23 Hot Celebrity Goatee Styles for your Look

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Celebrity Goatee Styles

The goatee style is one of the most fashionable beards for men. It’s easy to sculpt and trim, and even if you don’t have a lot of facial hair, chin hair seems to grow in faster for most men.

Goatee beards include facial hair on the chin and around the mouth, including hair on the upper lip that may or may not connect to chin hair. Some goatees may also be longer on the sides, but a classic goatee rarely has any long hair along the jaw, cheeks, or sideburns.

Celebrities often wear goatees, and there are a few who consistently show off variations to bring attention to their unique personality, style, and face shape. Here’s a look at the top celebrities with goatees plus a brief guide below on how to style and trim like a celeb.

Best Celebrity Goatee Beard styles

Celebrities rock the full goatee look, while others opt for minimal facial hair around their mouth and chin.

Celebrities sporting various styles for the red carpet like the classic goatee (no mustache), Van Dyke, landing strips, clean-shaven cheeks, and more.

1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Goatee
See more Johnny Depp beard styles.

2. Kanye West

Kanye West Goatee
Kanye West with a Door Knocker Style Goatee

3. Diego Luna

Diego Luna Goatee
The Narcos star & Andor Star – rockin’ the goat.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Goatee Beard
Leonardo DiCaprio Goatee Beard

5. Idris Elba

Idris Elba Goatee
The always cool Idris Elba Goatee. See more black men’s goatee styles.

6. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Goatee
See more Brad Pitt beard styles.

7. Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Goatee
Robert Downey Jr. dawns stylish look at Iron Man 3 premiere. See more Iron Man Beard Styles.

8. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Goatee
See more Tom Hardy beard styles.

9. Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun Goatee
See more Asian beard styles.

10. Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz from Walking Dead Goatee
Walking Dead Goatee has become a thing of legend!

11. Christian Bale

Christian Bale Goatee
Image courtesy of Men’s Health Magazine. See more Extended Goatee Styles.

12. Chris Pine

Chris Pine Goatee
Chris Pine sporting a full circle beard at the Star Trek Beyond premiere, Image courtesy of Time Magazine

13. Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner Goatee
Wrestler Scott Steiner shows off duo-tone platinum and black goatee (salt & pepper).
Image source: TV Tropes

14. Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa Goatee
The man himself… Frank Zappa and his famous Goatee

15. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Goatee
Vintage Jimi Hendrix Goatee. Image courtesy of Amazon Music

16. Sean Connery

Sean Connery Goatee
The always classy Sean Connery Goatee. Image source: Gentleman’s Journal

17. Common Rapper

Common Circle Goatee
Common Circle Goatee

18. David Beckham

David Beckham Goatee
David Beckham Goatee in an Anchor Style.

19. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Goatee
Hugh Jackman Goatee and facial scruff.

20. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Goatee
See more Ryan Gosling beard styles.

21. Andre 3000

Andre 3000 Goatee
Andre 3000’s Goatee is simple yet classy.

22. Alexi Lalas

Alexi Lalas Goatee
Alexi Lalas with a long ginger goatee. Image source: IMDB.com. See more long goatee styles.

23. George Clooney

George Clooney Goatee
George Clooney Stubble Goatee

Celebrity Goatee Styling Tips and Tricks

From celebrity barbers like Travis Myers to Philadelphia Beard Festival winner Michael Lubuski, we looked at some of the best tips for styling your goatee to get the perfect look.

1. Pick a Goatee Style

Most of the time, we don’t really choose how our chin hair grows in. Growing a goatee or a full beard takes a few months to see thicker hair growth.

Facial hair on our chins and upper lip just starts to sprout after puberty, and it’s not until your 20s do you think about the actual style and growth of it. Most of all, you want a thick patch of chin hair that you can style.

Typical Goatees are defined by hair that grows thick on the chin, upper lip, and a slick soul patch.

You don’t have to connect the mustache and chin hair to get the goatee look either. However, some men like to style their goatees this way because it allows them to shape and accentuate your face and different angles.

2. Trimming and Sculpting Tools Needed

Before you get started, you’ll need the following items for the perfect goatee:

  • Beard trimmer or electric razor
  • Guards or comb attachments set to 1-10mm
  • If fading your goatee, you may want .5mm guards
  • Beard comb
  • Beard oil
  • Beard conditioner
  • Optional: Beard wash
  • Optional: Razor (sharpening and defining lines)
  • Optional: Barber shears (trim up and fading edges)

Some goatee styles require a bit more work like the Van Dyke beard, anchor goatee, chin strap, or even a ducktail goatee. If shaping your facial hair in any way, you may want to look into hair wax or mustache wax.

3. Prep Your Beard for Goatee

First things first, make sure that you wash and comb your beard before trimming. Michael Lubuski, the two-time beard award winner of Philadelphia’s Beard Festival, says that he always starts off his routine with a proper beard wash.

Lubuski recommends Woody’s beard wash, but there are several beard shampoo brands and conditioners to choose from. See our list of best beard washes.

A typical pre-trim routine for goatees looks like this:

  • Fully wash your beard, use a product with vitamin E or tea tree oil if afraid of razor bumps
  • Dry your beard (never cut beard hair when wet)
  • Use a beard comb to soften and straighten your hair
  • For specific goatee beard shapes, pick a goatee shaving template you like (if it’s your first time)

Washing your beard with a moisturizing product makes it soft and moisturizes the skin underneath, especially if you have sensitive skin prone to razor bumps. Since you’ll be shaving the sides and jaw clean to get the goatee look, you want to make sure that your beard hair and skin are ready.

4. Cut Your Goatee and Style

Start by clean shaving the sides and jawline, but leave the hair on your chin and around your mouth alone.

Electric trimmers work best to shave down both sides, defining your goatee shape as you remove the hair from your jaw and sideburns.

Be careful when trimming your neckline. You typically want to shave any hair beneath the Adam’s apple.

The right length

When growing a beard and keeping the length of your facial hair all the same, then pick the right guard or comb size. For instance, a 2 to 4 mm guards are for longer stubble looks.

Want to go with a longer goatee beard? It’s best to use barber shears to trim away and shape your final goatee look. Here’s where a goatee template can help you get the perfect symmetry.

When finished, apply a dab of beard oil and comb through your facial hair for that professional finish.

5. Watch Videos on Goatee Styling

There are a number of videos out there that will show you exactly how to get the perfect goatee shape with symmetrical lines and tapered edges. Here’s one we like:

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