10 Chin Strap Beard Styles for a Sculpted Jawline


chin strap beard

Facial hair is an expression of your style, but not everyone needs a full beard to show off the best angles of their face. With a long history dating back to the 1700s, the chin strap beard has defined many men who just want a natural yet simple facial hair style.

The chin strap beard is a unique beard style grown from the sideburns down the jawline and wrapping under the chin. Typically, the sideburns connect to the hairline, but some style variations use a taper or fade transition. The chin strap also differs from the similar chin curtain beard, where hair partially covers the chin and the chin curtain doesn’t.

For one, chin strap beards look great on just about every face shape, so feel free to experiment. From square to round to oval, this beard shape rocks for changing the length of your face and even elongating your chin if you grow out your hair long enough.

There are several unique ways to wear a chin strap beard, including goatees or even without a mustache.

The most iconic chin strap looks trending right now and accentuate your natural jawline:

1. Classic Chin Strap Beard

The chin strap beard style offers a stylish, clean look that adds dimension to your chin and jawline. If you want to shape your jawline, the best way to do it is with this facial hair style.

The chin strap beard frames your jawline, and you can wear it with or without a mustache. We like both looks, but growing out your chin strap without a mustache may lead to an Amish beard (see style #4). Keep it neat and trim with a high-quality beard trimmer and liner.

Chin Strap Beard style with a mustache disconnected.
Chin Strap Beard with a disconnected mustache.

Stars like Ryan Gosling and LeBron James have both been seen with the chin strap beard. It’s one of the most popular looks for men.

2. Stubble Chin Strap Beard

Some chin strap beards are so subtle, like this stubble version. Quickly buzz your beard with a beard trimmer with a 1 or 2 guard to sculpt your jawline without having to deal with long beard maintenance.

Stubble beard chin strap with wider straps along the jawline.
Stubble chin strap beard with wider straps.

3. Chin Strap Beard with Goatee

The goatee and extended goatee go perfectly with a chin strap beard, especially if you want to elongate your chin and add more dimension.

chin strap goatee
See more goatee styles.

4. Chin Strap Beard No Mustache

Beards without mustaches? It’s a thing and works perfectly to carve out your jawline while still keeping the rest of your face fresh and so clean.

Short and thin, chin strap beard with no mustache.
Short and thin jawline beard with the chin strap look without a mustache.
Longer chin strap style grown into a traditional Amish Beard.
Longer style chin strap grown into a full Amish Beard.

5. Thick Chin Strap

If you’ve got the growth, go for it. A “thick” or full chin strap is much like a full beard style, though it connects to sideburns and may not be as long.

Thick shin strap style beard with full cheek hair on the straps.
Thick shin strap style with filled-in cheek hair.
Short chinstrap style grown wider to resemble a thick look.
Shorter chinstrap style grown out wider for a thicker look.

6. Chin Strap Beard Fade

You can wear a chin strap a number of ways, whether you have sideburns or not. Fading your beard is a trendy way to get this look.

Chin strap beard fade creates a unique transition into the hairline.
Chin strap beard faded into the hairline.

7. Thin Chin Strap Beard

Chris Daughtry with a thin chin strap beard and stubble style mustache.
Chris Daughtry’s thin chin strap beard and stubble mustache. See more bald with beard styles and celebrity beard styles.

The short chin strap is for those who want to avoid a neck beard and like keeping it neat, hugging the jawline while keeping thickness. It’s an even length all-around that keeps this facial hair style perfectly professional.

8. Hipster Chin Strap Beard

A bit of scruff never bothered anyone, especially not this guy. The hipster chin strap is a unique style that features a bit more hair growth into the hollows of your cheeks and some more scruff under the neckline.

A sleek hipster chin strap beard has thicker straps wrapping the jawline for a trendy look.
A sleek hipster beard has thicker straps wrapping the jawline for a trendy look.

9. Patchy Chin Strap Beard

For patchy chin strap beards, keeping it short, and minimal is a good thing. This style also features a fade on the sideburns and a close shave around the cheeks with a clean-shaven neckline.

Patchy chin strap beard is a trendy look.
Sleek and trendy looking patchy chin strap look. See more patchy beard styles.

10. Long Chin Strap Beard

You might think this is just a full beard. However, there’s one key difference. A long chin strap beard that connects to the sideburns is a bit different than a full or long beard style.

These beards wrap around lower than the jaw and hug the neckline, eliminating sightlines around your neck so that the jaw is covered entirely.

A Longer style beard breaks the chin strap mold a bit, but is a great variation.
This ultra long beard breaks the chin strap mold a bit, but is a great style variation.
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