8 Best Beard Brushes: Top Grooming for Men (2023)


Best Beard Brush

Many men are searching for ways to get thicker, fuller beards. It’s a sign that beards are trending, with popular styles like the ducktail beard and Van Dyke. While not all the latest beard styles are long and bushy, many have unique style requirements in need of a beard brush.

Beard brushes help you grow a thicker beard by stimulating your hair follicles and directing hair where to grow. The best beard brushes have boar bristles and a durable wood body. Owning a beard brush is the first step to cultivating a stronger beard, and it’s one of the specialty grooming tools for thicker beards.

Our guide to the top 8 beard brushes shows you what brushes are best for beards, how to use them to grow a thicker beard, and premium materials that go into premium beard products.

Top Beard Brushes

When it comes to choosing the top brushes, we focused on the design, type of bristles, customer satisfaction, and durability of each beard brush, but we also gave extra points to companies that included little extras and accessories.

While boar hair brushes aren’t always expensive, our research found that a few companies charge a premium for attaching boar bristles to a wooden handle. So, we left lesser-quality beard brushes out of this review so you could the pack leaders.

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1. Kent Boar Hair Beard Brush

Kent Boar Hair Beard Brush for Men

The Kent premium boar hair brush is the perfect texture and width to brush a beard, whether long or short.

  • Flintlock pistol grip design for comfort and ease of use. Monster bristle head is large is good for unruly of beards.
  • Special blend of both horsehair and high-quality nylon for the best beard grooming power.
  • Perfect for grooming on-the-go. Beautiful hand-stitched cotton bag.
  • Range of beard brushes in various sizes and styles.
  • Oldest brush manufacturer since 1777. Proudly displaying the Royal Warrant of the Queen.

With angled bristles and an ergonomic design, the Kent boar bristle brush stands out as a top choice for anyone who wants to brush their beard or mustache, whether to improve your look or to improve hair growth.

This is why we love the Kent beard brush so much. It’s also the perfect shape and size, with a classic wooden handle for ease of use and better control over brushing.

This brush is the go to for many modern barbers, but the premium price may be too steep for at home use.

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2. Seven Potions Beard Brush

Seven Potions Wood Beard Brush

Made with Pear Wood, the beard brush by Seven Potions has firm (100% first cut) boar bristles to tame and soften your beard hair.

  • Body is made of Pear Wood plus 100% First-Cut Boar Bristles.
  • Boar Bristles are ultra stiff with extreme density to Tame the wildest Beards.
  • Natural Bristles distribute natural skin oils while keeping the Beard Soft and Healthy.
  • Use the Brush remove beard dandruff while gently exfoliating the skin.

Their military-style wooden brush is a no-nonsense, high-quality boar bristle design that works for exceptionally well for both short and long beards. It also serves any type of hair texture, smoothing, and straightening your strands for better styling and growth.

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3. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Brush

No beard brush review would be complete without mentioning Professor Fuzzworthy’s beard brush with a historic bamboo wood handle.

It’s made with 100% boar bristles, and it’s slightly angled in design to allow for more ergonomic coverage while brushing. We like this brand because they’re eco-friendly and make a high-quality premium product for less than $20.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Brush
  • 100% Natural Materials & Eco-Friendly. Wild Boar Bristles Brush & Natural Bamboo Wood Handle.
  • Use with Beard Shampoo & Balm. Anatomically Contoured. Luxury Grade Finish.
  • Easy Grooming. Relieves Beard Dandruff & Dry Itchy Skin.
  • Made In Partnership With BASS BRUSHES – A World Class Brush Company Since 1979.
  • Softens Beard, Promotes Beard Growth, And Detangles Hair. Great To Use With Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm, Beard Shampoo Wash & Beard Conditioner!

We found that this brush easily soften and straightened our beard hair for a nice, fluffy yet stylized finish. It was perfect for detangling some unruly strands below the jawline as well.

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4. Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Brush (Travel Size)

Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Brush

The pros may love the Kent boar bristle brush, but the Zeus boar hair beard brush is perfect for those who want a versatile bristled brush in a smaller/travel size. The smaller design is also perfect for shorter beards and your mustache.

  • High-Quality Brush with Ergonomic Handle. Features Gentle, Rounded Tip Bristles.
  • Warp Resistant Pear Wood Handle made in Germany.
  • 100% Boars’ Hair Bristles made in Germany – high-grade, first-cut.
  • Two Types of bristle firmness for larger and smaller beards.

For the price, it’s more valuable to the quality compared to the expensive Kent boar bristle brush. You’ll spend less than $15 on this wooden boar brush, and may last a lifetime.

Brushing a longer, thicker beard will take much longer with this size brush. For longer beards, I’d suggest a larger brush for better coverage.

If you’d like to stay with Zeus, they have a larger premium, military-style, oval beard brush perfect for a longer, thicker beard. Zeus also offers a beard brush kit with 3 brush styles with either soft or hard bristles.

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6. BFWood Round Beard Brush with Black Walnut


While we’re a fan of oval brushes, some other styles like the BFWood round brush also get the job done and with greater detail. This beard brush is a made of boar’s hair and a black walnut wood handle.

