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Most of us know Johnny Depp for his iconic roles in Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, Public Enemy, and so many more. It’s clear raven hair actor changes his look for any character, and so Johnny’s hair may have become just as popular as the actor himself.

If you want to rock the Johnny Depp hairstyle, you’ll need to know the right way to style your locks, along with the right hair products, to achieve those tousled long hair or slicked back styles.

Keep reading and we’ll show you how to get your own male celebrity hairstyle.

Johnny Depp Hair Evolution

Johnny Depp hairstyles have evolved from his movie roles like Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean and Public Enemy to more fantastical looks in Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands. Long, short, or simply wild, Johnny Depp always has a distinctive hairstyle. His hairstyles have been long, short, and wild at various times throughout his career.

  1. Long Hair: Johnny has had long hair in many of his films, including Sweeney Todd (2007) and Pirates of the Caribbean (2003).
  2. Short Hair: In other films such as Alice in Wonderland (2010) and The Lone Ranger (2013), Johnny sported a shorter hairstyle that was still stylishly messy, yet masculine.
  3. Wild Hair: In other films like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (1998), Johnny went for a more unkempt look with wild hair that added to his character’s eccentricity and unpredictability.

Young Johnny Depp Hair

Johnny Depp’s hairstyle in the 1990s was slicked back with a middle part. He wore his hair long, with layers around the face.

Some of the other popular hairstyles worn by Johnny Depp in the 1990s include:

  • Long Slicked Hair: Worn with a middle part, this style features super long hair that’s slicked back away from the face.
  • Quiff Hairstyle: This classic men’s hairstyle involves styling hair upwards and backwards at the front, while leaving it long on top and sides. Johnny Depp often wore this look in his younger years.
  • Side Part Hairstyle: Another popular men’s style from this era is side parting your hair on one side to create a more formal look or add some volume to thinning locks!

The young Johnny Depp from the 1980s always had a wild and creative look, so it’s no surprise his hairstyles were also diverse. He’s gone from long hair to short spikes and everything in between.

1990s Johnny Depp hair
Young Depp with a full head of hair and leather cuff.

Did you know acting wasn’t Johnny Depp’s first choice? He clearly had the hairstyles of many singers in the 1980s, which is exactly what he wanted to do before he was introduced to film and talented actors like Nicolas Cage.

Ah, the good ol’ days of the 1980s. It was all about the hair. Johnny Depp always liked the wild, voluminous looks.

Johnny Depp hairstyles
Young Johnny Depp
Young Johnny Depp hairstyles
Johnny Depp quiff hairstyle

How to Style the Young Johnny Depp Hair

  1. To get this style, use a blow dryer for volume.
  2. Lightly work pomade into front locks.
  3. Smoothe down the sides to the back. 

Johnny Depp 80s Hair

Johnny Depp’s hairstyles from the 80s are some of the most iconic looks of that decade. The actor sported a variety of different styles during this period, including long and shaggy hair, short and spiked hair, and even a mullet.

Johnny Depp Hairstyle 1980s
Johnny Depp Hairstyle 1980s (reddit)

How to Style the Johnny Depp 80s Hair

  1. Blow dry hair using a round brush to add volume.
  2. Apply pomade to the front and sides of your hair, working it in with your fingers to create the messy look.
  3. Finish with hairspray to hold.

Johnny Depp 21 Jump Street Hair

Early in Johnny’s career, he stared in the original 21 Jump street TV series. The comb over hairstyle was iconic for the 80s.

Johnny Depp's Hairstyle on 21 Jump Street.
21 Jump Street Hairstyle (1987).

How to Style the Johnny Depp 21 Jump Street Hair

  1. Partially dry hair to add volume.
  2. Apply a small amount of gel to damp hair and brush it back slightly.
  3. Brush hair to create the comb over and fringe on the bangs.
  4. Allow the gel to dry or add a little hairspray.

Johnny Depp 90s Hair

The 90s brought on some strange times for Johnny Depp’s hair, who wore a messier, somewhat slicked hairstyle. A little bit more pomade or styling cream can achieve this messy look.

90s Johnny Depp hairstyles with girlfriend Winona Ryder.
Johnny’s wild hair alongside his celebrity girlfriend, Winona Ryder.
Johnny Depp long slicked back hairstyles from 1990s
Depp sports long slicked back hair.

How to Style the Johnny Depp 90s Hair

Johnny Depp 90s Hair Tutorial
  1. Washing, condition and towel dry.
  2. Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner.
  3. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair.
  4. Apply a curl-defining cream and then use a diffuser to blow dry.
  5. When dry, use a curling iron to curl the ends.
  6. Finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Johnny Depp What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Hairstyle

Johnny Depp always has perfect hair, even when he played a despondent Gilbert Grape in the 1993 classic What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. His shiny brown locks easily get tucked behind the ear a lot in this film.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape long hairstyle
Johnny Depp’s long hair in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.
Johnny Depp long haircut.
Johnny is sporting long, messy hair at shoulder length.

