15 Amazing Blonde Beards (2023 Style Guide)


Blonde Beard Natural Growth

The rumor is blonde men don’t grow beards because it’s not as attractive as those with darker beards. That’s clearly crazy talk! If you’re a blonde man with great facial hair, you’re actually in high demand, and we’ve got multiple blonde beard styles to show you why.

A Blonde Beard grows much like any other beard style and helps add visual distinction. In addition, stylish blonde beards can offer a myriad of color tones to accentuate facial features for a unique look. Styles range from short to longer blonde style beards. However, some men with blonde facial hair have reported difficulty growing longer lengths.

Want to know why you have a blonde beard and how to grow it out? There are many ranges and tones of blonde to consider.

Top Blond Beard Styles

The reason your beard is blonde is likely due to genetics and the amount of melanin in your system. But if you’re experiencing slow beard growth and think being blonde, is the reason – it’s not.

The color of facial hair has nothing to do with being able to grow a long, full beard. However, they’ve been known to grow slower for some men.

However, the levels of melanin change over time, which causes your follicle’s pigmentation to transform, typically turning darker or lighter. Melanin also helps to reverse graying in beards and other body hair. So, blonde hair may darken over time, and parts of your beard will naturally be lighter and darker.

Blonde Goatee Style

Along with fuller beard styles, there are several blonde goatee looks that are just as impressive.

Are Blonde Beards Fashionable?

Men with light hair have a tendency to grow beards taupe to light blonde beard hair tones. These beards may have natural highlights, especially as you grow older.

As more men grow out their facial hair in 2020 and now into 2012, blonde beards have become an astonishingly rare and amazing sight. We think it’s an absolute must that any blonde man capable of growing out their facial hair should do so.

Look at some celebrities currently rocking a blonde beard:

Will Blonde Facial Hair Darken?

It takes many years for melanin to change and facial hair colors to darken. With natural light blonde hair, your beard may appear dark blonde or even ginger in various areas.

The key here – is that beard hair color isn’t uniform throughout. While the overall appearance may be light blonde, it’s likely that you have some darker hairs on the sides and bottom of your beard.

There are several products available to help control the look of your blonde beard

Beard Dying Kits

If you want to go darker naturally, we suggest using a lighter color treatment that can tone down your shining beard to a taupe or light brown color.

Go Really Dark or Really Light

Many trending long beard styles show men are rocking beards in different colors from their natural hair color (from scalp). For example, white blonde hair with a dark brown or black beard.

Patchy Blonde Beards

The reason for patchy beard growth is typically related to genetics, diet, vitamin deficiency, or another underlying issue. See our patchy beard guide if you’re looking for more thickness.

The Henna Guys

This beard dye and grooming brand offers a variety of beard oils, balms, and dyes that can help you get the perfect tone for your beard.

How to Style a Blonde Beard

If you do plan on dyeing your hair, you may want to let your beard grow out naturally and have its own coloring. It’s not necessary to darken your beard unless you really don’t like the color. However, we encourage you to embrace your blonde because it’s absolutely unique and hard to grow for most men.

To style your blonde beard, we suggest applying a light beard oil after shampooing and then combing through with a double-sided wooden comb.

While blonde beards are special, it’s not much different from grooming a regular beard, so follow our beard care guide for more tips.

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