8 Best Beard Combs for a Perfect Looking Beard in 2024


Best Beard Combs

Have you grown your beard and need to tame it? Beard combs are made specifically to tackle this task. If you don’t know what’s better for your beard or what type of beard comb works best, our guide gives you all these answers and reviews of the best beard combs available today.

The best beard combs are made from wood or stainless steel. They are sturdier than synthetic compounds like cellulose acetate or plastic and typically have saw-cut teeth. These combs provide a smoother experience and tame your beard effortlessly after just a few uses.

This guide rates the best beard combs according to materials, type of teeth, price, and durability. We also answer your questions about combing your beard and whether it’s better than brushing.

Benefits of Beard Combing

As most guys with a beard will tell you, combing your beard is essential to their grooming routine. When combined with a good beard oil, you can improve the health of your facial hair and eliminate other issues, such as beard itch and patches.

Combing daily will:

Many men swear by combing a patchy beard daily to improve thickness and direct hair where to grow. While this may not work with shorter beards, it can help if you have longer facial hair.

Combs can spread moisture and nutrients to each strand using the best beard oil. This is probably the greatest benefit of combing your beard daily, especially if you want a well-groomed, tamed look.

Beard Brushing vs Beard Combing

There’s a huge debate between beard aficionados about the benefits of combing vs brushing your beard. Most believe either works, but boar bristle brushes have been proven stronger than combs for hair growth.

However, there are different purposes for combs and beards, which is why you often see the best beard brush and comb kits. Combs help you style your beard and can even improve shine. Using a wooden beard comb daily offers other benefits, such as more versatile, softer hair.

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Beard Comb Buyer’s Guide

The best way to tell if a beard comb will work for your facial hair is the material. The best beard combs are made from solid wood rather than plastic. However, there are also some fine combs made from stainless steel.

beard brush vs comb
Wood or Steel beard combs are the most durable and much better than plastic.

Beard Comb Construction

Beard combs are made from numerous materials, and they have pros and cons.


Plastic is strong, flexible, lightweight, and inexpensive. Also, if made of cellulose acetate (a plant-based plastic), it will be hypoallergenic and better than regular plastic. However, plastic creates problems with static, whereas wood, horn, and steel do not. It’s not the best material for a beard comb.

Animal Materials

Specialty handmade combs made from animal horns, such as black ox buffalo. As strong and durable material, animal materials are often banned in certain territories.


The construction of a metal comb matters more than the material. While stainless steel combs work well for beards, if there are jagged edges or small teeth, they can get caught in your facial hair, causing it to pull. However, the quality of the stainless is great.

The top benefit of metal combs is that they don’t chip or break as easily.


Wooden beard combs are superior because of their integrity, anti-static properties, durability, and even enhancement of keratin proteins. Compared to a plastic comb, wooden combs are superior and made to style your beard to perfection.

Materials also matter for adding shine and straightening hair, so it’s easier to style. Typically, wooden combs are polished and smooth, and if you purchase a handmade beard comb, you get the best quality. These combs have smooth, defined teeth that help you comb through hair without snagging or causing uneven patches.

The top benefit of strong wooden combs like pearwood and sandalwood is that they’re extremely durable.

Some of the best wooden combs include these types of woods:

  • Pearwood
  • Bamboo
  • Sandalwood

You can comb beard hair and direct it to grow a certain way using a wooden comb. Some even claim that beard combing makes facial hair grow faster.

Beard Comb Construction

The construction of a beard comb matters and all combs are not created equal.

Teeth Size matters

Wider teeth are best for thick, long beard hair that often gets tangled and unruly. Most combs are double-sided, offering wide teeth and narrow teeth. Narrower teeth are smaller and typically best suited for mustache grooming or combing through finer, thin beard hair.

Hand Cut vs Stamp Pressed

You want a handcrafted product that’s high quality and durable. Many stamp-cut or stamp-pressed (machine-made) beard combs are made from plastic, cellulose acetate, and metal.  While the metal will be durable, the synthetic combs won’t last and may have imperfections that snag on your beard hair.

Best Beard Combs (Reviewed)

We’ve reviewed the top beard combs based on their construction, teeth size, durability, and overall value. Here’s what we found.

1. Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb

Viking Revolution wooden combs are some of the best on the market and a trusted brand. The biggest reason is the construction material of the comb. With an all-natural pearwood body and teeth, the result is a smooth design that doesn’t pull or snag on your hair.

  • Find Out What You’re Missing – Find out for yourself, why others are saying this is the best comb they’ve ever come across! This dual sided comb gives the best grooming experience with both its fine and coarse teeth. No static or pulls and great for taking out knots
  • Make Her Fall In Love All Over Again – Look and feel your best with a well-groomed beard. She’ll be sure to notice who the king of the jungle is. Works great for any type of beard, long, short, thick or thin.
  • Command Attention When You Walk Into The Room – Look and feel like a million bucks! A well-groomed beard will give you the confidence to conquer the world. Comes with a case that makes it easy to carry around without the risk of damaging.
  • If You Care About Your Beard - Why settle for anything but the best. Our Pear Wood Beard Comb is perfect for applying oils and balms. It’s necessary for the health of your beard to stimulate your hair folicles.
  • The Viking Promise: If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we’ll take care of it.

Viking Revolution Beard Comb


The comb easily fits in your hand and has two types of teeth: wide and narrow. This helps you comb your beard hair, whether you have thick strands that need untangled or fine hair. You can straighten and style your beard hair with just a few quick strokes.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $5.88

2. Bossman Sandalwood Beard Comb

Bossman has been reinventing the beard comb for some time. While they first made only metal combs, they’ve recently added an all-natural sandalwood beard comb.

Their double-sided combs are made from 100% natural red sandalwood and allow you to groom any beard hair, whether long, thick, short, or fine.

  • 100 Percent Green Sandalwood Comb: Strength and style are vital to maintaining the Boss mentality. Our beard comb for men is made from 100 percent green sandalwood. Known for its pleasant scent, fine grain, and durability, you can trust that our moustache wood comb will withstand daily use
  • No Snag Design: The sandalwood's natural oils and fine grain smooth finish mean you get a wood beard comb that powers through tangles without snagging. Start with the wide tooth side to remove large tangles and follow up with the fine tooth side for a boss like, smooth finish
  • Wooden Comb for Beards, Mustaches, and Hair: Hair coarseness ranges, and a beard, mustache, and hair comb should be able to handle it all. Our sandalwood comb features two sides: a fine tooth comb for fine hair and wide tooth comb for coarse hair
  • Pocket Comb for Travel: The perfect travel comb should easily fit into any shirt, jean, or jacket pocket without creating odd lumps that ruin your style. Measuring 4.25 x 3", its size is perfect for taking it with you wherever you go
  • Leatherette Case with Etched Bossman Logo: We included a leatherette case to protect your beard's new on the go stylist. We designed it to protect the travel comb from the constant rigors of the day while making barber accessories easily accessible right from your pocket when your beard needs grooming

Bossman Beard Comb


With its pocket-sized shape and design, Bossman’s beard comb is great for mustaches, too. The brush is handmade and includes smooth teeth, making it easy to comb out your hair even if it’s been a while. It’s also sold for a rather low price and comes with a protective case.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $9.95

3. Striking Viking Sandalwood Beard Comb & Carry Case

Complete with a sturdy carry case; the Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb is made of premium Sandalwood. This beard comb comes with dual-sided fine & coarse teeth for versatility. It’s pocket-sized & anti-static for everyday use.

This handcrafted wooden comb works well for thick, thin, soft, and coarse tangled beard hair.

  • For a True Gentleman's Beard - Since 2015, Striking Viking has been a leader in selling top quality beard combs for men all over the world. It's time to elevate your grooming game to the master level with this Striking Viking Beard Comb.
  • Premium Wood Comb for Men - Handcrafted from 100% Sandlewood, this wooden combs for men. It's tough and long lasting and will stand up to daily use, travel, and the thickest of tangled mats.
  • Great for Beards, Mustache, and Head Hair - The perfect wooden comb for detangling and styling all hair types! Built with dual action fine and coarse teeth; for even, lustrous and attractive looking hair.
  • Perfect Gift for Men - This wood beard comb includes a durable brown case and a gift box which makes the ideal gift for your boyfriend, partner, son or to show your dad or husband how much he means during the holidays. Gift this experience to the man in your life, and watch him light up with appreciation.
  • Try It Risk Free - Try our collection of beard care products today, all designed to help your beard look and feel great

Rapid Beard Comb Kit


The heavy-duty wooden comb helps direct hair where you want it to grow. Though not real leather, the leatherette travel pouch is handy.

