7 Best Beard Straighteners: Tame a Wavy Beard (2024)


Beard Straightener Guide

Struggling with a frizzy or curly beard – you’re in luck. A beard straightener will take your grooming to a new level. Straighteners are the latest trend in beard products to help achieve the straightest beard and are gentler than using a blow dryer.

Beard straighteners use heated plates or brushes to smooth out beard hair gently, creating a sleek, relaxed look. Straightening tools work well for everyday use or special occasions and combine well with beard oil or balms to make facial hair shine.

Top Beard Straighteners

Today’s beard straighteners work exceptionally well, offering exceptional results. However, results may vary depending on the plates and construction of the straightener.

The latest beard styles have shifted focus to using heat tools to straighten and smooth hair over using products or brushing alone.

We reviewed several of the latest beard straightening tools, including flat irons, heated brushes, and combs. Our reviews looked at how well the tool worked, as well as other features, warranty, and ease of use.

Here are our top picks for beard straighteners (not in any order):

2. DOLIROX – Multifunctional Beard Straightener

DOLIROX Multifunctional Mens' Beard Straightener

The DOLIROX Mens’ Beard Straightener is Multifunctional. It’s a dynamic Electric Hot Comb Hair Styler.

  • A multifunctional beard straightener includes a heated beard comb, beard balm, and hair straightening brush.
  • It helps keep your beard in check while straightening and conditioning it simultaneously.
  • It can be used on short and long hair lengths, making it perfect for everyone.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty to guarantee your satisfaction with the product.


IMHO, this is the best value of our reviews as it also comes with a Beard Balm and Dual Voltage Beard Straightener Comb. See more details and reviews on Amazon.

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3. Aberlite MAX (Upgraded) – Ionic Beard Straightener for Men

Aberlite Beard Straightener

Many beard straighteners we tested and reviewed didn’t have such a unique design. However, that’s not true with Aberlite’s Beard Straightener MAX edition. This brush is the first to have 40 metal-ceramic heating plates built into the design.

The Aberlite MAX straightener also has an anti-static coating on the bristles to seamlessly move the brush through your strands.

  • This straightener is specifically designed for beards of all shapes and sizes.
  • The brush helps to straighten the hair quickly and easily, while the temperature-controlled comb ensures even coverage across the entire beard area.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to travel with and features an automatic shut-off feature in case you accidentally leave it on too long.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Every Aberlite EDC Beard Straightener has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


You don’t have to set this straightener to the highest setting to get incredible results. However, we suggest only using this if you have a longer bread with at least 1.5 – 2″ long facial hair.

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4. Tame the Wild Ionic Beard Straightening Brush

Tame the Wild Beard Straightener

Do you have a wiry beard? Tame the Wild Ionic Beard Straightening Brush may be the perfect tool for taming your hair and getting that professional beard.

This brush uses ceramic heating plates and offers temperatures up to 400F but doesn’t overheat, and it has a safety lock and automatic shut-off features.

  • Tame The Wild Pro Beard Straightener is designed to tame the wildest beards in just a few minutes!
  • Premium heated beard brush with anti-scald ionic generator – protects your face from burns and harsh bristles.
  • 12 temp settings – perfect for every type of beard and hair!
  • LED display with real-time temperature updates – always know what temperature you use to achieve the perfect results every time!


Safety and ease-of-use features make this brush one of the best we reviewed. It easily brushes through coarse hair and smoothes out all the frizz so curls and waves remain flat.

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5. Arkam Deluxe Beard Straightener (Ionic)

Arkam beard straightener brush

Are you looking for something lightweight and affordable to keep the frizz away? The Arkam ionic beard straightener is electric and offers dual hair styling tools. It’s easy to use, has an anti-scald feature, and has a premium travel case & beard comb.

  • Achieve salon-quality results with the Arkam Beard Straightener for Men.
  • The heat-up time is fast, and the detachable brush makes it easy to get all your beard hair in contact with the heating plates.
  • The hard shell case protects your device from scratches, and the included travel case lets you take it anywhere.
  • Includes a dual action hair comb for finer control when styling your beard, as well as an anti-scald feature to keep your skin safe

With its clean design, Arkam looks more like a comb and operates just as simply. The comb heats up and lets you style your facial hair straight and naturally.

It works well with short beards and long beards. 30 second rapid heat technology goes up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Arkam beard straightener brush softens and smoothens your beard hair but requires some work. It took at least 2 to 3 passes, and there were still flyaways. These were easily tamed with a beard balm.

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6. BEARDCLASS Premium Beard Straightener

Premium Beard Straightener by BEARDCLASS

The BEARDCLASS premium beard straightener is a fast heating electric straightening comb for men. It has anti-scald technology, adjustable temperature, and is easily portable.

