10 Blonde Mustache Looks + New Celebrity Style Ideas


blonde mustache

Blonde facial hair has started trending again (scroll down to see why). From natural blonde to bleach blonde mustaches, there are a lot of ways to wear your mustache style to enhance these light colors.

While shorter mustaches may almost look patchy or invisible, thicker, long blonde mustaches really make a statement. We found some of the best-looking, epic blonde mustache styles to try, including bearded looks if you want to show off even more of your rare facial hair.

Trending Blonde Mustache Styles To Try

The blonde mustache style features facial hair with light, brassy colors to ginger highlights and light brown hair on the upper lip. These light color mustaches are most recognizable when worn thick and long, such as in a handlebar or Chevron mustache style.

Look at some of our favorite blonde mustaches:

1. Blonde Chevron Mustache

One of the thickest mustaches you can grow is the chevron mustache style, much like the Tom Selleck mustache. From light to dark blonde, these mustaches pair well with a five o’clock shadow or clean-shaven jawline.

A blonde chevron mustache looks best when grown thick.
Thick blonde chevron mustache.

2. Blonde Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar mustache styles require pruning and a daily application of mustache wax to get just the right curled ends. Beard oil also works well, and it can improve the condition of your mustache and beard hair.

The blonde handlebar mustache creates a timeless look.
Blonde handlebar mustaches look great with a thick blonde beard. Image source: Reddit.

3. Blonde Stubble Mustache

When you don’t have time to style your blonde mustache, just go with all over stubble. From short to long, stubble beards and mustaches work well for a professional facial hair style.

A dirty blonde stubble mustache is a simple look.
Dirty blonde stubble mustache.

4. Short Blonde Mustache and Beard

When growing out mustaches, men often notice light to dark ginger highlights even if they only have dark blonde to light brown facial hair, which typically lightens with more sun.

For longer stubble and short, thick blonde facial hair, this combination of a neatly trimmed blonde mustache and well-maintained beard work perfectly together.

Blonde mustache with a short beard.
Blonde mustache paired with a short beard.

5. Bleach Blonde Mustache

An up-and-coming trend started with younger men dying their mustaches bleach blonde. This look was probably inspired by Zayn Malik who went blonde in 2018.

Bleach blonde mustache creates a bright look.
Mustache bleached blonde.

6. Blonde Mustache with Goatee

Charlie Hunnam probably has the most iconic blonde facial hair. We absolutely loved his character on “Sons of Anarchy,” which often featured this blonde extended goatee style.

Charlie Hunnam's blonde mustache plus goatee style.
Charlie Hunnam’s blonde mustache & goatee. See more celebrity goatees.

7. Dyed Blonde Mustache

Everyone should experiment with their hair and try new looks. We were ecstatic to find that dyed blonde looks are trending for black men. These are edgier looks that are beloved on Instagram.

Dyed blonde mustache is a unique style.
Mustache dyed blonde. See more black men mustache styles.

8. Blonde Pencil Mustache

Ah, the Steve. He won us over in Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” not only because of his amazing ability to kick a Demogorgon’s ass, but also because of his incredible hair—and mustache.

Blonde pencil mustache is almost transparent.
A blonde pencil mustache looks very light.

9. Blonde Walrus Mustache

This blonde walrus mustache style is Ron Swanson-approved.

Blonde walrus mustache grown thick.
A blonde walrus mustache looks best when grown out thick. See more walrus mustache styles.

10. Celebrities with Blonde Facial Hair

We couldn’t resist looking up some other celebrities dying their facial hair bright blonde or showing off their naturally light mustaches. Here are a few for inspiration.

Zayn Malik Blonde Mustache
Zayn Malik poses for GQ in 2018, shocking everyone with his blonde beard and mustache. Image Source: GQ.
Charlie Hunnam's blonde facial hair
Here’s Charlie Hunnam again with his natural blonde extended goatee style.
Blonde Brad Pitt mustache
Brad Pitt has aged well, and he frequently shows off his dark blonde mustache and goatee, as well as a full beard. Image source: EOnline.com.

Ryan Gosling blonde facial hair
Ryan Gosling continues to be one of the best leading actors in any role, and his blonde facial hair enhances his natural look. Image source: RyanGoslingUp.com.


Why is my Mustache Blonde?

Age or genetics may play a role. When younger, your mustache hair may be blonder. It may become darker and more coarse with age.

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