Bald Head Waxing: Best Products, Shine & Hair Removal

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Bald Head Wax

Want to go completely bald? Do you envy men with exceptionally clean-shaven heads? Bald head wax has become a popular trend for men who want a shiny, bald scalp. Head waxing can also work for those who want the ultimate hairless head.

There are two meanings of head waxing. For those who want to moisturize and maintain their bald head, head wax or head polish are applied to make a bald head shine. Second, there are head waxes for hair removal.

We share both bald care methods with before and after pictures for bald head waxing below.

Waxing a Bald Head Guide

Whether you’re experiencing hair loss or in search of a badass style, the super sleek bald look is in, and there are plenty of ways to get it.

Shiny bald head from head waxing.
A Shiny Bald Head can be achieved by waxing.

However, many men don’t realize that you can still have stubble or a slight shadow if you don’t a quality head shaver.

See our Definitive Guide to Hair Removal + Best Methods & Products

Two Methods of Head Waxing

When trying to get the shiniest bald head, you may be thinking about head wax or head polish, but there are also wax hair removal products to get hair free.

Waxing for Shiny Bald Heads

These are wax products made to moisturize and shine a bald head after it’s been shaved. Jump to this section.

Waxing for Hair Removal

New hair removal wax has been developed for bald men to remove hair follicles for a truly sleek, smooth scalp. Jump to this section.

Shaving your head does have its limitations. You may not like that it isn’t 100% smooth if you don’t use the newest razors like a Pitbull by Skull Shaver or Headblade.

There are methods to use head wax and remove hair on your head, but not all methods are recommended due to pain and discomfort.

Waxing a Bald Head for Shine

If you want to make your bald head smoother using wax conditioning products, then using head wax can make your scalp shine with a radiant glow.

Wax products moisturize and condition your follicles, resulting in a beautiful shiny bald head.

To get your shine, first wash, exfoliate dead skin and shave. Then you simply need to apply a small dab of wax and massage into your scalp after shaving. For this job, I like all natural “Bee Bald Head Polish” to lock in moisture and soothe sensitive skin.

If you experience bald dandruff, waxing your head can help prevent dry skin and add moisture back into your follicles.

However, there are a few considerations before investing in these wax or pomade products. Overuse of wax may clog pores leading to ingrown hairs and/or scalp acne.

Top Head Waxes for Shine and Conditioning

We recommend a few different products to men who want to get the ultimate smooth scalp with head wax.

  1. Bee Bald Head Polish (my #1 pick)
  2. Woody’s Headwax (#2 pick)
  3. After shave pomade
  4. Beard Brotha’s Bald Head Balm Moisturizer
  5. Bald Mans Balm

When selecting any of these products, you should look at the ingredients and choose all-natural formulas.

A typical head wax should include some of the following:

  • Cold-pressed argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Shea butter
  • Beeswax
  • Cocoa butter
  • Coconut oil

In addition, you should steer clear of any products with sulfates, petrol chemicals, and alcohol, as this can lead to dry skin.

Head Shaving vs. Head Waxing

The main problem for men is that head shaving takes time, while waxing your head can be pretty painful. However, it may be less painful over time, and you may not require as many wax treatments as your follicles stop growing hair.

Head Waxing for Hair Removal
Head Waxing is a good option for Hair Removal.

If you were trying to remove hair with wax instead, you may want to look at our Waxing for Hair Removal guide below.

If you want to stick with head shaving, we have the best guide to shaving your head. There are some tips in here to minimize the time it takes to shave your head, while still getting that ample glow from applying wax afterwards.

If you’re worried about the mild waxing discomfort, you might start with a high-quality head shaver instead.

Waxing for Hair Removal

Is waxing your head worth the discomfort? While the actual time it takes to wax a head is short, it can be extremely painful, and you should only do it if you want to permanently remove hair follicles over time.

Wax can be applied with a brush or as an all-in-one mask as shown by the LADBible video below. Both types of wax will mold to your skin and stick to the hair, which is removed as you peel the wax away.

Waxing your head for hair removal requires a quality wax. Barbero Hard Wax is a natural resin base that makes hair removal easy.

Would You Wax Your Head?

LADBible showed a man getting his head waxed (video), and the 3.2 million people who saw this video probably decided to stick with a head shave.

There are some alternatives to head waxing, including “sugaring” or threading. See an example of a full facial hair removal below.

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