  • Made for Beards: With shorter and closer bristles, it works perfectly for all beards.
  • Heats quickly: Beard straightened fast, while the ceramic coated bristles protect your skin.
  • Compact & lightweight: making it easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • It works for all beard sizes, thick or thin.

With its sleek look, it works even on thick beards. Within a minute, you can straighten and remove frizz, straightening your beard hair until it’s perfect.


We found that beard hair remained smooth and straight after using the BEARDCLASS. It’s a solid tool.

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7. Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb (upgraded)

Beard Straightener Comb by Cayzor

The Cayzor is a comb beard straightener that works well. The upgraded tool is a professional electric beard straightener.

  • Get that sleek, professional appearance with the Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb.
  • Heats your beard quickly and easily with the 5 adjustable temperate settings.
  • The LCD is easy to read and will let you know when your beard is at its desired temperature.
  • The carrying bag makes it easy to take your Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb anywhere!

The heated brush is easily portable, has anti-scald features, 5 adjustable temperatures, and an LCD with a carrying bag.


You can use the Cayzor beard straightener to comb your hair and beard while getting the pin straight. We found combing makes hair easier to style, but this may not be the best tool if your hair is very curly.

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Many beardsmen already reap the benefits of beard straighteners, but can this tool help your look?

Before After Beard Straightener
Before and after beard straightening, image courtesy of TameFinish.com

Just like a flat iron or other straightening tools, beard straighteners work by passing hair through plates or a heated brush. Typically, these tools reach adjustable temperatures of 300 degrees (F), ranging up to 450 degrees (F).

For short beards, straightening takes less than 5 minutes. For longer beards, getting a perfectly coiffed beard can take 30 minutes or less.

See our Complete Beard Straightening Guide.

Look at this video of @danzbeard using a straightener at 180F degrees.

While beard straighteners used daily aren’t harmful, higher temperatures may cause heat damage to your hair follicles and skin over time.

Don’t crank the heat setting. Many men can get a smoother beard without going above 300 degrees.

Straightening Brush vs Flat Iron Design

Men have used blow dryers, flat irons, and straightening brushes on their beards for years. Now, heated beard straighteners are the newest tool.

Straightening Beard Brushes

Use heated plates, bristle brushes, and combs to smooth out wavey, curly hair for straightening or hot brushes. Sometimes, a brush moves easier through your facial hair when it’s shorter and more coarse.

Flat Iron

Flat or straightening irons typically have two ceramic or titanium plates that flatten your hair as you move through your strands. Some irons have larger plates than others, making them difficult to use. Smaller plate straighteners are more manageable.

The flat iron will create a completely flat, silky beard. The straightening brush is easy to use and leaves more volume with longer beards.

Are Beard Comb Straighteners Effective?

Like the brush and flat iron designs, comb straighteners also use plates. However, having a shield helps separate and smooth hair without catching in the teeth.

Some combs are less effective than brushes and flat irons because you have to use it on smaller hair sections. So it could take a few minutes longer to straighten.

Best Straightened Beard Styles

Straightened Beard Result
Silky, smooth, and straight. Image source: Reddit /r/beardporn
Before After Straightening Beard
Before After Straightening Beard result. Image source Smoothix
Extremely Long Beard that was carefully Straightened
Carefully straightened. Image source Imgur.
Before and After Straightened Beard
From wiry to relaxed beard. Image source Kent of Inglewood

What’s the Best Beard Straightener?

Out of all the beard straighteners we looked at, we liked the design and ease of use with the Cayzor Beard Straightener. The design and safety features make it simple to straighten your beard for that suave effect without snagging or accidentally burning your skin.

Final Thoughts

Straightened beards have a sleek, cultured feel that looks soft and polished. When styled, these beards look incredibly posh. However, it takes some time to straighten your beard, and it may not be the best look if you don’t have the right face shape or hair length.


Do beard straighteners really work?

Beard straighteners effectively soften and manage beard hair, making it less itchy and enhancing the efficiency of grooming products. Regular use reduces the need for excessive balm and oil, simplifying grooming routines.

Is it okay to straighten your beard?

Using a beard straightener or a blow dryer with a comb is safe for beard care. It is essential to apply beard oil before heat application and use low to medium heat settings to avoid hair damage, finishing with beard balm for lasting hold.

How can I straighten my beard naturally?

To naturally straighten a beard, use a blow dryer on warm setting post-shower, combing through the beard during drying. Applying beard balm after drying helps maintain the straightened look and control curls.

What are the cons of using a beard straightener?

The primary disadvantage of beard straighteners is the risk of heat damage, which can lead to follicle harm, hair splitting, and breakage. Choosing a straightener with adjustable heat settings and negative ion technology can mitigate these risks.

Is it better to straighten your beard when it’s wet or dry?

Straightening a beard should always be done when the hair is dry, as wet hair is more vulnerable to heat damage. Applying a heat protectant spray before using the straightener can help protect the beard from excessive heat exposure.

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