18 Trendy Asian Beard Styles (2024 Guide)


Asian Beard Styles

The Asian Beard is extremely unique. For a long, it was thought that Asian men had difficulty growing or were unable to grow facial hair at all. Contrary to belief, men of Asian culture can grow various styles of beards, goatees, and mustaches.

According to a few videos on Asian facial hair growth, it’s also difficult for some Asian men to grow beards. That doesn’t mean that all facial hair growth is impossible. Even Bruce Lee grew out his beard.

When it comes to growing facial hair, we found a variety of Asian beard styles that prove it’s possible and look incredible.

Beard Styles for Asian Men

The Asian Beard is quite unique, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not as rare as one might think. Many Asian men have facial hair, including full and stubble beards, stylish mustaches, and goatees.

Beard growing isn’t always appreciated in Eastern cultures. From goatees and soul patches to full, thick beards, Asian men have always grown beards, but it’s not always welcome in certain circles. Depending on the culture, even short stubble on the upper lip could be seen as unprofessional.

In Japan, hige or facial hair can be very controversial, especially in business. Since facial hair can be controversial in Japanese and Chinese business circles, many Asian men grow their beards after moving or growing up in the West, where it’s more acceptable.

So, American Asian men and those living in the West have no problem growing beards.

Here’s a look at some of the most famous Asian men with facial hair, plus some additional styles found on Asian models.

1. BTS beard

When Bangtan Boys or BTS got memed with beards on Face App, anyone who follows Kpop knew the joke. Beards make you look older, and that’s a big no-no for youthful singers in a Korean boy band.

Bangtan Boys BTS with fake beards
Bangtan Boys or BTS with beards (fake beards)

2. Bruce Lee Beard

Bruce Lee Beard
Vintage Bruce Lee Beard. Image source: Reddit.

3. John Cho Beard

John Cho Circle Beard
John Cho with Circle Beard. Image source: The Mary Sue.

4. Hiroyuki Sanada Beard

Hiroyuki Sanada Beard
Hiroyuki Sanada is sporting a Full Beard. Image source: Twitter.

5. Ian Anthony Dale Beard

Ian Anthony Dale Beard
The always cool Ian Anthony Dale with a light beard style.

6. Lee Byung-hun Beard

Lee Byung-hun Beard
Lee Byung-hun Wispy Beard.

7. Steven Yeun Beard

Steven Yeun Beard
Steven Yeun shows off his style and pencil mustache & chin beard at the 2016 American Music Awards.

8. Steve Aoki Beard

Steve Aoki Beard
Steve Aoki Beard and Long Hair. Image source EDMTunes.

9. Full Asian Beard

Full Asian Beard
Full Asian Beard Style. Image Source: Reddit.

10. Asian Goatee Style

Asian Goatee Style
See more goatee styles

11. Short Asian Beard

Short Asian Beard
The Short Asian Beard is sleek and stylish.

12. Pencil Thin Mustache & Beard

Pencil Mustache and Beard Asian Men
Pencil Mustache and Beard looks great on Asian Men. Image source: JayneStars.com

13. Asian Stubble Beard

Asian Stubble Beard
Asian Stubble – See more stubble beard styles. Image source: thekult.asia.

14. Long Beard and Mustache

Long Asian Beard
The Ultra Long Asian Beard. Image source: Zhihu.com

15. Asian Bushy Beard

Asian Bushy Beard
Is that bushy beard real? Image source: TheNewMensStyle.

16. Faded Asian Beard

Faded Asian Beard
Faded Asian Beard. Image source: TheUnstitchd.com.

17. Patchy Asian Beard

Patchy Asian Beard
Patchy Asian Beard Styles.

18. Asian Hipster Beard

Asian Hipster Beard
Asian Hipster Beard Style.

How Long Does it Take for Asians to Grow Beards?

Most hair growth takes 14 days to see a ¼ of an inch of growth. There are various factors for rapid and slow growth in all men, but most men can grow facial hair after puberty.

Hair growth is likely due more to genetics. Depending on where you’re from, you may grow hair faster, but typically, men in China shave their beards since it’s difficult to grow hair.

To grow a full beard, you must first get through several phases. Seeing thick, long hair from your jaw and chin may take months. 

Family Genetics

While you can look to other men in your family to see if your genetics play a role in patchy or slow beard growth, it’s different in East Asia countries. Since many Asian families have stigmas against growing facial hair, men in your family may never have tried to grow a beard.

However, if you grow your hair out, it should take between 7 and 14 days to see initial growth, followed by months of waiting for thicker facial hair.

To keep your Asian beard, it’s best to follow a beard care routine and get a boar bristle brush to direct hair where to grow.

Do Asian Guys Look Better with Beards?

Whether you go clean-shaven or grow a thick beard, Asian beard styles are unique. You never know what you’ll like as an Asian man with a beard until you try.  According to Psychology Today, women love beards, and growing a full, thick beard is on-trend.

Many Asian male celebrities with beards show it’s easy to grow any facial hair, from pencil mustaches to long, thick beards. The key is to get past the first few months when hair may grow patchy.

If you decide to grow out your facial hair and see what’s in your beard nature, use our beard style guide or moisturize your follicles with our beard oil and conditioner tips.


What is the pattern of Asian facial hair?

Asian facial hair typically exhibits a patchier growth pattern, which is not universal among all Asian men. This characteristic is commonly observed, with some individuals experiencing more pronounced patchiness than others.

Can Asians grow beards?

Yes, many Asian men can grow facial hair, including partial beards. However, they often face difficulties achieving full coverage due to gaps in the mustache, goatee, and chin areas, leading to less dense beard growth.

Do Japanese have more facial hair?

Japanese men, like other Asian populations, can grow facial hair, but they tend to have less body hair overall due to genetic factors. Despite this, many are capable of growing full and thick beards.

Can East Asians grow a beard?

East Asian men can grow beards, although beard growth is often sparse and primarily concentrated around the mouth area. This growth pattern includes the upper lip and chin but may lack density and coverage.

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