12 Trending Ginger Beard Styles for 2024


Ginger Beard Style

If you’re blessed with the natural, rare ginger beard, it’s time to own it. Less than 2% of the world’s population have red hair naturally, which is why so many dye their hair this fiery color.

Ginger beards include facial hair with red pigments, from light blonde hair to red pheomelanin. When taken care of, ginger beards are quite attractive and shine even with dark-haired red tones highlighted by coppery strands. 

So, if you have a ginger beard, there’s a great chance you’ll get tons of compliments for this beard style. Even those who want to know “if it’s real.” These comments should be taken with pride – that’s how amazing your beard looks to those who haven’t seen red hair so stunning.

Inspiring Trends and Styles

We looked at the latest red and ginger beards in men’s magazines and Instagram to show you just how incredible your facial hair could look, whether you choose to go with a full beard, goatee, Van Dyke, or something completely unique!

Celebrities with Red Beards

How did Tormund Giantsbane become as famous as he is? Tormund’s bright red beard caught a lot of attention.

1. Kristofer Hivju (Tormund “Redbeard” from GoT)

Tormund Red Beard from GoT
Tormund Red Beard from Game of Thrones

2. Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall Beard
Michael C. Hall’s Ultra Ginger Beard

3. Conan O’Brien

Conan O'Brien Ginger Beard
Conan O’Brien is always Ginger!

4. Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender Ginger Scruff Beard
Michael Fassbender rocks a short scruff ginger beard.
Michael Fassbender Ginger Beard
Fassbender also grew out his red beard to walk the red carpet.

5. Alexi Lalas

Alexi Lalas Ginger Beard
Alexi Lalas Long Beard. Image source: IMDB.com.

Best Ginger Beard Styles

There are also many ways to cut, style, and fade your red beard. Here are a few of the on-trend looks:

1. Faded Red Beard

Ginger Beard Fade
Full and unkept with a subtle red beard fade.

2. Deep Red Beard

Deep Red Beard
Deep Red Beard – Image source: SayingImages.com

3. Full Ginger Beard

Full Red Beard
Full Ginger Beard – Image source: Instagram @alantinedrankins

4. Short Ginger Beard

Short Ginger Beard
Short and scruffy beard. Image source: Thomas Knights’ Red Hot Exhibit.

5. Full Ginger Beard

Glorious Long Red Beard
Full Ginger Beard – Image source: /r/beardgoals

6. Bushy Red Beard

Bushy Red Beard
Bushy Red Beard

7. Bald with Ginger Beard

Bald with Ginger Beard
Bald with Ginger Beard – See more bald with beard styles.

How to Style A Ginger Beard

Many men dye their red beard hair darker, but what if you want to bring out the red more? Look at this before and after from the ginger beard model Gwilym C. Pugh.

Before After Ginger Beard
Before After Ginger Beard. Image source: Instagram @gwilymcpugh

Here’s a simple guide to growing a beard that’s more gingery and vibrant than ever. 

1. Start a Beard Care Routine

It’s no secret that caring for your beard leads to softer, healthier facial hair. We recommend using a beard wash that’s sulfate-free and good for your skin.

In addition, applying beard oil or beard balm regularly can also help your beard surpass dreaded itchiness and flakes while making it easier to style.

Finally, comb or brush your beard daily for at least 60 seconds to keep it healthy and detangled, especially if you’re growing a long ginger beard.

2. Try a Color Depositing Shampoo

Need your beard to be gloriously redder than ever? There are color depositing shampoos that can temporarily brighten and add shine to your beard, such as pure BLENDS color depositing shampoos.

We recommend starting with red or copper shampoo, depending on whether you want darker red or lighter with coppery ginger tones.

It’s best to pick a sulfate-and alcohol-free shampoo so it doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils.

3. Add an Argan Oil Treatment

If you’re taking care of your ginger beard, you’ll likely see new growth and healthy color, but if not, argan oil is a great treatment to mend your hair and add shine, especially if you notice frizzy, unruly strands in your beard.


What does it mean if you have a ginger beard?

According to a 2000 American Society of Human Genetics study, the scientific explanation for ginger beards on non-ginger men lies in a gene called MC1R. This gene is also responsible for red hair.

Is ginger beard genetic?

Beard hair differs significantly from head hair; it is coarser, curlier, and does not fall out with age. Although research on human hair color genetics is limited, it is believed that having a ginger beard requires carrying a recessive gene on chromosome 4.

Why do I have a ginger beard but black hair?

This occurrence is usually due to a genetic mutation. Those with a ginger beard and brown or black head hair typically have a single mutated version of the MC1R gene.

Why do I have blonde hair and a ginger beard?

The phenomenon is due to curious genetics. Jablonski explains that this is likely due to the differential expression of the MC1R gene in beard hair follicles versus scalp hair follicles, resulting in different amounts of dark brown eumelanin and yellow-red pheomelanin production.

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