How to Style the Johnny Depp What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Hairstyle

  1. Wash your long hair less frequently so natural oils build up.
  2. Use a comb or brush to create a middle part.
  3. Use a styling product like pomade to create volume in your hair.
  4. Sweep the hair back, tucking behind your ears to complete the look.

Johnny Depp The Tourist Hairstyle

The Tourist hairstyle is a chin-length, male bob with blonde highlights and a circle beard. It’s best suited to gents with thick hair and natural waves, as it takes around a year to grow to this length from short strands.

This hairstyle is popular for Johnny Depp because it offers a youthful and rugged appeal that many women find attractive. The blonde highlights complement his skin tone, while the clean-cut beard helps frame his face. The difference in color between the blonde hair and black beard also helps highlight his features.

Long bob hairstyle (parted) with a Circle Beard Goatee in a white tuxedo.
Depp with a long parted bob hairstyle with a Circle Beard Goatee in a white tuxedo.
Johnny Depp shoulder length hair and beard.
Longer, wavy hair with Extended Goatee.

How to Style the Tourist – Bob Hairstyle

  1. Part your hair to one side.
  2. Use a curling iron on medium heat to create loose waves or braid your hair and let it air dry for more natural waves.
  3. Apply sea salt spray or wave spray to enhance the texture of your locks and create an even more wavy look if desired.
  4. Once you have achieved the desired look, use a comb or brush to style it into a messy “bob” that falls just below the chin line for an edgy appearance.

Johnny Depp Chocolat Hairstyle

The Chocolat Hairstyle is a long hairstyle that’s pulled into a ponytail. It’s named after the movie Chocolat with Juliette Binoche, where Johnny Depp played the main character, Roux. The style features layers of hair in front that can be tucked behind the ear for a relaxed look.

Johnny Depp's long hair is pulled back in a ponytail for the movie Chocolat.
Johnny Depp sports long hair pulled back in a ponytail in the movie Chocolat with Juliette Binoche.
Johnny's long hair ponytail is slightly unkept.
Johnny’s long hair is in a ponytail and slightly unkempt.

How to Style the Chocolat Ponytail Hairstyle

  1. Blow-dry your hair to straighten it and direct the roots backwards.
  2. Use pomade or wax to style your hair, pushing some parts back while leaving others loose around the temples.
  3. Tie in a ponytail and finish with a light spray of hairspray to hold the style in place (optional).

Johnny Depp Public Enemies Hair

The Public Enemies hairstyle is a classic vintage prohibition haircut with a low taper fade on the sides and long quiff on top.

For Public Enemies (2009), Johnny Depp’s look was inspired by the look of notorious bank robber John Dillinger in the late 1920s, known for his slicked back hair that showed off his M-shaped hairline.

Johnny Depp Public Enemies hairstyle
Johnny Depp’s taper fade haircut from Public Enemies (John Dillinger Haircut).
Johnny Depp's slicked back hair shows off his M-shaped hairline.
Dashing slicked back hair shows off Depp’s M-shaped hairline.
John Dillinger hair.
Wild and messy hair as Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger.

How to Style the Public Enemies Hairstyle

  1. Use electric hair clippers with a #1 to #2 guard on the sides and a #3 to #2 on the back.
  2. Taper down the length of your hair around the sides and back, giving it a classic look.
  3. Give some length to your temples for more definition and shape up any uneven areas with scissors or clippers as needed.
  4. Apply pomade on top locks for that messy, shiny style (optional).
  5. Brush through with fingers for added texture (optional).

Johnny Depp Blow Hairstyle

Johnny Depp Blow Hairstyle with Blonde Hair
Johnny Depp Blow Hairstyle with Long Blonde Hair

How to Style the Blow Hairstyle

  1. Wash and dry your hair.
  2. Using a comb, direct roots upwards and strands backward.
  3. Once dry, use a little pomade or wax to messily style your hair, pushing some parts back and leaving others loose.
  4. Finish with a very light spray of hairspray to keep the style from falling flat

Johnny Depp Cry Baby Hairstyle

Johnny Depp shows us how it’s done in Cry Baby with his messy quiff look that complements his leather jacket and plain white tee perfectly!

Johnny Depp Cry-baby Hairstyle
Johnny Depp Cry-baby Hairstyle

How to Style the Cry Baby Hairstyle

  1. Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo, towel dry and use a comb to dry it backward.
  2. Rub a small amount of pomade between your palms and work backwards into your hair while still damp with a hairdryer until dry (reapply pomade once hair is dry).
  3. Comb the sides back so they are tight against the head, then flick two strands forward at the front for added style points in Johnny’s case!

