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Need to tidy up your mustache? It’s easy and quick if using one of the best mustache trimmers. These devices were made with high performance in mind and glide over your hair with ease. You can touch up your mustache in the morning with just two strokes.

We include a full guide to mustache trimmers below and then read through our list of top 5 mustache trimmers with reviews on features, motor power, and value.

What is a Mustache Trimmer?

A mustache trimmer is much like a beard trimmer but with a smaller and more flexible trim head. With some trimmer brands, they’re identical products but use the smaller or detail attachments for mustache trimming. 

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Mustache Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

While everyone’s needs are different, the perfect trimmer will have lots of power and a few comb attachments with a cordless option, so it’s effortless to use during your routine. 

We outline the features that matter most when picking out the best mustache trimmer for your shaving routine.

Use the best Mustache Trimmer for a refined look.
Using a quality Mustache Trimmer creates a refined look.

Trimmer Battery Life and Power

The most important thing to check in a shaver is battery type which will affect the life and charging time. Typically, there are three types of batteries in electric trimmers – lithium ion (Li-Ion), nickel cadmium (Ni-CD) and nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH).

Certainly you’ll want something that can charge up in a few hours or overnight, then stay fully charged so you get a quick precise trim.

You also don’t want something that you have to put back on the charger every time before shaving. The best trimmers will have a lithium ion battery for maximum charge and battery life.

Motor Power/Cutting Power

So how many times will you have to go over one spot to get the right length or clean shave? It’s important that you get a mustache trimmer that only requires one pass. You want sharp blades and a powerful motor.

Most trimmers will tell you if they use stainless steel blades, but not all will give you any details about the motor. You’ll likely get a trimmer with a pivot motor that has a cutting blade attached to a piston with a magnet. These trimmers typically offer 3000 cuts per minute with a 50 Hz motor.

Design and Ease of Use

Most trimmers have a blade design instead of a foil shaver. High-quality trimmers will include LED displays, self-sharpening blades, precision trimmer attachments, and multiple comb guard lengths.

When talking about the shape of the trimmer, it’s the design that needs to feel comfortable in your hand. It should be easy to maneuver with an ergonomic shape that makes edging and lining your mustache very simple.

Comb Attachments and Trimmer Accessories

Most mustache trimmers also include a beard trimmer kit, such as the Philips Norelco beard trimmer with all-in-one attachments. This means that it can work for mustaches, beard trimming, or as a pair of hair clippers.

The best mustache trimmers will come with multiple attachments, making it easy to line, edge, shape, and trim your mustache with various lengths. Most of these attachments help you refine the look of your mustache.

Kits typically include a guide comb for every type of body hair maintenance, so you can use it as a body trimmer or detail trimmer for styling your facial hair. 


While many trimmers will tell you it’s “easy to clean,” you won’t really know about certain products until you use them, so check customer reviews to see if your selected trimmer has difficult parts to remove or rusts easily.

Most trimmers should be easily rinsed out with water, especially if using for a shower shave.

However, mustaches shouldn’t be trimmed while wet for the most part. Since they should be shaven while dry, it’s best to use shaving cream and rinse the blades afterward.

5 Best Mustache Trimmer Reviews

Choosing the best mustache grooming trimmer depends on the motor power, battery life, and number of attachments, as well as the sharpness of the razor blades. When you have a good mustache trimmer, it should be easy to clean shave, sculpt, and line your mustache style like a pro. 

1. Philips Norelco Mustache Multigroom Trimmer

The all-in-one Philips Norelco Mustache Multigroom trimmer is one of the best options for facial hair grooming. Not only does it have an ergonomic, easy-to-use design, but it includes 23 grooming attachments for mustache trimming, nose hair trimming, lining, edging, and more.

