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Do you want ultra smooth skin? Daily shaving is such a hassle and becomes even more gruelling when you’re not using the best method for hair removal. There are new manscaping tricks for hair removal that leaves the skin ultra shiny and smooth.

Hair removal refers to methods for removing hair from your scalp, face, and body skin. Popular techniques include shaving, electrolysis, laser hair removal, waxing, sugaring, threading, or depilatories (creams).

Male hair removal methods vary. Some are quicker, safer, and more effective than others. While shaving is the most common way for men to get smooth, it’s not always the best for long-term, timesaving results. Read my best recommendations below.

Best Hair Removal Methods

Removing unwanted hair from your without shaving can be easier and longer lasting results for those who don’t mind exploring new options, such as laser hair removal. Many of these methods lead to permanent hair removal.

In other cases, these methods may have side effects, including scarring or painful pulling of your skin in sensitive areas. Review each method and see what you can expect with pros and cons for each hair removal type.

1. Shaving

Shaving may be the simplest way to remove hair for a smooth, clean scalp.

Shaving is best for those who already have a morning routine and are used to spending a few minutes grooming stubble. However, it can be a pain shaving sensitive areas, avoiding nicks and cuts in order to get your skin smooth.

Head Shavers

If you want to keep shaving your head, there’s a faster method to get a shiny bald head. For a superior bald look, one way is to use a bald shaver.

Back Shavers

If you want to keep shaving your head, there’s a faster method to get a shiny bald head. For a superior bald look, one way is to use a bald shaver.

Shaving is Best for

Head, face, chest, arms, legs and back. 

It’s feasible to shave the buttocks and genital area, but risk of knick, cut or abrasion is possible.

Working time

2 – 20 minutes


$20 – $250, razors, shaving creams & extra blades.

Results last

1 – 3 days


  • Easy to do with the right shaver
  • Removes hair quickly
  • No scarring
  • Simple clean-up
  • Non-electric options are inexpensive
  • Available at home, no cost for treatments


  • Takes time and care
  • Minor cuts and abrasions
  • May cause razor burn or facial ingrown hairs
  • May still have stubble
  • Electric options (especially skull shavers) are more costly

Best Products


If you like shaving your head, back, or body, then you probably won’t change your routine. For some, it’s a ritual, and when you have a high-quality shaver and shaving cream, you don’t have to worry about stubble and razor burn once you’ve mastered the shave.

However, if you’re spending every morning shaving your head with hair clippers or a manual razor, then you may want to cut down on your time with new head hair removal technology.

2. Laser Treatment

laser head hair removal collage
See this before after of a man who received laser hair removal on his scalp.

How it works

Laser hair removal is another procedure preventing thick hair from growing in. The hair removal method uses laser light energy to affect the hair shaft by killing it at the root without destroying the follicle.

However, it doesn’t lead to permanent hair removal but will results will last a long time. While it slows growth from your follicle, you may still see small, wispy hair growth after receiving all treatments.

Best for

Chest, stomach, back, arms, shoulders, legs and genital areas.

This method works for several skin types, but best on light and fair skin with darker color hair – so, not white or blonde hair. For dark skin, see more on the Neodymium-YAG laser treatment.

Working time

2 to 8, 30 minute treatments


$285 – $600 (depending on treatment size)

Results last

6-12 months (after all treatments). Only minor touch-ups needed.



  • Requires several treatments
  • Expensive
  • Works best for lighter-skinned, darker-haired individuals
  • May lead to blisters, inflammation, swelling, and irritation
  • May increase sensitivity to light
  • Incorrectly performed can destroy skin melanin

Best Product

Remington laser hair remover


Laser hair removal is a solid option, especially if you’re going to try the at-home options. For large, stubborn areas, go to a fully trained, certified laser technician. In addition, it can be painful without the use of the numbing cream, but it’s faster than electrolysis.

3. Electrolysis

electrolysis for hair removal
Electrolysis works for hair removal, leaving you with a smooth, bald head.

How it works

Electrolysis is an FDA recognized hair removal method that permeates each hair shaft using a tiny needle to deliver small electric shocks down to the hair follicle. This process will destroy the hair cells, preventing any further hair growth.

electrolysis head hair removal
Electrolysis hair removal from the head.

If you’re looking for long-term hair removal, electrolysis is perhaps the best option for ultra-smooth skin. There are no noxious topical chemicals, but there may be some pain or discomfort.

Best for

All hair areas.

Working time

10 – 20 minutes per treatment. 8 – 20 sessions depending on hair density.

Results last



  • Completely removes all hair
  • Long-term smooth results
  • Very little after-care


  • Requires 8-10 treatments ranging from $30 to $100/per session
  • Can be painful
  • May lead to inflammation and scarring if not done properly

Best Electrologist

Find the Best Electrologist for Men near me


If you want permanently smooth skin, then electrolysis may be the perfect option for you. However, always look for a board-certified dermatologist or highly rated, licensed electrologist to receive treatments.

Being a more expensive option, I’d suggest starting in small areas like the eyebrows to see quick results.

