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Look good bald

Going bald is a part of life for some. You start to see your hairline recede, and as you notice your forehead becoming more prominent, you may wonder how to look good bald.

The truth is that you can absolutely look good with a bald head. You can even adopt bald men’s style for a distinguished new look.

There’s no shame in having a bald head. In fact, if you’re like me, you may even feel liberated. Keep reading to find your best look.

Looking Good Bald

Losing your hair isn’t the end of the world. Male pattern baldness is an unfortunate aspect of life, according to the American Hair Loss Association, which estimates that two-thirds of men see their hair thinning by the age of 35. About 80 percent of men experience more thinning around the age of 50.

How to look good bald
You can still look good bald.

However, baldness also affects women. Female pattern baldness starts around age 40, and as their hair thins, roughly half of all women have bald patches and thinning hair by the age of 50.

So what can you do? These are the tips that hair stylists and barbers recommend to those who are going bald and want to shave it all off.

1. Grow Your Beard Out

Many men can change their head shape slightly by playing with a trick of the eye and growing their beard hair a certain way. This typically includes a full beard along the jawline, like John Travolta’s style AKA bald with a beard look.

However, Jason Statham keeps his hair closely shaven while not exactly going fully bald. His beard is slightly longer than the rest of his hair.

Try the Stubble Look

You don’t have to get rid of every inch of hair on your head. Some stylists recommend rocking a more mature hairline and keeping some of your hair as stubble. Jason Statham is famous for this look.

2. Get Physically Fit

This is no secret, but bald looks don’t always work well if you’re out-of-shape. In fact, being overweight and unhealthy actually contributes to hair loss. If you’re worried about attracting a mate after going bald, being physically fit also helps you there.

Jeff Bezos before and after bald. Looking good now.
Jeff Bezos before and after going bald and looking good now. Image courtesy of Business Insider.

Staying in shape and having a muscular physique takes the pressure off perfecting the bald look. If you look at Jeff Bezos before and after (above), then you can see how being fit and taking care of your body contributes to looking good with a bald head.

If you’re growing depressed over the loss of your hair, you can sit back and blame your mom’s genes, or you can do something about it. Plenty of men start hitting the gym to get fit after realizing they have very little control over their hair loss.

While you don’t need to get as fit as the Rock, it’s a good idea to take pride in your body and keep yourself trim.

3. Improve Your Style

Your fashion sense and style will contribute a lot more to your overall look once your hair is gone. Finding the right style to fit your height, physique and skin tone will go a long way to improve your confidence level.


Are you going bald and want to avoid people always looking at your dome? You still have control over how you accessorize and style yourself. With the right hat, you can create a new look for yourself. Oh, and BTW forget that old myth that a hat causes baldness!

From the flat cap to the fedora to the baseball hat, there are plenty of ways to rock a hat. Here are 130 celebrity hat looks (Pinterest) to check out if you want to cover up in style.

Fashion to enhance your balding look
Accessories can help you look great with the bald look.


Do you wear glasses? These also contribute to your overall head shape. Bold frames attract the eye to the center of your face and your eyes. This glasses for face shape guide can help you pick out the right style for your face.

4. Darken Your Skin Tone

Are you pasty white and going bald? The number of celebrities who are bald and tan is astounding. The Rock has made his bald look good by bulking up, maintaining his golden tan, and keeping a clean-shaven head.

While there are some who can pull off a bald head with a naturally alabaster skin tone, such as Mr. Clean, there’s more of a chance that you’ll look and feel better with glowing darker skin.

In addition, many black men keep their hair clean-cut and short or even shave their heads because of hair trends. However, this is going away as more black men look into fade haircuts (AKA bald fades).

5. Stay Well Groomed

It should go without saying, but bears repeating. You must stay carefully groomed at all times. Your overall appearance should always be in check.

Grooming Facial Hair

As recommended previously, a beard, goatee or mustache can really help your look. The facial hair creates balance and symmetry that reconstructs the shape of your head, making your baldness look downright sexy.

Nothing is worse than having a lot of hair on your chin that’s unruly while having a completely clean scalp. So, if you’re going to sport the bald look, it’s imperative you keep your beard hair trim and groomed at all times, finishing off with a good beard oil.

6. Practice the Bald Look

From shower caps to actual bald caps, you can practice going bald just to see your head shape and how it would look.

You shouldn’t take this too seriously, as a bald cap isn’t going to look anything like your scalp. However, this can give you a better idea of what you will like when the top of your head starts shedding.

7. Find Inspiration or a Bald Mentor

Is there someone in your social circle who rocks a bald look? There are many links online to “rocking a bald look” including the ones posted in this article, to several celebrity men who’ve rocked a bald head.

However, you may know someone who’s gone bald close to you. If you find a bald mentor, you can get some personal advice on how to deal with the transition.

Is the Bald Look for Me?

One thing to remember is that bald men are sexy, too. For example, there are bald head shapes that are considered more handsome than others, but everyone from the Rock to Jeff Bezos to Bruce Willis have all sworn off their hair and looked better for doing so.

Bald can be very attractive.
Bald can be very attractive.

In addition, both women and men can suffer from pattern hair loss. Anyone can redefine themselves as a handsome bald man.

For many, it’s all in the attitude. However, if you still wonder “what would I look like bald,” then take a gander at these factors as you consider your hair’s fate.

What Will I Look Like Bald?

The only way to truly know what you’ll look like bald is to take the plunge and shave your head. So, as your hair thins, it may frustrate you daily when looking in the mirror, especially after showering.

When your hair is wet, it naturally isn’t as full as when it’s fully styled. You may not have to shave your head just from thinning hair, but if you notice significant bald patches after your hair has dried, then you may feel more confident by embracing the bald look.

Many men can rock the bald look, and there are several examples of men who looked worse with hair, such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jeff Bezos. Both now famous celebs once dealt with thinning hair and a receding hairline, but they completely changed their looks by shaving bald.

With a quick shave, you can look good bald too.

Have a Good Head Shave Regimen

Finally, if you’re going bald, there’s no time like the present to make a change and take charge of your appearance. Since most men deal with losing their hair, how you deal with it’s up to you.

Use a quality balding shaver to get the best shave and eliminate ingrown hairs and razor burn.

See our guide on Bald Head Care for the best steps to a great shaved head.

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