  • The all in 1 trimmer for your choice of beard, head, body, and/or face hair styling with 23 pieces for all your trimming needs
  • The DualCut technology offers maximum precision and includes 2x more self sharpening blades that last up to 5 years
  • To deliver maximum torque and power, the all in 1 trimmer includes a full metal motor and a drive train that's been reinforced with tempered steel
  • Our unique cutting guards are reinforced with ultra strong fiberglass material to prevent bending and buckling, ensuring an even trim every time
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery delivers up to 5 hours of run time per charge

Philips Norelco Mustache Trimmer and Multigroomer


  • Powerful, full metal motor
  • Durable cutting guards
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Blades last up to 5 years


  • Customers noted diminished quality on latest designs


The BB team has tried many trimmers, but Philips Norelco continues to offer the most value with a powerful motor and extra sharp, self-cutting blades that deliver precision trimming. It also comes with the most attachments for the price.

Where to Buy

Philips Norelco Mustache Multigroom Trimmer
See the best star ratings & reviews on Amazon.com

2. Hatteker 5 in 1 Mustache trimmer

With nearly 5,000 ratings, we had to test out the Hatteker Mens Mustache Trimmer. As a 5-in-1 electric trimmer, it comes with 12 attachments, including nose and ear hair trimmers. The self-sharpening blades work perfectly for smooth, clean-shaven areas and lines around your mustache.

  • 13 attachments for all of your grooming needs: A full size steel trimmer, extra-wide hair trimmer, a steel precision trimmer, a nose and ear hair trimmer, a body trimmer, a adjustable beard trimmer comb (3/4/5/6mm), a precison dial, 4 hair trimmer...
  • Self-sharpening steel blades: The trimmer's precise steel blades create clean, straight lines and evenly trim through the thickest hair. The non-corrosive blades won't rust, preventing skin irritation
  • Battery power: The high-powered rechargeable battery delivers 60 minutes of use per charge
  • Whole body washable: The trimmer and all of its attachments are fully washable, so simply rinse them under the faucet for easy cleaning
  • LCD display:Battery capacity(charging state of the battery is displayed in percent) / Lock Symbol
Hatteker 5 In 1 Mustache Trimmer for Men


  • High-Powered motor
  • Designed for beard and hair grooming
  • Waterproof
  • Sharp blades


  • One charge only holds 60 minutes, so you’ll need to keep it on the charger between shaves


With a waterproof design, you can shave easily in the shower or clean out the trimmer just by rinsing underneath the faucet. It also includes an LCD display. However, there were some concerns with the battery life, which is just 60 minutes per charge.

Where to Buy

Hatteker 5 In 1 Mustache Trimmer
See the best star ratings & reviews on Amazon.com

3. Wahl Mustache Trimmer & Detail Groomer

The cordless, rechargeable Wahl Mustache Trimmer is one of their best beard grooming products to be released in the past few years. With attachments for mustache, hair, beard, and nose hair trimming, you can detail and groom your mustache like an expert barber with this trimmer.

  • Rechargeable Beard Trimmer - Groomsman is a rechargeable unit that allows for up to 60 minutes of run time on a single charge and features a contoured ergonomic handle with soft-grip pads as well as a bonus nose trimmer
  • Precision Ground Blades – High-carbon precision-ground blades stay sharp longer, use in conjunction with our six-position beard regulator for multiple beard trimming lengths; Our beard guards vary in length from stubble to short & clean, to thick &...
  • 14 Cutting Lengths - Achieve a range of beard styles with 14 different beard trimming lengths from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch; Rechargeable for cordless convenience, comes with bonus nose & an ear trimmer with rinsable head that allows you to clean up...
  • Dual Voltage – Groomsman supports worldwide voltage & can be used for both 110v and 220v; includes adjustable guide comb, 3 stubble combs and 4 hair guide combs, styling guide, and the finest self-sharpening precision blades
  • The Beard You Want - Wahl beard trimmers for men provide a smooth, precise trim, so you can get the beard style you want. Choose from a variety of guide comb lengths & widths for any beard or mustache style, from scruff to full

Wahl Rechargeable Mustache Trimmer for Detailing & Grooming


  • 14 Cutting length settings
  • Includes attachments and travel case
  • Long battery life


  • Customers complained clippers didn’t last 6 months and had rust issues. Note: blades are stainless so we surmise it may be other components.


