Walrus Mustache: 6 Slick Styles + Growing Tips


walrus mustache

For those who like the thickness of Sam Elliott’s mustache but want a tamed version like Ron Swanson, the walrus mustache style is the perfect sweater for your top lip. To grow this thick mustache style, you’ll need to spend some time letting your hair get as long as possible.

Many people confuse the walrus mustache with the Chevron mustache or even handlebar mustache. It’s actually much more refined, stemming from historic roots in the late 19th century to early 20th century.

Here’s a guide to growing a walrus mustache with barber’s tips to get the exact shape you want.

What is the Walrus Mustache

The walrus mustache is a thicker, fuller mustache that typically hangs slightly over the mouth. Known for its droopy style, the name is aptly derived from its resemblance to walrus whiskers.

In the late 19th century, the first photograph of the walrus mustache shows the bushy upper lip hair. It would become immensely popular throughout this time period and into the first years of the 20th century.

Nick Offerman walrus mustache
Nick Offerman sporting a thick Walrus style mustache.

The walrus mustache was associated with a cowboy look, but even celebrities and scientists sported this bushy mustache.

Here are some more pictures of the most famous walrus mustaches.

1. Nick Offerman

The “Parks and Recreation” star got famous for his character Ron Swanson, who had a bushy walrus mustache. We can’t even picture Ron without it.

Nick Offerman thick and bushy walrus mustache
Nick Offerman wears a thick walrus mustache well.

2. Sam Elliott

The Quick and the Dead star Sam Elliott has always been the American cowboy. His mustache is a part of his classic look.

Sam Elliott walrus mustache
Sam Elliott wears the cowboy mustache version of the walrus style.

3. Eddie Murphy

Even the Coming to America star sports a thick walrus mustache from time to time.

Eddie Murphy's classic Mustache (walrus style)
Old photo of Eddie Murphy’s mustache (walrus style). See more mustache styles for black men.

4. Daniel Craig

The James Bond of our times sported a clean look as Double 007, but he’s been known to grow a sick lip sweater from time to time. Here’s his version of the walrus mustache.

Daniel Craig walrus mustache
Daniel Craig’s walrus.

5. Tom Selleck

The Tom Selleck mustache is one of legend, but it deserves a place on this list for its sometimes larger-than-life style.

Tom Selleck walrus mustache
Tom Selleck sporting a walrus ‘stache.

6. Mark Twain

The famed author, Mark Twain, made the walrus mustache famous.

The acclaimed author was known for wearing a thick walrus style moustache.
Mark Twain’s famous walrus moustache.

7. Teddy Roosevelt

The 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt had a pretty stylish Walrus stache.

Teddy Roosevelt Walrus Mustache
The often outspoken President Teddy Roosevelt also sported the walrus style mustache.

Of course, the most famous of all was Mark Twain, who probably had one of the most iconic walrus mustaches at the time. Or possibly you remember John Lennon’s mustache or Jamie Hyneman’s unusual walrus mustache and beard from Myth Busters. Today, it’s been made popular again by characters like Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation.”

What the Walrus Mustache Says About You

Most people who like the walrus mustache are really into their facial hair and spend time growing out their hair. This means applying mustache balm or even mustache wax to keep it moisturized while it grows longer and longer.

Walrus mustache is popular among American cowboys.
Many believe the walrus mustache was made popular by American cowboys.

In terms of appearances, most people who wear this still like the simpler things in life and probably have a humorous side to themselves.

Best Face Shapes for Walrus

While we think anyone can pull of these styles just by growing it and styling hair to their shape, some experts believe that round or square faces have the best luck with the walrus mustache.

The walrus mustache style is often thick and bushy
Now that’s a lot of mustache! The walrus would be jealous.

For those with oval or narrow faces, this look may take over your whole countenance and throw off your personal look.

How to Grow a Walrus Mustache

The best tip for those who want to grow this mustache is to have patience and grow out your mustache hair before trying to trim down your upper lip hair. It’s a style that requires bushier, longer hair that goes over the lip line slightly.

Walrus mustache look with small curls
The drooping style of the walrus is easy to style.

It’s also okay, and usually preferred, for walrus mustaches to hang over your upper lip and corners of the mouth. You should comb your mustache daily in drooping direction to make the basic shape. Then use a quality beard oil to ensure it stays thick and retains its shape as the hair grows.

When you want to trim the length, just use barber shears to clip away annoying strays or alter the length as desired.

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