Bald Men Fashion & Style Guide: 8 Transforming Style Tips


Bald Mens Style

I’ve proven that bald men can be stunningly attractive, especially when they apply good fashion sense and style to their look.

A bald man’s style includes all the clothes, accessories, and shoes that improve a man’s outward appearance to be more attractive and fashionable. Other fashion traits include facial hair styles and bald style variations like shaved, stubble or smooth looks.

I’ve put together this Complete Guide to Bald Men’s Style & Fashion. It’s packed with current trends, also bald celebrities for inspiration, plus tips on how to transform your look.

Style Tips & Fashion Trends for Bald Men

While your overall look depends on your height, weight, and personal style, there are a few things you can do easily to maximize your bald appearance according to top barbers.

1. Perfect Your Grooming Routine

If you’ve joined the bald ranks, you already know how important it is to maintain a clean-shaven head. That means left over ponytails or bald comb-overs – fully shaved.

Many men use a bald shaver or see a barber for a full head shave, while others even try head waxing.

A typical grooming routine to keep your head looking smooth and healthy is:

  • Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Use a moisturizing conditioner
  • Add a pre-shave cream or lotion
  • Use a high-quality electric razor
  • Apply head wax for a shiny head or go for a matte look

Hair typically grows a ¼ inch every 14 days, so you’ll likely maintain frequently. So, a shave every 3 days or every other day if you want the ultimate smooth scalp.

I find it easier to keep up with my shaving daily using a Pitbull Skull Shaver Gold. 90 seconds and I’m done!

After Shaving

It’s really important to use a good aftershave to prevent dry skin and bald dandruff, especially when shaving more frequently.

There are also different styles for men’s bald heads, such as a shiny bald look vs. matte bald styles. There’s no right or wrong, so lean in to your personal preference. For me, I like the matte look – subtle… but bold!

2. Play to Your Strengths

What do you love best about your look? Perhaps you have great skin tone or a muscular physique.

Jason Statham definitely has bald style
Jason Statham definitely has bald style. He relies on his stubble to shape and style his facial features.

Some people say that bald heads can make you stand out in a crowd, but it’s best to embrace this and wear the clothes that you make feel more confident and comfortable.

3. Personal Stylist App for Fashion Outfits

Need a little help defining your look? There are actually many stylist apps for men to help you get started – like Stitch Fix.

These apps typically provide a quiz that matches you with a stylist or automatically start suggesting products to fit your look. They also offer a quick and easy way to find clothes in textures and colors that match what you’re looking for.

4. Avoid Bulky Shirts and Sweaters

Be honest to yourself about your own head size, as it may look smaller compared to the width of your shoulders.

In these cases, it’s best to avoid wearing bulky shirts and sweaters, as that would only add to the imbalance. Additionally, if your head is on the larger side, then opt for button-down shirts or a blazer.

The Rock has awesome bald style.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has an awesome bald style.

5. Create Contrast with Your Clothes

Stylists suggest bald heads tend to show your skin tone, so select pieces that will add the right contrast to your look.

So, with pale skin you’ll get better contrast with darker colors. Or, perhaps you can add accessories to compliment your skin tone, such as a dark felt hat and bold watch.

Bald men don't have to compromise their style!
Bald men don’t have to compromise their style!

6. Fashion Accessories

It’s time to bring together your look. As a bald man, there are several accessories that look great on you.


This is the go-to accessory for all bald men, and it’s perfect for almost any day or weather.

Fashionable hats for bald men
Taye Diggs is the aficionado of fashionable men’s hats.

There are a number of different hats that work for bald men (See Trendspotter’s guide to men’s hats.)

Jackets and Scarves

Another great way to diversify your look is through a leather jacket and scarf. Billy Zane, Bruce Willis, Tyler Perry, and Patrick Stewart frequently opt for a jacket and scarf to complete their look.


Do you wear a suit every day? Then your tie color, fabric, and pattern really matter. We’ve been studying some suit and tie trends to bring you these four looks for bald men and ties:


From sunglasses to eyeglasses, you can truly stand out and show off your confidence with a high-quality pair of glasses.

Bald Man Fasionable Glasses
See more examples of Bald Men with Glasses.

While there’s some truth to matching your face shape with glasses, you can also use the LensCrafters face shape tool to get help find the right glasses.