With hundreds of great ratings, Striking Viking offers a nearly five-star product that customers love. For just under $10, it’s the perfect gift for the beardsman in your life.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $9.88

4. Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit for Men

Hunter Jack is another men’s gear brand that makes all kinds of beard grooming products. However, their Hunter Jack Beard Comb for Men is a top-notch tool you should have in your grooming kit.

The comb is made from 100% natural sandalwood and has an amazing leather pouch that works for travel.

  • 🐻 Fine & Wide Tooth Design - Style your beard without pulling or snagging. You can use the fine-toothed side to detangle and groom your beard, while the wider teeth are perfect for shaping and styling.
  • 🪵 100% Natural Material - The high-quality sandalwood is natural and eco-friendly. The sandalwood scent provides a refreshing and calming aroma, making your grooming experience even more enjoyable.
  • 💫 Antistatic Effect - Say goodbye to frizzy, unmanageable beard hair with our wooden beard comb for men. Made with premium, antistatic sandalwood it keeps your beard looking smooth and well-defined.
  • 📱 Compact & Portable - Small and lightweight pocket comb, great for on-the-go grooming and travel. Unlike other pocket combs for men, its sleek, compact design fits perfectly in any pocket or travel bag.
  • 💪 Durable & Long-Lasting - Our wood beard comb for men is made of premium quality sandalwood material built to last and withstand daily use. You can enjoy our beard comb kit for years to come.
Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit for Men


The wood’s smoothness and the teeth’ width make this comb superior for beard grooming without damaging hair follicles. This beard comb also helps distribute beard oil to your entire beard and smooth out any tangles.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition, there are barely any negative complaints from Hunter Jack customers about long-term use. You should be able to keep this comb for many years.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $15.99

5. Beardilizer Beard Comb Black Ox Buffalo Horn

There are a variety of beard combs on the market made from metal, wood, and plastic, but there’s another option. We reviewed the Beardilizer beard comb from 100% black ox buffalo horn.

It’s an easy-to-use beard comb that allows you to comb through your hair easily and is quite stylish.

  • Easy-to-use tool for rapid styling of one’s beard at any time - Regular use guarantees a well-kept and smooth beard
  • Preserves keratin proteins and enhances the quality of the beard - Inhibits static build-up
  • Hand-made with quality materials - 36 teeth - 4.5″x2″ - 100% natural black ox buffalo horn - Natural sandalwood handle
  • Shape and design adapts to all types of beards and mustaches
  • Transports easily with convenient carrying pouch

Beardilizer Beard Comb


Horn combs are best known for removing static and smoothing your beard so that your beard hair is shiny and smooth. However, it only comes with slightly narrow teeth. This could not be easy to use for men with longer, thick beards.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price Price not available

6. Airisland Dual Action Stainless Steel Beard Comb

Stylish and sleek in design, the Airisland Dual Action Stainless Steel Beard Comb has both fine and medium teeth width. Pocket-sized and easy to hold, this beard comb will stand the test of time.

It works with almost all beard hair, and it’s anti-static. It helps you tame down frizzy beard hair and straighten your facial hair.

  • FITS IN ANY WALLET-Credit card size comb, always in there when you needed.
  • BUILT TO LAST-Unbreakable! Build by high quality stainless steel material, survival in any condition last longer than any plastic and wood combs.
  • ANTI-STATIC-Will not leave your beard looking frizzy and unkempt, but will leave you with the clean, manly beard you are going for.
  • GENTLER FOR YOUR SKIN-Fine toothed comb, gentler for your skin, hair, beard.
  • GREAT GIFT-Send someone a comb that can be carried anywhere, used anytime and last as a rock. He or she would think about you when using the comb.

Airisland Metal Beard Comb


However, there’s one area that this beard isn’t well suited for. Wood and horn beard combs help with beard oil or beard balms, absorbing and spreading to each hair you comb.