Johnny Depp Donnie Brasco Hairstyle

The Donnie Brasco Haircut is a slicked back, short gangster haircut, worn by Johnny Depp in the movie “Donnie Brasco”. It features short hair that’s slicked back and sometimes featuring an off-center part.

Johnny Depp as Donnie Brasco. Sporting slicked back hair with Ray-Ban sunglasses.
Johnny Depp as Donnie Brasco. Sporting slicked back hair with Ray-Ban sunglasses.
Slick back Johnny Depp hair (parted).
Depp with slicked back hair and an offset central part.

How to Style the Donnie Brasco Hairstyle

  1. Wash, condition and towel dry.
  2. Add a liberal amount of styling gel.
  3. Use a comb/brush to pull back hair and create an offset central part.

Mortdecai Hair

The Mortdecai Hair is a slicked-back, parted hairstyle that was popularized by Johnny Depp in the 2004 film Finding Neverland. It consists of a dirty blonde, 1920s classic look that’s slicked back with a handlebar mustache.

Johnny Depp in Mortdecai has slicked back blonde hair with a handlebar mustache.

Johnny Depp in Mortdecai has slicked back blonde hair with a handlebar mustache.
Johnny Depp in Mortdecai with slicked back, dirty blonde hair and a handlebar mustache.

Johnny Depp Transcendence Hairstyle

Johnny Depp Transcendence Hairstyle
Johnny Depp Transcendence Hairstyle

How to Style the Transcendence Hairstyle

  1. Wash and condition your hair.
  2. Then towel dry gently and comb through with a wide-tooth comb.
  3. Apply styling mousse or cream to damp hair.
  4. Use a blow dryer on low heat setting to dry the ends, leaving slightly damp.
  5. Tousle the hair lightly and spritz with hairspray.

Johnny Depp Finding Neverland Hairstyle

Johnny Depp Finding Neverland Hairstyle
Johnny Depp Finding Neverland Hairstyle

How to Style the Finding Neverland Hairstyle

  1. Wash and dry your hair.
  2. Direct the roots of your hair upwards and the strands backward.
  3. Use a bit of pomade or wax to style your hair messily, pushing some parts back while leaving others loose..
  4. Finish with a light spray of hairspray to keep the style from falling flat.

Willy Wonka Haircut

Johnny Depp Willie Wonka Hair & Tophat
Johnny Depp Willie Wonka Hair

Johnny Depp Sauvage Dior Hair

Johnny Depp Sauvage Dior Hair
Johnny Depp Sauvage Dior Hair – Check out the YouTube Styling Tutorial

Johnny Depp Short Hair

For Johnny Depp, short hairstyles can include bobs, pixie cuts and layered looks. He could also choose a more trendy option, such as an undercut.

For those looking for an up-to-date look, Depp would try out some of the latest trends such as bangs or highlights. When it comes to occasions and events, short hairstyles are perfect, from formal events to weddings.

Johnny Depp short hairstyles
Messy short hair complimented with silver aviator sunglasses.
Johnny Depp with short hair and purple tinted aviator glasses.
Johnny’s short hairstyle that’s a bit longer on top.
Johnny Depp with a short style and very long hair on top paired with a goatee.
Depp with a short style with very long hair on top paired with a cool celebrity goatee.

See More of Johnny Depp’s Beard Styles

How to Style the Johnny Depp Short Hair

  1. Cut to the desired shorter style length.
  2. Shampoo and condition.
  3. Blow-dry using a small round brush to create volume and shape -or- tousle with your fingers.
  4. Apply a light spritz of hairspray and style as desired.

Johnny Depp Long Hair

Mostly, Depp prefers long hairstyles with voluminous and shiny locks. Good hair care like this starts with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with ingredients like argan oil and coconut oil. Other volumizing shampoos also work to create Johnny’s thick, natural, glossy long hair. 

If you want your locks to have more volume and smoothness, try a mousse with blow dryer and finish off with a light work-through of pomade in your front hair. 

Johnny’s longer hairstyles feature 2 to 3 layers in the front with typical lengths cut at the ear, chin, and neck. If looking for long layered hair, it’s best to look at self-cut hair layer videos or talk to a barber about this one to get it right for your face shape.

Johnny Depp shoulder length long hair
Johnny Depp with shoulder length long hair.
Johnny Depp extremely long hair
Johnny with longer than shoulder length hair.
Johnny Depp long hair with a central part.
Central parted hair with a longer length.
Johnny Depp with long wavy hair.
Johnny with long wavy hair.