The majority of reviewers can’t be wrong. With nearly 16,000 positive reviews, the Wahl 5622 Groomsman is one of the best mustache trimmers with multiple attachments, travel case, comb, and other grooming tools. You’ll love the precision trimming and multiple comb guard lengths to get the perfect facial hair style.

Where to Buy

Wahl Mustache Trimmer & Detail Groomer
See the best star ratings & reviews on Amazon.com

4. Ceenwes Cool 5 In 1 Mens Mustache Trimmer

We tried the Ceenwes Mens Mustache Trimmer after it was recommended for its powerful blades and multiple comb attachments. It’s about the same quality as the Wahl but for much less. It also comes with a full grooming kit, including five-in-1 attachments for mustaches, beards, hair clipping, nose hair, and ear hair trimming.

  • 【5 IN 1 MULTI-PURPOSE】The men’s grooming kit gives you the power of precision with complete versatility for all of your grooming needs. The kit includes: a beard trimmer,design trimmer,hair clipper ,nose&ear and body trimmer;Five-in-one trimmer...
  • 【DURABLE & HEALTH】This body groomer trimmer is designed for a cleaner trimming experience, provides maximum versatility for the exact style you want. The trimmer's tempered steel blades will never break, dull or rust and the guards are...
  • 【WATERPROOF 】Blades and Guards are easy to detach and rinse. For hair type: all hair types fully washable design . For best results, let beard trimmer kit dry naturally and don’t put the whole motor body into water.All the attachments are...
  • 【LOW VIBRATION & LOW NOISE】Grooming kit for men mute function and skin-friendly haircut kit is suitable for hair salon and home use.Trimmer for beard with Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only...
  • 【PROFESSIONAL】Professional beard trimmer is the best gift for men.Remove unwanted nose and ear hair, make you feel easily and comfortably.

Ceenwes 5 In 1 Mens Grooming Kit and Multi-purpose Mustache Trimmer


  • Incredible value
  • Multiple attachments for 5-in-1 grooming
  • Waterproof and easy to clean


  • Cheap design


For those on a budget who need a pair of clippers, this is an amazing option for value and precision shaving. It’s also pretty quiet, and while it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles like higher-priced trimmers, it doesn’t need to do that to provide a great shave.

Where to Buy

Ceenwes Cool 5 In 1 Mens Mustache Trimmer
See the best star ratings & reviews on Amazon.com

5. Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Mustache Trimmer (8 Pieces)

Finally, we really liked our experience with the Remington Lithium Powered Mustache Trimmer because it’s the lowest-priced option with the smoothest results.

Mustache grooming is all about precision lining and maintenance that doesn’t take too much time or difficulty. Remington makes it easy with 14 settings for any type of grooming you need to do.

  • 14 Settings for All Your Grooming Needs – Full-Size Trimmer; Nose, Ear, & Detail Trimmer; Detail Shaver; 8-Length Hair Clipper Comb; 3 Snap-On Beard and Stubble Combs
  • Self-Sharpening, Surgical Steel Blades for Long-Lasting Precision and Durability
  • Cordless Lithium Power – Up To 65 Minutes of Runtime
  • Washable Attachments – Just rinse under the faucet to clean.
  • Storage Pouch Included – Great for travel.

Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit and Mustache Trimmer


  • 14 settings for all grooming needs
  • Includes travel case
  • Lithium Ion battery


  • Cheaper casing


Remington does a great job by providing a complete grooming trimmer with multiple attachments for full trimming, whether you are cutting your hair or trimming your mustache. It’s also cordless and comes with a powerful lithium battery.

Where to Buy

Remington All-In-1 Lithium Powered Mustache Trimmer
See the best star ratings & reviews on Amazon.com

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