5 Best Sunscreens for Bald Heads (2024)


Sunscreen for bald head

Whenever summer rolls around, sunscreen becomes a trending topic. If you have a bald head, going out in the sun at any time can lead to a sunburned scalp. Getting ready for the sun means better bald head care by protecting your head with the right SPF.

The best sunscreen for bald heads will have a higher SPF over 40 and contain ingredients like ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, sulisobenzone, or zinc oxide.

If you shave your head and rock the bald look, you may wear a hat to protect your scalp, but wearing sunscreen is a part of everyday life to prevent skin damage from UVA and UVB rays.

Top Bald Head Sunscreen

The top sunscreens for bald men always have a higher SPF and a sheer application. Ingredients like zinc oxide are the most natural, while others may contain harsh ingredients that will dry out your skin.

When using scalp sunscreen, check the expiration date and apply 30 minutes before heading out into the sun. Even with water and sweat-resistant brands, you should reapply sunscreen every 60 to 80 minutes.

Here’s a look at the top sunscreens for shaved heads:

1. EltaMD UV Clear

EltaMD UV Clear - bald head sun protection

EltaMD has always been highly rated by celebrities, including Kendall Jenner and Drew Barrymore. What makes it so special? EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum is an SPF 46 sunscreen that doesn’t leave behind white streaks and residue. The Skin Cancer Foundation also recommends it.

You can wear EltaMD every day to protect yourself from the sun, and it’s made from natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals.

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2. Thinksport Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+

EltaMD UV Clear - bald head sun protection

Thinksport Safe is one of the sunscreens dermatologists recommend the most. It’s made without chemicals, known as the “standard for safe sunscreen.”

With an SPF of 50+, this sunscreen uses zinc oxide to protect your skin. If you have very sensitive skin and can’t stay in the sun too long, consider this sunscreen your first defense.

Thinksport sunscreens now meet Whole Foods’ premium body care requirements and standards.

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3. La Roche-Posay Anthelios

EltaMD UV Clear - bald head sun protection

With its oil-free, non-comedogenic formula, La Roche-Posay is a slightly more expensive sunscreen for those with allergies and sensitivities to lotions and creams.

La Roche-Posay is highly recommended to protect your bare scalp during extremely bright days outdoors. With an SPF of 60 and ultra-light application, this will probably be your favorite sunscreen.

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4. Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch

EltaMD UV Clear - bald head sun protection

For another sheer sunscreen that doesn’t grease up your skin, try Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch sunscreen. It’s a broad-spectrum protector with an SPF 55.

The lightweight formula is super resistant, with up to 80 minutes of protection before re-application.

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5. Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer Sunscreen SPF 40

EltaMD UV Clear - bald head sun protection

Want to pamper your scalp? Babo Botanicals is an SPF 40, 100% mineral sunscreen made with zinc for everyday sheer sunscreen with natural ingredients.  It’s one of the few natural sunscreens rated to use on baby’s skin. 

Formulated for all ages with no harsh chemicals or irritants, Babo Botanicals is also environmentally friendly and made in the USA. 

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Sunscreen for Bald Men (Buyer’s Guide)

When you pick a sunscreen, some key factors matter besides SPF. For example, some ingredients aren’t best for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

You also want to find slightly higher SPF sunblocks (over SPF 40) that work for your head, face, and body with a fragrance-free formula. This gives you the most value.

Here’s a look at what truly makes the best scalp sunscreen.

Best SPF

Sunscreen works to protect your head against two types of sunlight rays.

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA): Broad-spectrum sunscreen protects against UVA rays.
  • Ultraviolet B (UVB): Higher SPF blocks out more UVB rays.

SPF stands for sun protective factor, and the number beside it indicates how effectively it will block UVB rays.

For example, a 15 SPF rating blocks out 93% of all UVB rays. However, over SPF 30 blocks out 4% more. At 50 SPF, you’ll block out over 98% of all UVB rays.

For your scalp, there shouldn’t be any question of whether you’ll get sunburn. A sunburnt scalp can lead to permanent sun damage, such as discoloration from peeling and scarring.


While the SPF number refers to how effectively sunscreen blocks UVB rays, broad-spectrum sunscreens also protect against UVA rays. When looking at sunscreen for your scalp, always choose broad-spectrum to get the most sun protection.

Water Resistance

Bald heads are likely to sweat, especially when you’re outside in high temperatures. Your sunscreen should also read water-resistant on the label, whether swimming or running.

Waterproof sunscreens only last between 40 and 80 minutes, so you’ll still need to re-apply, especially if you go in the water.

UV Protection

Sunblock also comes with physical or chemical differences. The sunblock reflects UV rays if you spot “physical” on the sunscreen label. We recommend using sunblock that says physical or mineral on the label.

Harmful Active Ingredients

For chemical sunscreens, new studies by Harvard have found that sunblock could be dangerous due to the absorption of chemicals into your bloodstream.

The most toxic ingredients include oxybenzone, which is a hormone disruptor. They may also contain retinyl palmitate – a form of Vitamin D that can increase skin cancer risk.

In addition, scientists suggest that aerosol sunscreen sprays are more dangerous than lotions, as they hurt sensitive lungs and don’t provide the same length of protection.

Can you put sunscreen on a bald head?

Sunscreen is essential for protecting a bald head from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and skin cancer. It’s advised to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every two hours or more frequently if sweating or swimming

How do you protect a bald head?

Wearing a hat is the first line of defense against harmful UV rays for those with bald heads. A hat with a wide brim is recommended to cover a larger area. Hats often come with a UPF rating, similar to SPF for sunscreens.

What moisturizer has SPF for bald heads?

The Bondisands sunscreen lotions and oils are suitable for daily use on bald heads. They offer broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays, are suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin, and come with 15 – 50 SPF.

How do you prevent sun spots on a bald head?

Sunscreen with SPF 50, which filters 98 percent of UV radiation, can provide adequate protection but needs to be reapplied regularly. Hats are often the best protection against sun damage on the scalp, offering constant protection as long as they are worn.

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