  • Soft Boar Bristles won’t harm your skin.
  • Firm Enough to spread Balm or Wax evenly.
  • Makes a great gift.
  • Small Travel Case Included – Perfect For Travelling – Size: 2.4″X2.4″X1.46″.
  • Easy-To-Hold Handle Design made of Solid Black Walnut Wood with a natural finish

For a smaller beard brush, the round-style handle makes it easier to maneuver. The unique, stylish design makes it a must have for precision grooming.

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7. BoarKlawz 100% Natural Boar Bristle Brush

BoarClawz Beard company is growing in popularity and makes high-quality beard grooming products. They’re not too soft, not too hard boar hair bristle brush is no exception.

BoarKlawz Beard Brush with Natural Boar Bristles
  • Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush.
  • Fine Boar Hair Brush helps apply Beard Oil And Beard Balm.
  • Natural Bristles get to the hair root to stimulate hair follicles and skin.
  • Perfect Blend Of Hard And Soft Bristles.

This brush truly does feel amazing and works well to soften your beard hair without roughing up your skin.

We also love that this beard brush is very affordable. With its military-style design, it easily fits in your palm so you can move through your hair quickly.

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8. Grow a Beard Brush and Comb Kit

When you want to start off your beard grooming routine the right way, the Grow a Beard Brush and Comb Kit should be your first purchase.

Grow a Beard - Beard Brush and Comb Set
  • Pocket-Sized Beard Brush & Mustache Comb Combo.
  • Boar bristle plus bamboo handle brush to stimulate oil production and remove debris.
  • Anti-Static wood comb to detangle a wet or dry beard.
  • Set also includes stainless steel mustache scissors.
  • Backed by a “No Questions Asked” promise.

Both the brush and comb set are necessary to detangle and soften your beard for better styling potential, but it also receives exceptional reviews from customers.

The brush is durable and made from bamboo, while the bristles are boar hair. However, these are a little bit thicker than other brushes on the market, which is great for long-term use.

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Beard Brush Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to your beard care routine, there are a few things that every beardsman needs. Some of the best routines include:

  • Gentle beard shampoo or wash
  • High-quality beard oils or balms
  • Trimming and grooming your beard with the right tools
  • For Thicker Beards Using a boar bristle brush to direct your hair where to grow

Why use a brush?

A beard brush is a perfect tool to start your beard grooming kit. Even without beard oil, a special beard brush can stimulate growth and improve patchy beards.

  • Smooth & Style
  • Distribute Natural Oils
  • Clean your Beard
  • Train your Beard
  • Perfect your Look

To use a beard brush, you can simply use downstrokes to straighten and detangle your facial hair. If you have a patchy beard style, you can use the brush to push hair in the right direction and cover-up patchy spots.

Best Type of Brush

When it comes to brushing your beard, you can probably use any brush to detangle it and straighten it, but when brushes have the right bristles and width between them, it works better for beard growth. One of the reasons for this is improved blood flow to hair follicles due to the bristles exfoliating the skin.

Military-Style vs Traditional Handle

A military-style beard brush typically looks like an oval or small rectangular piece of wood with the bristles on one side. It doesn’t have a handle since you hold it in your palm and brush down with the bristles to detangle and soften your hair.

Traditional handle brushes are more advantageous if you have a short beard style or lots of angles because you can easily control part of the brush to get into smaller areas or patches of hair. However, both brushes work well for long beards too.

Boar Bristles vs Horse Bristles vs Synthetic

There are multiple kinds of brush bristles to look out for, but the highest in quality and most popular are made of boar bristles. These are stiff and versatile enough to work through even the thickest of beards, and they offer exfoliation if you’re struggling with beard itch.

However, some brushes are made from horsehair, and these offer a similar stiffness to boar bristles, except not as rigid or rough on your skin.

Finally, synthetic bristles are cheaper than boar bristles, but they don’t always work to fluff out and soften beard hair like a boar bristle brush. These designs are vegan and animal-friendly, though.

Ergonomic Design

When looking at the design of the brush, you may notice that it’s angled or rounded so that it better sits in your palm. These brushes work better for long, thick beards because it takes less time to go over your entire beard. In 1 to 3 strokes, you can brush through your beard using an angled brush.

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Typical Brush Cost

Beard brushes range in price from just $5 to $50 or more, depending on its construction or if part of a beard grooming kit. Boar bristle brushes are of higher quality and offer more benefits, which is why you may see them priced at over $10.

However, some beard brushes include other accessories, which is a far better value for the money. The Beard Club sells a variety of kits with beard brushes, but some of them are small or not made with boar bristles, which is why they may only cost $20. However, there are plenty of boar bristle brush kits that cost less than $15 or even $10.

If shopping for a budget-friendly beard brush, you should still make sure that the brush is large enough and has the right bristles for your beard thickness and length.

Beard Brush Verdict

We reviewed over 50 different brushes to find the ones that work the best based on our experience and customer reviews.

Out of all the brushes popular today, the best beard brush based on hair thickness and health after use is the Grow a Beard Brush and Comb Beard Kit.

We love this set because of its high-quality design and affordability. You also get a pair of barber shears to help with trimming away stray hairs.

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