If using electrolysis for genital areas, men find a local anesthetic helps with the pain.

4. Waxing, Sugaring & Threading

Head Waxing for Hair Removal
Hot waxing treatment for scalp hair removal.

How it works

Waxing and sugaring are methods of applying each substance to the skin, letting dry, then pulling hair out by the root, for temporary smooth results.

These two methods are popular for body hair removal. Hair eventually grows back, but it may grow in thinner and wispier, just like with laser hair therapy.

Bald head waxing

wax strips for head hair removal from the root
Bald head waxing treatment for full hair removal.

Uses strips that are placed across your scalp, then pulled off to remove hair.


Sugaring paste treatment for a bald head look.
Sugaring paste treatment

Similar to waxing, but it’s typically done by a therapist. A paste is applied to your skin made of sugar and honey, typically in the opposite direction of hair growth. This paste molds to the shape of your head, arms, back, etc – sticking to the hairs. The esthetician then removes the hardened paste and hair roots by pulling in the natural direction of hair growth.


Threading hair removal for men
Threading for precise hair removal
Threading head hair removal (before and after)
Threading head hair removal (before and after)

Designed to remove hair cleanly without using wax or sugaring. Instead, this method uses a cotton thread and pulls your hair in a twisting motion to remove from the follicle. The good news is that it’s much less painful than the other two methods and is very precise.

Best for

Waxing and Sugaring: all hair areas. Including sensitive areas like genital area, underarms, ears, eyebrows, neck. NOTE: genital areas are known to be more painful. It’s suggested testing another area first. 
Threading: eyebrows, upper lip, chin.

Working time

10 – 60 minutes (depending size of treatment area)


$10 – $80 (depending on at-home or salon treatment)

Results last

4 – 6 weeks

Pros of waxing

  • Really smooth results
  • Results last for 2 to 3 weeks
  • Less expensive than other removal methods

Cons of waxing

  • Painful (especially first treatment)
  • Causes redness and may remove skin cells
  • May lead to scalp ingrown hairs
  • May cause rash for sensitive skin

Pros of sugaring

  • Faster than waxing
  • Lasts longer than waxing or threading
  • Less ingrown hairs and redness
  • Doesn’t remove skin cells

Cons of sugaring

  • Just as painful as waxing
  • May cause irritation and redness

Pros of threading

  • Mostly for removing small and fine hairs
  • Less painful than waxing and sugaring
  • Can be done when hairs are short and wispy

Cons of threading

  • Longer time commitment
  • More expensive than waxing and sugaring

Best Product for Waxing

Body waxing kit

Best Product for Sugaring

Vidasleek Sugaring Kit


Waycom facial hair remover is a good choice (not specifically marketed for men, but works perfectly on any facial hair).


Keep in mind you must grow your hair out to a significant length for waxing and sugaring, about 1 to 2 inches (3 to 5 centimeters). Threading doesn’t require that much length to work.

5. Hair Removal Cream (Depilatories)

Nair Hair Remover for Men Hair Remover Body Cream

How it works

Depilatories are hair removal creams for men that actively dissolve hair by attacking its proteins. Once applied, your hair melts away, allowing you to wipe it away with a towel. These products contain ingredients like calcium hydroxide, which is has a strong smell.

In some ways, depilatories work great for men who want to go bald with a perfectly magic razorless cream shave. After one application, most products can remove all hair for a temporary length of time, about 2 weeks.

Beard removal cream

Formulated specifically for facial hair for razorless shaving.

Hair removal cream for head

Formulated specifically for facial hair for razorless shaving.


Start with a patch test to ensure the ingredients don’t affect your skin. Then apply the cream as the product directs, covering all hair you want removed. Wait 3 – 10 minutes (again as directed), then wipe away. Shower!

NOTE: leaving the cream in longer than directed is not advised as the ingredients can cause burning or skin irritation.

Best for

Body such as chest, back, arms and legs.

Not all hair removal creams can be used on all parts of your body. Products are typically designed for specific hair regions. See our product recommendations below. Always use as directed. 

Working time

3 – 5 minutes.


$5 – $10 (at home)

Results last

1 – 3 weeks.


  • Easier and relaxing to use than shaving or waxing
  • DIY, easily purchased at drugstores
  • Removes hair after one application


  • Terrible smell
  • Need to follow instructions properly or may result in swelling and irritation
  • Not the best for sensitive skin, causes burns and rashes

Best Products for Body

Nair for Men

Best Products for Bald Head

Magic shave cream

Best Products for Face and Beard

Razorless shave cream


Hair removal creams allow you to literally wash your hair off, but it requires extra care in certain areas.

You must also purchase a product made specifically for the area you’re trying to treat (see products above). There are other quality formulas, such as Nad’s or Moom’s (organic) for Men that are quick acting.

However, not all products work for stubborn hair and may lead to irritation. While some products like Veet & Nair are FDA-approved, there are still warnings about the use of depilatories. These products also have a significant rotten eggs smell, so you must shower before heading out.

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