Top 6 Best Beard Growth Kits (Reviewed)


Beard Growth Kit

Growing a beard is important for men looking to upgrade their look. However, not all men experience the same beard growth because of genetics, hormones, and other factors. Good News – there are exceptional beard growth kits to boost hair growth.

Beard growth kits include a combination of supplements, vitamins, shampoo/wash, conditioners, oil, derma rollers, and grooming tools like beard brushes designed to help with the entire beard growing cycle.

We review the best beard growing kits based on results, quality of items, and value. Find your perfect kit below.

Beard Growth Kit Comparison

While much of hair growth is because of testosterone in men, full beard growth isn’t experienced by all men. If not for beard growth products, such as biotin creams and Rogaine (minoxidil), then many men would be left without options to deal with patchy or slow facial hair growth.

Growth Kit Contents Price
CG Beard Growth Kit Includes an activator, cleanser, beard roller, and comb. $99
The Beard Club (Premium kit) Includes beard shampoo, growth vitamins, beard growth oil, vitamin spray, straight edge razor, travel bag, stainless steel comb, wood comb, mustache comb. $88
Badass Beard Care Growth Kit Includes a top beard wash, balm, oil, and growth vitamins. $64.99
Crafted Dukes Beard Growth Bundle Includes beard growth serum, beard growth max supplement, and derma roller. $41.99
Polished Gentleman Includes beard wash, conditioner, oil, and balm. $29.99

Best Beard Growth Kits Reviewed

We reviewed hundreds of different beard growth kits to find the top 5 with high-quality products, most successful results, and outstanding value.

In addition, we considered customer reviews paying attention to which kits showed the most facial hair growth within 6 weeks.

Many of these kits include creams, balms or serums applied topically. Some kits focus on essential oils and minerals, where others use beard vitamins and derma rollers for their regimen to encourage hair beard growth.

1. The Beard Club Beard Growth Kit

The Beard Club Growth Kit is packed with beard growth vitamins, minerals and essential oils to support healthy hair. This kit has been assembled to help facial hair grow to its max potential in strength, thickness and overall appearance, especially when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

No products found. No products found.

The Starter Kit is the least expensive and includes , growth oil, and a sturdy wooden comb. This kit is best for someone just starting out with their beard growth and may need help with vitamin deficiencies.

The Advanced Kit includes much more for the price, including a beard shampoo, beard growth oil, vitamins, growth vitamin spray, boar bristle brush, and wooden comb included.

The true growth products in this kit, such as the growth vitamins, oil, and spray, are very potent. New growth can be seen within 14 days, typically.


The star reviews are a bit lighter than I typically like for a product, but it’s acceptable for a kit of this size. This brand is well respected and has been around for some time.

Customers report that the premium kit has the most value, especially if you don’t have any combs or grooming tools. However, it’s the essential vitamins and minerals that really improve facial hair growth.

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2. Crafted Beard Growth Kit


The Crafted Beards Growth Kit is the smallest package of those reviewed, but costs less than $30 and includes a beard derma roller made from titanium, and a beard growth serum.

  • Achieve improved beard growth within 4-8 weeks. Whether you want to grow a beard or need help filling in patchy areas, our Beard Growth Kit delivers the desired results. Our Beard Roller and all-natural Beard Growth Serum work together to activate dormant beard follicles, leading to noticeable growth in just 4-8 weeks.
  • Promote a denser, more nourished beard! Our beard roller serves as the ultimate tool for achieving a full and healthy beard. By creating numerous microscopic channels beneath the skin's surface, it triggers the body's innate healing mechanism. This process enhances blood circulation, delivering vital nutrients to stimulate previously dormant hair follicles. Experience hair growth in areas where growth was previously challenging or nonexistent!
  • Assist in revitalizing your hair growth! This remarkable product goes beyond being solely a beard growth solution; it excels at stimulating hair regrowth in areas that may be experiencing balding.
  • Ideal present for men! This beard growth kit makes for a perfect gift for any gentleman. Whether he aspires to grow a beard or desires to fill in patchy areas, this kit will assist him in achieving a beard that both of you will adore!
  • Crafted Beards is a dedicated company empowering men to discover newfound confidence through their beards. By providing exceptional grooming products and expert guidance, we enable men to cultivate and maintain remarkable beards. We believe that a well-crafted beard can transform a man's appearance, enhancing self-esteem and leaving a lasting impression.

Crafted Beard Growth Kit


Without the vitamins, this kit still works, but growth comes in more gradual and not as thick as other kits reviewed on this list. You may also have to use the derma roller more often, and there’s no money-back guarantee.

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3. Polished Gentleman Beard Growth Kit

For those who want a lot of value and like beard shampoos, the hair thickening products from the Polished Gentleman come in a great kit.

