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Everyone’s head shape is unique and it will influence your grooming efforts, whether man or woman. No one has a perfect oval or heart-shaped face, and even if you did, your hairstyle and facial hair can always be styled to suit your face shape.

Your head and face shape can be determined by looking at your jawline, cheeks, forehead, head width, and head height. There are several main head shapes, including oval, square, round, heart, triangle, diamond, oblong, and inverted triangle.

Do you have a square or egg-shaped head? Do you have a perfect shaped head?Let’s find out what shape you have! Use our head shape reference guide to discover all the different head shapes.

What determines Face Shape?

Head shapes are determined by the sum of all your facial features and skeletal structure. To find your head shape, consider these determining factors:

  • Face size: Long face or short face
  • Face width: Wide or narrow
  • Cheekbones: High or low
  • Jawline: Wide or narrow
  • Chin: Pointed chin, square chin, or chin length
  • Forehead: High, square, wide, short, round, or narrow

For precise measurements, use a tape measure, but there are also plenty of face shape apps to help you… Apple App Store & Google Play

7 Different Face Shapes

Your head shape is determined by the length of your face and width by the sides of your face. Your cheekbones, jawline, and hairline also help to figure out your face shape.

Determining your head shape first comes down to measuring face length. Men’s and women’s head and face shapes also differ because of their chin and hairline.

Bald head face shapes also look different compared to those with hair. 

Look at the 7 most common head shapes:

Different head shapes for men and women.
Though similar in ratios, men’s and women’s head shapes look different because of their facial features and skeletal structures.

Assessing the different parts of your face will help you with determining your face shape.

Round Head Shape

The jaw and cheeks aren’t as defined with this head shape as with others. The angles of the face have a similar measurement all around, and the face is also widest at the cheekbones than with an oval or heart shape. 

Freddy Rodriguez round face shape
Freddy Rodriguez at the 4th Season Premiere of HBO’s series, “Six Feet Under.”

Oval Head Shape

Slender and narrow with high cheekbones, the oval face shape is longer than it is wide. The forehead is also slightly wider than the jawline. You’ll notice the jaw is rounder than pointed. Although it may sound in poor taste, some do refer to the egg shape head as oval.

Adam Levine's oval head shape
Adam Levine of Maroon 5 attends the Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Celebration to Benefit Global Warming.

Heart Head Shape

Forehead is wider than the cheekbones and jawline. This shape is defined by its pointed chin and Widow’s peak hairline. 

Leonardo DiCaprio's heart head shape
Leonardo DiCaprio has a defined heart shape with a Widow’s peak hairline and pointed chin, perfect for his cool goatee style.

Square Head Shape

This symmetrical face shape has all the same measurements from jawline to forehead. However, the angle of the jaw isn’t round but sharp. 

Brad Pitt's square head shape
Brad Pitt’s square face shape makes it easy for him to wear a simple, but classy mustache style. Image source: Pitt News

Diamond Head Shape

Like the oval shape, the diamond-shaped face is longer but also slender. With a narrow jawline and defined cheeks, the fundamental difference between this shape and an oval face is that diamond faces tend to have a pointed chin. 

Cillian Murphy's diamond head shape
Cillian Murphy at the Los Angeles premiere of “Red Eye.”

Oblong Head Shape

Also known as the rectangular shape, the oblong face is longer than a square shape and wider than an oval face. The forehead and jawline are similar in size and width. These shapes also typically have a wider forehead. 

Ben Affleck's oblong head shape
Ben Affleck at the BAFTA Los Angeles’ 17th Annual Awards Season Tea Party.

Triangle Head Shape

Although often subtle, the jawline is always the widest part of the triangle face shape. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's triangle head shape.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Head Shapes Female

There are noticeable differences between facial features with men and women, even if they have a similar shape. 

The unique shape of a woman's face
Female head shapes are different and unique.

For example, male and female eyebrows and foreheads are completely different. Male foreheads are a bit larger and typically have a higher hairline. 

In addition, women’s cheeks are typically more prominent and often have softer, fuller face than a man’s facial structure. 

Head Shapes Male

In contrast to women, men have a much larger chin with a stronger jawline than most female face shapes.  

Even with the same face shape, a heart-shaped male head shape will have more chiseled features, while a woman’s face tends to be rounder and softer. 

Bald Head Shapes

Bald men tend to have the perception of a longer or wider face length than their actual head shape due to the missing hairline. Instead, bald head shapes are defined more by the chin, jawline and forehead.

Jason Statham's Bald Head Shape
Jason Statham leans on his trendy stubble beard to add style to his bald face shape.

Did you know that bald men look better with a rectangle, square, or diamond shape? It’s because these face shapes all have strong jawlines and chins, guaranteeing a more masculine, attractive look.

That doesn’t mean other face shapes aren’t attractive with a bald head, but knowing how to work your angles and face shape helps if you know the general shape of your head.

Which Head Shape is Most Attractive?

The best head shape really depends on what you want to achieve, too. Want to know the most attractive head shape? Studies say that oval faces have been shown to be the most pleasing.

However, Marilyn Monroe had a heart-shaped face, and Brad Pitt has a square face shape. It’s safe to say that both of these celebrities have been considered the most attractive by audiences far and wide.

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