A younger Depp is sporting super long hair with a middle part. Cannes Film Festival 1992.

Young Johnny Depp Long Hair 1990s
Young Johnny Depp Long Hair with a middle part 1990s in a black tuxedo.

Blonde Hair

The super bleached blonde look suited Johnny as Grindelwald. In Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Depp has an edgier hairstyle certain to startle those around you. 

Johnny Depp features an undercut with shaved sides and a slight taper down the back. You can create the spiky pieces with hair wax (beeswax).

Grindelwald Blonde Hairstyle and matching blonde mustache.
Grindelwald Blonde Undercut Hairstyle and matching blonde mustache.
Grindelwald blonde hair
Grindelwald Blonde Hair, this time with taper fade and a bit of a faux hawk and a matching blonde mustache.

Undercut Hairstyle

An undercut hairstyle is a type of hairstyle where the hair on the sides and back of the head is tapered short while the hair on top is kept longer. It can be achieved by trimming or shaving off excess hair around the temples and nape of the neck.

The undercut hairstyle is popular with Johnny Depp because it helps him to stand out from other actors, as well as enhance his features. It gives him a rugged yet stylish look that complements his personality perfectly, especially when paired with an iconic gold mohawk. Plus, it allows him to play different roles more convincingly since it adds an extra layer of mystery to his appearance.

Johnny Depp Undercut Hairstyle
Johnny Depp undercut hair. He styled his own hair like Grindelwald, but wore his natural hair color for the movie premiere.

Slicked Back Hair

A slicked back hairstyle is where the hair is combed back with pomade or gel to create a smooth, shiny finish. It can be worn with either short or long hair, depending on the desired look.

Johnny Depp has often been seen wearing the slicked back “greaser” hairstyle, which became popular in the 1950s and 1960s because of its association with youth culture at that time. This style has remained popular in recent years because of its timeless appeal and versatility for both genders. It can be adapted for any occasion or event without losing its stylishness or appeal.

Johnny Depp Slicked Back Hair
Johnny Depp Slicked Back Hair, source Pinterest.

Greaser Hair Styles

The Greaser hairstyle is a slicked back quiff with long hair on top. It originated in the 1950s and is still popular today because of its nostalgic, rockabilly vibe.

Johnny Depp has worn this hairstyle in many of his films, such as “Cry-Baby” and “Edward Scissorhands”. He also sports it regularly in real life, making it one of his most iconic looks. The Greaser hairstyle is popular because it’s an easy way to add some edge to your look while still staying true to classic rockabilly style. Additionally, it can be adapted for any length or type of hair so anyone can try it out!

Depp's slick back slick greaser looking hair.
Johnny shows off his slicked back “greaser” hair look.

Johnny Depp’s Hair Now

The Finding Neverland actor continues to change up his look. Johnny’s grown out his hair again. Johnny Depp 2024 hairstyle features medium length locks with some smooth styling cream or pomade worked in to reduce frizz.

Johnny Depp’s hair is now slicked back, with a side part. He typically wears it in a low ponytail with the rest of the hair slicked back and out of his face. He also occasionally wears it loose and wavy, or in spikes.

Johnny Depp 2020 Mop Top Hairstyle
Johnny Depp’s Long Mop Top Hairstyle.
Johnny Depp's current hair is longer and relaxed.
Longer, relaxed hair.

Johnny Depp Trial Hair

Johnny Depp Long Hair from Amber Heard Trial
Johnny Depp Long Hair from Amber Heard Trial, source Pinterest.


How to Get Johnny Depp Hair

How to get Johnny Depp’s hair? To start, you’ll need to grow your hair out. Many of Johnny Depp’s styles feature extra length to create texture and shape. For a shorter style, opt for a low taper fade around the sides with three or four inches on top styled with a matte pomade or wax.

What is Johnny Depp 90s hairstyle called?

Johnny Depp 90s hairstyle is referred to as “classic grown out taper haircut”. He used to keep his hair short and styled it into a textured look with just enough length. Using sea salt and finishing with pomade or gel will re-create that 90s shine.

What kind of haircut does Johnny Depp have in Public Enemies?

In Public Enemies (2009), Johnny Depp sports a classic taper haircut with a slight fade on top. The length is kept long on the front, while the sides and back are tapered down to just above the ears.

He also uses pomade to add shine to his top locks.
The taper haircut is characterized by smooth layering that gradually gets shorter towards the back of the head. To achieve this look, use electric hair clippers with a #1 to #2 guard on the sides, then taper down to a #3 or #2 at the back. Pomade can be used for added shine and styling ease if desired.

What is Johnny Depp’s haircut called?

Johnny Depp’s celebrity haircut is called the “Depp Cut.” It’s a short, choppy, layered look that can be styled to suit most hair types.

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