  • Our men's beard kit for men includes everything you need to groom and care for your facial hair in one convenient package. This is the best value men's grooming kit with a beard growth shampoo and conditioner, a beard balm, and a beard growth oil that will give you a naturally magnificent bearded look. This beard growth kit for men is perfect for you who want to always look sharp and well-groomed no matter where you are at.
  • Keep your beard healthy with this top-tier men's shampoo and conditioner. Our beard wash and conditioner for men is designed to achieve a healthier, fuller, and less itchy beard. This natural shampoo and hair conditioner is specially formulated to give your beard the nutrients it needs to stop itching, remove dandruff, and restore your beard to its greatest potential. Tame your mane and reclaim your follicle glory now with our beard shampoo and beard conditioner for men!
  • Your search for the best beard oil is now over! Whether you're growing a beard or planning to keep the beard you have been cultivating, this beard growth oil will revitalize & nourish your skin underneath while restoring your glorious mane back to a healthy shiny state. This beard oil for men growth is a perfect moisturizer after using our beard shampoo and conditioner.
  • Our beard balm for men is made with natural ingredients, including shea butter, and essential oils. This beard moisturizer will tame that wild mess you currently call a beard. Its majestic scent is strong enough to make your beard irresistible. With regular use, this beard softener for men will help you shape and style your beard faster and easier than ever before!
  • Make polishing your hairy holiness a better experience with our responsibly sourced beard care kit for men. We are using natural ingredients to help create a healthy, shiny, and voluminous beard. Whether you're growing out your beard or just keeping it in check, this beard grooming kit is filled with everything you need to keep your 'stache looking stunning. Plus, this beard care is chemical, paraben, alcohol & sulfate-free to secure your healthiest mustache. Made in USA.


Their growth kit includes hair shampoo, conditioner, beard oil, and a beard balm that contains beeswax and essential oils, like argan oil.

Polished Gentleman Beard Growth Kit


We love the quality and organic ingredients in these products. Each product thickens hair with different ingredients and application. Polished Gentleman products smell and feel great when showering, and hair quality is vastly improved when using all the products together.


Hair density improves after a few weeks if you use the beard oil growth shampoo and beard oil consistently along with a boar bristle brush. We find that it’s important to apply the beard oil and brush towards patchy areas for more growth.

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4. YouCopia Beard Growth Kit

Simple kit with just a few items. However, for many men that need just a little boost to kick-start the patchy or bald facial spots, the YouCopia Beard Growth Kit is a great starter product.

No products found.


Their growth kit includes microneedle roller and beard serum with all natural ginseng root.

No products found.


The needle size at 0.3 mm which is slightly larger than other kits with .025 mm needles. The kit is also smaller than others and I prefer a kit with a multi-vitamin.


This beard growth tool + growth serum seemed to improve overall elasticity of the treated skin areas. Patchiness was moderate so it did a fair job filling in a few spots.

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5. Badass Beard Care Growth Kit

The Badass Beard Care brand offers a variety of products on their own, but you can also purchase them together in an affordable bundle called the Badass Growth Kit.

Badass Growth Kit
  • SCENT: Choose any Balm, Oil, Wash and Wax scents in a combo with Multivitamin. Every scent is unique which will make you comfortable while using it.
  • QUALITY AND SATISFACTION: The Badass Beard products are created by 100% natural and organic ingredient and we give you 100% surety that this will satisfy you.
  • MAKE YOUR HAIRS READY: You can use these products on any kind of beard or mustache, and this will quickly affect them and will make them ready.
  • BENEFITS: These products make the skin underneath the beard less itchy and flak, promote thicker and faster hair growth, repair split ends, and make your hair softer to the touch.
  • GET WHAT YOU NEED: If you’re a beard lover and want to make your beard soft & attractive, you must buy this product which is going to fulfill all your requirements.


The kit includes beard oil, beard balm or wax, beard wash, and multivitamins. The price of the kit fluctuates depending on the products you choose, and if you pick the 1-month or 3-month vitamin supply kit.

Badass Beard Growth Kit


The needle size at 0.3 mm, which is slightly larger than other kits, with .025 mm needles. The kit is also smaller than others and I prefer a kit with a multi-vitamin.


This kit had no roller and was a little light on reviews. Also thought it was a little pricey for the package size.

Products were easy to apply and not too greasy, while gliding over beard hair nearly invisibly.

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6. CG Beard Growth Kit

Copenhagen Grooming creates a spectacular beard growth kit that includes everything you need for facial hair stimulation. All the products are of high quality, and you can tell that CG really cares about the presentation and packaging.

Beard Growth Kit


CG includes a beard roller in this package, which helps with serum absorption and hair follicle stimulation, according to the label. While we’ve heard that boar bristle brushes can stimulate follicles, this is the first beard roller that we’ve used.


The roller is a key part of the process. The design includes 540 titanium needles that are used to activate follicles and increase blood circulation.

Before using the roller, you’ll use the “Activator,” which is formulated to boost facial hair growth and density. When combined with the beard roller, you’ll get a tingly, energizing feeling. The Activator contains biotin, arginine, and Capilia Longa. These are all natural ingredients known to improve facial hair growth and thickness.


Both customers and studies conducted by CG show improved beard growth using this product, but if it’s not for you, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee. You really don’t have to worry about trying this product.

We chose The Viking beard oil and beard balm with Chuck’s Hog Wash in The Royal Knight. We loved how each of these products smelled, and each of the products had a great consistency.

Wrapping Up: Ready for a Beard Growth Kit?

Healthy facial hair takes time to grow, but with beard growth products, you may be able to speed up the time that it takes, particularly if you have a vitamin deficiency or haven’t groomed your facial hair with coconut oil or other products that promote hair growth.

Our perspective is why not try grooming products that help your beard grow? It could be the best way to stimulate your follicles and get a fuller beard without having to use smelly creams or even beard transplant surgery.

For topical kit products, pay close attention to their recommended usage instructions and avoid use:

  1. On acne
  2. Irritated skin
  3. Near eyes
  4. On lips

If irritation occurs, stop using. Don’t share with others. Always keep away from children.

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