Get the Johnny Depp Beard Easily (Top 8 Styles)


Johnny Depp's famous pirate beard

There’s no doubt Johnny Depp has had some iconic film roles, besides his celebrity beard style. One characteristic of Johnny’s beard is his versatility, despite never growing a full beard.

While there are some roles he changed his beard slightly, he typically maintains a charmingly neat yet thick beard with a mustache. It’s slightly different from the equally impressive Tony Stark beard.

It has become a part of his signature look while also making him rugged and debonaire for many roles, such as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean or the well-shaped circle beard. We discuss all of these different Johnny Beard styles below.

What’s the Johnny Depp Beard Style?

The Johnny Depp beard style is typically characterized as the “goatee” or, more specifically, the “French-style goatee.” This style comprises a mustache connected to a small beard on the chin, while the cheeks are left clean-shaven. The goatee is often worn narrow, and the chin beard is sometimes lengthened, accentuating Depp’s angular face shape. This style has become synonymous with Depp due to his frequent adoption of it both on and off screen.

Johnny Depp facial hair style name?

Johnny Depp is renowned for sporting the ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ facial hair style, which is essentially a mix of a goatee and moustache. It’s also referred to as a ‘Van Dyke’, characterized by a detached moustache and a pointed beard.

Iconic Beard Styles

Even though Depp consistently updates his look to stay fresh, typically, you’ll see the actor with a short, minimalist beard around the chin with a slight or thicker mustache. His face shape is also well suited for many goatee styles (below).

Though many of his facial hair styles are different, he sometimes removes the beard entirely, depending on his current role. His facial hair also matches whatever hairstyle he’s rocking at the time.

As much of a changeling as he is, Depp pulls off rugged to sophisticated and neat beard styles with a light artistic flair.

the Jack Sparrow Beard

The Jack Sparrow Beard is a chin strap beard with a disconnected mustache in a pirate style. Adding to the look, the chin hair has two beard braids adorned with a few beard rings. Typically, this look is accompanied by dreadlock hair and a wide headband.

One of the most iconic looks from Johnny Depp comes from his portrayal of the wily vagabond pirate Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Jack Sparrow beard for your new look.
Jack Sparrow Beard Style, AKA Pirate Beard, with beard braids and beard rings.

He defined this character with many colorful clothes, black hat and boots, rugged demeanor, and a three-dreaded beard. This beard style calls back to several cultures, including old school Viking pirates who were fans of braids and thick beards.

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To get this look, you’ll need:

For those who want to grow out their chin hair and achieve the same beard thickness, here’s a quick guide to this iconic look:

Start by growing out your chain hair

You can use a trimmer or shaver to remove hair around the chin, but you want to keep your cheeks and upper jaw lines clean.

Define a longer neckline you’re comfortable with

The Johnny Depp beard is grown long down the neck, but you don’t have to keep this neck beard if you don’t want to. A quick trim of the neckline can give you a more defined look. However, Depp’s beard is a little unkempt for this look.

Disconnect the chin hair and mustache

You don’t want your mustache hair to connect with your beard for this look. You can also trim the lower lip area to create a soul patch that connects very thinly to the chin hair.

Grow out your chin hair

You want your chin hair to grow about five inches long before styling it if you choose to do so. Some go for the ultimate pirate beard after growing this hair to include three braids.

After you have styled your Jack Sparrow beard, you will have to maintain the sides and cheek hair, but you may want to allow some hair to the mid-way point of your jawline.

Top Johnny Depp Beard & Mustache Looks

Along with the popular Johnny Depp beard, the actor has inspired a few more looks throughout the years.

To create the artistic looks for many films, he has grown out his beard, trimmed it back, and then grown it again for another role. However, we’ll start with the Johnny Depp goatee since he typically falls back into this facial hairstyle.

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1. The Johnny Depp Goatee

Since his first roles, Johnny Depp has often experimented with soft and hard goatee looks. When he is most subtle, he only grows a thick patch of chin hair, a soul patch, and a thin mustache across his upper lip.

However, he doesn’t always trim the cheeks to have a neat or minimalistic beard. He usually keeps the cheeks and jawline trimmed but not completely clean-shaven.

Get Johnny Depp Goatee for a dashing style.
Johnny’s Mustache compliments his goatee.

To achieve this look, you’ll need the following:

  • Trimmer or shaver with multiple guards, including #1 and #2
  • Beard brush or comb
  • Try a precision trimmer to disconnect beard and mustache hair or clean up stray hairs

Start by doing an all-over trim if you have a lot of facial hair

The key to Johnny Depp’s goatee is that it’s minimal and light on hair. You don’t want to have any bushy sideburns or lots of thick hair along the jawline.

Trim your mustache

The goatee has a thin mustache that barely covers the upper lip. It’s slightly longer over the left and right corners of the mouth. You should be careful and use a precision trimmer to clean up this area.

Keep the hair clean-shaven to short on the cheeks

Johnny Depp goes back and forth on how clean he wants to be with his goatee. Most of the time his cheeks are sparse of hair, but you will notice a gradual fade from the chin hair up the jawline.

Use a #2 or #3 guard to trim around the edges

To get this somewhat messy but minimalist goatee, you can fade out the beard hair along the neck and jawline using different combs or trim guards.

