Top 4 Circle Beard Styles for an Amazing Goatee


circle beard

Trimming any beard style starts with symmetry and the circle beard is no exception. With the circle beard, symmetry is very important. You’ll want a nice, full goatee that encircles your mouth and chin to form a spherical shape, but not too perfect, otherwise your beard may look “fake.”

We’ll show you how to achieve the perfect circle beard that looks natural and effortless with our step-by-step guide below.

What is a Circle Beard?

The Circle Beard is a round goatee with a connecting mustache expertly shaped to form a circle shape. The beard can be work long or short and typically includes a soul patch.

These are some of the ways to wear a circle beard. We prefer the look with thicker hair around the chin and mouth. You may opt for a denser, longer mustache or even fade your beard out to your clean-shaven cheeks and jawlines.

Best Circle Goatee Styles

Traditional Circle Goatee Beard

The circle goatee is shaped around the mouth and chin, completely connecting but also slightly altered to your jawline. If you want perfect symmetry, you may want to try a beard shaper tool.

Johnny Depp circle Goatee
Johnny Depp has one of the best circle goatees, shown in the film “The Tourist.””

Lined Circle Beard

These goatees feature extremely neat lines around the mouth and chin. You’ll want to use your electric beard trimmer with a liner to get these clean symmetrical outlines.

lined circle goatee
Will Smith is a fan of the ultra clean, lined circle goatee.

Natural Circle Beard

These goats have more stubble and growth around the circle goatee, allowing it to grow out slightly around the bottom of the chin and under the jawline.

Leonardo DiCaprio's natural circle goatee
Leonardo DiCaprio’s goatee connects in a natural circle around his lips and chin, but his jawline and cheeks aren’t as clean-shaven.

Thick Circle Goatee

Growing your hair long and then trimming down into a circle goatee can create an incredibly thick beard style.

Common the rapper often sports a circle goatee.
Rapper Common shows off his thicker-than-thick circle goatee. See more rappers with beards.

How to Get a Circle Goatee?

Learning the right way to shave a circle goatee style really depends on the shape and style you’ve decided on. You should pick the circle goatee that will complete your face shape the best. These goatees can work with any style, but you may want to leave more hair under the chin and along the sides, much like an extended goatee.

There’s a basic way to cut the popular circle beard that lets you make any variation as you define your shape while trimming hair.

1. The Right Tools for Trimming

You’ll want to find the right beard length for your face first, which means having a few fixed-length combs or comb guards for your electric trimmer.

The right length and comb guard should be determined by how long you like to style your mustache, the length of chin hair, and length of your neckline. Use the pictures above to outline your style.

Takeaway Tips

  • Set out comb guards beforehand, starting with no guard to clean shave and carve out the circle goatee
  • Use a longer comb length (3mm, 4mm or 6mm ) to trim away longer beard hair around your chin

2. Shave the Circle Outline

If you have a full beard style and you’re trimming down to a circle goatee, then you’ll want to clean-shave the outline of your circle goatee. We suggest going slowly, working from the sideburns down your jawline until you find the right coverage for your chin hair.

Takeaway Tips

  • Clean-shave the outline of the goatee with your electric trimmer
  • Keep the coverage and length longer at first, slowly working towards the goatee shape and neckline that suits your chin and jawline

3. Buzz the Length

Circle goatees are typically short but thick-haired beards. You want to use a longer comb length at first and go over your hair with a shorter comb if you want to drop the length a bit more. It’s best to go slowly here if it’s your first time.

When in doubt, it’s okay to be a little shorter in length because your beard will grow into it, and you can avoid trimming it for a couple more days.

Takeaway Tips

  • After you’ve got the initial shape and length, start trimming away with barber shears to further carve out and define the length.
  • Use the electric trimmer to clean-shave any areas where you want to tidy up the outline of the beard.

4. Clean Up the Lines, Cheeks, and Jawline

The circle beard is more defined by the clean skin around your goatee’s circular shape. You may want to lather up with a nice shaving cream and use a safety razor to closely shave your cheeks and jawline where you don’t want facial hair at all.

Beard shapers are great tools to use for neater, crisper lines or even for fading your beard.

5. Don’t Forget Aftercare

Finish up with the best men’s aftershave and apply beard oil for the healthiest beard hair. This will protect your skin from razor bumps and ingrown hairs while promoting hair growth.

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