12 Iconic Rappers with Trendy Beards


Joe Budden Beard

Many rappers with beards grow iconic facial hair as part of their celebrity beard style. These famous musicians include Rick Ross, Questlove, Childish Gambino, Common, Drake, and Joe Budden (featured image).

Hip hop rappers with beards like to show off their unique facial hair, even light skin rappers like Action Bronson provide tips on how to maintain a good-looking beard. Here’s a look at each of these rapper’s bearded looks.

1. Rick Ross

This “Hustlin'” rapper known for his hard-hitting bass tracks is one of the most iconic beards in the game. Rick Ross also has his own beard and grooming products called RICH by Rick Ross.

Rapper beard styles (Rick Ross)
Rick Ross has had a big beard ever since he started, and now he runs his own men’s grooming brand.

2. Questlove

The drummer for The Roots, Questlove, has one of the biggest, baddest beards, often allowing it to grow extremely long. His bandmate Black Thought is also a fellow beardsman. Take a look at his fabulous beard below.

We included Questlove on our popular black men beard styles guide.

Rapper style beard - Questlove
Grammy award-winning The Roots’ Questlove at the 62nd Grammy Awards in January 2020.

3. Childish Gambino

The “This is America” rapper and actor Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino is often seen with a large, bushy salt and pepper beard. The rapper even dyed his beard bleach blonde in 2019 for an extremely edgy look.

Rappers with beards
Childish Gambino never fails to disappoint with his signature facial hair and fashion.

4. Action Bronson

From his show on Vice to his amazing album Mr. Wonderful, Action Bronson is a creative foodie who loves showing off his magnificent bald and beard look.

Action Bronson - famous light skin rapper.
Action Bronson is recognized for his beard that he frequently grows over six inches.

5. Snoop Dogg

The old school rapper never fails to disappoint with a dapper beard and shades. Snoop Dogg has been rocking a number of facial hair looks since the early 1990s.

rappers beards
Snoop Dogg supports lupus survivors at the 10th Annual Lupus Ball, rocking a thick goatee.

6. Raekwon

New York rapper and Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon likes to keep his beard trim and professional with perfect edges. We want to know the name of his barber.

rapper beard style
Raekwon keeps his beard short and edged with precise lines, thanks to his fantastic barber.

7. Drake

Probably one of the most well-known rappers since the 2000s, the “Hotling Bling” rapper always keeps his beard looking smooth and polished with perfectly trim lines around his mustache and cheeks.

Take a look at Drake’s haircut and beard with tips on how to get his style.

Drake rapper beard
Image source: The Independent

8. Method Man

Even when he was an old school MC, Method Man always had a smooth facial hair that went along with his unique style.

rappers with goatees
Method Man always rocks a magnificent goatee. Image Source: GQ.com

9. Flo Rida

Everybody in the club knows Flo Rida and his personal style. His facial hair is always on point with exceptionally symmetrical lines and edges.

bearded rappers
Flo Rida’s beard is trim and perfectly styled for the Cartoon Network Game Awards.

10. Freeway

Philadelphia-born rapper Freeway has always loved a big beard. While he went through kidney failure, he still maintained his exceptional style and long beard, a signature since his days as the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z.

rappers with beards
Philly rapper Freeway keeps his beard going strong, even while going through severe medical problems later in life. Image Source: PhillyMag.com

11. Black Thought

Black Thought’s beard varies from bushy and long to polished and precise, but the Philly artist has always kept his signature style since forming The Roots with Questlove.

rappers with beards
The Roots’ Black Thought keeps his salt and pepper long and bushy.

12. Post Malone

From “White Iverson” to “Wow,” Post Malone quickly climbed the charts, but his hairstyle and beard have stayed the same, despite adding face tats to his look since his first single.

light skin rapper beard styles
The prolific white rapper, Post Malone, always styles his beard with thick sideburns, growing a longer chin strap.
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