However, the stainless steel beard combs won’t work for that. On the plus side, it’s indestructible and best made for travel.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $11.99

7. Kent Men’s Handmade Comb

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the market’s most popular beard comb sets. The Kent Men’s handmade comb offers great value to beard growers.

However, it’s made from cellulose acetate, a plant-based plastic. While it’s not the same as a true plastic comb and has some advantages, it may not stand the test of time.

  • 4.5" Length with .75" Wide Teeth and .625" Fine Teeth - Ideal for wet or dry, fine to medium hair of all types. Handmade small hair combs from cellulose acetate that are saw-cut rather than injection molded, ensuring smooth teeth that do not damage hair.
  • This saw cut styling comb for men is hand polished and buffed to create soft rounded teeth that will stimulate your scalp or skin. Microscopically smooth teeth stimulate the release of natural oils as your hair is combed.
  • Beard detangler for men that is ideal for facial hair because it tends to be thicker and more wiry than the hair on your head. The fine teeth help to move and style stubborn hairs, while the wide teeth detangle and clear up stubborn knots.
  • This beard comb for men is the perfect gift for that special someone, giving them a piece for the grooming kit that they'd been looking for - or just a beard comb for daily mens grooming and skin care. A mens comb for travel, car or office for a quick hair, beard and mustache care.
  • Kent is the world's oldest brush manufacturer since 1777. Proudly displaying the Royal Warrant of the Queen.

Kent Men's Beard Comb


Multiple sizes are available; each comb is under $10, or you can buy them in a set. They come with wide, narrow teeth and a smaller comb for mustache grooming.

While we’re partial to wooden combs, this is perhaps the best non-wooden handcrafted comb.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $9.95

8. Beard Power Wooden Beard Comb & Case

Made from natural wood, the Beard Power wide-tooth comb is perfect for thick, unruly beards. It also has a set of fine teeth to distribute beard oil and moisturizer with this pocket-sized comb perfectly.

You also get a pocket case protector made of leather. The leather is soft and has a cool skull imprint on the front.

  • 100% natural wooden comb. More delicate and soft leather with double crossed suture make the case more beautiful and durable.
  • Technology: Waxing process instead of spraying paint, no pungent smell. More natural primitive impulses make you more sexy. Good beard comb for men.
  • Function: The dual sided beard comb for men gives the best grooming experience with both its fine and coarse teeth, No static or pulls and great for taking out knots.
  • Package: Wooden beard comb x 1 & leather case x 1. Size: 4.33 x 2.17 inches, a litter bigger than a credit card.
  • Guaranteed: If you don't like your wooden comb, or whatever, we'll instantly refund your money and you can keep the beard comb , no questions asked. It's our promise and we don't lie. We pay more attention to quality and price than other combs. What we do is make your choice easier.

Beard Power Wooden Beard Comb


Beard Club also has a folding edition of the traditional beard comb that’s particularly nice for travel kits or just for the style.

The unique part is that you can sign up for The Beard Club if you want monthly products sent to your door or purchase them individually and separately from the subscription.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price Price not available

Final Thoughts

I think most of these beard combs will get the job done, but which one will remove static frizz, smooth out your hair, and untangle your hair without snags?

We believe the Viking Revolution pearwood beard comb is the best on the market. Both in price and design, this beard comb does a great job of combing through thick and thin hair, resulting in a stylishly neat and beautiful beard.


What is the best comb to use for a beard?

Wood or metal combs are best for beards.

Wooden combs are generally recommended as the best type for beards due to their natural properties, which minimize static and snagging, making them ideal for beard care and maintenance.

Do beard combs work?

Beard combs work to effectively detangle wet beards and facilitate precise styling with less strain on the hair follicles, promoting healthy beard growth and maintenance.

Should you comb your beard wet or dry?

It is preferable to comb a beard dry to shape it and distribute products evenly. However, combing a damp beard can be beneficial for those with longer or curly beards to ease detangling.

Are wooden beard combs better?

Daily combing of the beard is crucial as it helps maintain neatness, promotes a fuller appearance, and trains the hairs to grow in the desired direction.

What is the difference between a beard comb and a regular comb?

Beard combs feature longer teeth compared to regular combs, enabling deeper engagement with both hair and skin to manage tangles more effectively and reduce itchiness.

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