorter line of facial hair than you want.

To grow a truly long mustache, you can use your comb and mustache wax to enhance the length and shape.

  • A weekly mustache trim is all you need to prevent overgrowth
  • Only trim your mustache when hair is dry, so you don’t trim away too much
  • Use an electric mustache trimmer or mustache scissors to shape the outer edges and along the lip line
  • Work your trim from the middle towards one side first, then go to the other side
  • Remember to keep your posture straight and maintain a neutral expression to get an even trim
  • Comb through mustache, brush the hairs, and trim conservatively, starting off slow to shave off length one sliver at a time
  • Apply mustache wax to shape your hair or lightly work in a dab of mustache oil or balm if you want a healthy shine

There are plenty of ways to style and shape your facial hair, so don’t worry if you trim off too much. Keep learning and keep styling.

Mustache Growth

Mustache growth typically begins at puberty around the ages of 11 to 15, starting at the corners of your mouth then filling in towards the center.

Growing a mustache isn’t like growing out your beard, as your upper lip typically grows faster than the rest of your facial hair.

The truth is, all mustaches are unique to the man. Your growth patterns will evolve with age, as your mustache gets thicker in your 20s and 30s. To style your mustache, we’ll provide a few tips to enhance your look.

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