2. The Circle Beard Goatee

This is another take on his regular minimalist goatee look. In this style, Depp connects the hair between his mustache and beard for a thicker, fuller “circle” goatee.

The Johnny Depp Circle Beard has a sophisticated look.
Depp’s circle beard goatee. Image courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter.

Use a beard shaper for precise lines

The key to this beard style is shaving a symmetrical, thick circle around the mouth and chin. You don’t want to give yourself an awkward neckline, so it’s best to grow the hair thick along the chin and down to the top of your Adam’s apple before trimming.

Clean up your neckline and jawline carefully

This look is very clean-shaven around the defined goatee. His lower jaw and cheeks are free of any hair in this look, so you’ll want to use a clean razor or trimmer with a guard to get this super clean look.

Be precise inside the soul patch

Depp always sports a pretty thick soul patch just underneath his lower lip. In this beard style, you’ll need to take care to trim around the patch and the chin hair, leaving only a centimeter of space between the two.

3. The Van Dyke Depp Beard

This style always turns heads because it’s rugged and a bit unkempt. It works well for those dealing with a patchy beard as long as you can grow some thick mustache and chin hair. Like his regular goatee look, this one is defined by a neckline, more hair along the jaw that fades into sideburns, and a thick mustache.

Johnny Depp's Classic Van Dyke Beard
Johnny knows how to wear a Van Dyke Beard.

Start with a #1 to trim the neckline

The Van Dyke Beard is defined by hair that grows down the neck a little bit past the Adam’s apple. However, it’s not a full thick beard. Instead, it’s trimmed with a #1 or #2 guard. In addition, the neckline is wider and goes up the jaw to the midway point.

Fade your jawline to sideburns

The hair is thicker on the chin and slowly fades as you go up the jaw on both sides. There is about one-inch skin space between the sideburns and beard hair.

Use a precision trimmer for a mustache and soul patch

You want to trim up the hair around the point of the chin, mouth, and cheeks. These hairs have minimal to sparing stubble for those who want to be more rugged with their look.

4. Depp Royale Beard

Most of Depp’s looks start off with a goatee that he trims up for a neater, cleaner look. For his royale beard look or Grindelwald role, he chose a very mustache, small soul patch, and super-trimmed chin hair.

How to Get Johnny Depp's Beard
A slight variation with a Royale.

Trim and shape a thinner mustache

You should start this step by combing out your mustache and then using a precision trimmer or razor to shape the mustache along the upper lip. The ends of the mustache should be level with the corners of your mouth.

Create a smaller soul patch

Using a #2 or #3 guard, you can trim down the soul patch until it just defines the middle of your bottom lip.

Shave down your chin hair

While Depp still has a rather thick patch of hair to cover the point of his chin, he styles it very short and neat along the underside of his chin, fading it up the jawline to clean cheeks. The sideburns are also removed.

5. The Tourist Beard

For those with longer hair who want to grow out the goatee a bit, this look is for you. This style combines a mustache and beard, connecting the two and thickening the hair along the jawline. This is definitely a look that must be maintained, as Depp’s beard is pretty trim and clean despite its thickness in The Tourist.

Johnny Depp Tourist beard style
With the jawline hair, this resembles an extended goatee.

Grow out the hair along your chin and jawline

Depp’s beard hair is much thicker in this role. He allows some hair to grow up to the hollows of his cheeks. In addition, his soul patch and chin hair are thinly connected in this look. His mustache also connects to his beard with thin but thick lines of hair around the mouth.

Use an electric razor without a guard to keep angles

This beard has several angles, so you may want to use a beard shaper to get the precise corners of the mouth and along the jawline. There’s a slight fade along the jawline up to the cheeks, which you can use a #1 or #2 guard to do.

Comb and apply beard oil to keep this beard looking professional

The Tourist look is all about a super sleek yet rugged man who has beautiful, shining hair. To get that pristine look, you can use a beard comb or brush to keep your hair shiny and soft, then apply a beard oil or balm to make it truly shine.

6. Light Stubble

One of Depp’s looks almost appears clean-shaven from far away, but this is just his clever use of sparse stubble. While this look may naturally happen as you go from clean-shaven to sporting a full goatee, you can shave down with a #1 guard along with the mustache and chin hair while keeping your cheeks and jaw relatively free of hair.

Johnny Depp stubble beard
Similar to other styles at stubble length.

7. Patchy Chic Beard

This is a style that you should try if you are having trouble with growing out a thick beard. Depp typically has a mustache, a soul patch, and a thick patch of chin hair. However, when he was growing a patchy beard, he allowed some sparse hair to grow in the hollows of his cheeks.

Johnny Depp beard looks
Short style showing his chin patches.

You can use a trimmer or electric razor with a #2 or #3 guard to shave down the hair between your jaw and hollowed cheeks, but you’ll continue growing hair out on your chin and mustache.

8. Johnny Depp Mustache

Johnny has a unique look from his on-screen characters to his off-screen persona that displays his facial hair style.

Johnny Depp’s mustache is often paired with a goatee, gently following the contour of his upper lip. Johnny typically prefers a mustache disconnected from other facial hair and follows a certain growing pattern. In the movie “Mortdecai,” Depp shows off a stellar handlebar mustache.

Many of these goatee and mustache styles sport different lengths to achieve various looks. However, above, you’ll see Depp’s mustache only look, which is rare.

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