Watches and Jewelry

Though I’d suggest letting go of the earrings, cool silver or wooden rings add a simple touch. I wear leather bands mixed with a matching beaded bracelet on my dominant wrist. For my non-dominant side, I’ll wear a stainless watch or heavy link silver bracelet. If I’m dressing, then a leather band watch.

7. Grow Your Beard Out

There’s really no dispute here. Girls love guys sporting the bald and beard look, according to studies. For one, they’re perceived as more dominant and masculine. So why not grow your beard and develop a fresh your look?

Explore great guides available for trendy beard styles.

If you need help with beard maintenance, we also have articles for shaving your neckline and fading your beard.

8. Get in Shape

Have you seen the before and after of Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos before and after with cool bald style
Jeff Bezos before and after looks. Image courtesy of Business Insider.

Many men go through phases in life where it’s easy to pack on the pounds and hard to take it off, but with a bald head, it’s difficult to carry extra weight. Bald men look confident with a defined upper body.

Just look at Ethan Suplee, who’s been through difficulties with weight loss and hair loss.

Ethan Suplee After Balding
Ethan Suplee began losing his hair early in his career, but he changed his appearance by working out and losing over 200 pounds. Image source: E! Online

Remember that your style is all your own. Having confidence in your appearance makes all the difference.

Bald Men Fashion Icons

Have you considered shaving your head? These bald men know how to exude sophistication and confidence with their exceptional style.

Let’s look at some bald celebrity fashion icons for some inspiration.

1. Jason Statham

Jason is invariably my #1 pick for looking good bald. Not only do I dig his movies, but his rugged good looks and fashion style are those any man can aspire to.

Jason Statham is a style master.
LOS ANGELES, CA – August 06, 2018: Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the US premiere of “The Meg” at the TCL Chinese Theatre

His look is always on point from his dress style, to his glasses, stubble look and indelible swagger. He’s the bald guy fashion Jedi.

2. Patrick Stewart

If you loved Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard or Professor Xavier, then you’ll love him even more in real life. Sir Patrick runs his own version of a bald guy fashion show from his flat in Brooklyn reports GQ to the Esquire article on his fashion sense. Stewart will probably look spectacular forever, but what about his look is great for bald men?

So, our one of favorite Star Trek captains and a debonaire gentleman has been frequently featured for his personal fashion acumen.

Patrick Stewart Bald Mens Fashion
Patrick Stewart is seen as a bald man’s fashion icon. He frequently gets featured in GQ and Esquire. Image source:

3. Tyrese Gibson

Talented model and actor Tyrese Gibson never fails to impress with his style on and off the red carpet.

Bald Mens Style - Tyrese Gibson
Tyrese Gibson
at the “Furious 7” World Premiere, TCL Chinese Theatre.

4. Bruce Willis

The action star nails street fashion for bald men.

Bruce Willis Bald Guy Fashion
Bruce Willis steps out in fashion on a cold winter’s day. Image source: InStyle Magazine.

5. Chris Daughtry

I’ve personally seen Chris Daughtry in concert and he rocks it. So, who doesn’t love this American Idol contestant and lead singer’s bald masculine look?

Chris Daughtry Bald Mens Rockstar Fashion
Chris Daughtry Bald Mens – Rockstar Fashion.

6. Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson is definitely a chameleon, taking on roles with and without a full head of hair. Nothing but class!

Samuel L. Jackson Bald Look
Samuel L. Jackson proves great eyewear works perfectly with a bald head. Image Source: Rake Magazine.

7. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has always made being bald look totally cool, starting in Pitch Black and Fast and the Furious.

Vin Diesel Bald Mens Style
Vin Diesel shows off his personal style at the premiere of ‘Fast and Furious 6.’

8. Howie Mandel

Despite being 64 years old, Mandel always looks in style.

Howie Mandel Bald Fashion
Howie Mandel always stays on trend with leather jackets and cool glasses.

9. Taye Diggs

The actor never fails to show up in style, whether it’s for the red carpet or not. He proves being bald is all about confidence.

Taye Diggs Bald Guy Fashion
Diggs always fashionable – rocks a winter look at the Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Seven Pounds’.

10. Billy Zane

The Mummy and Titanic star has opted for a completely bald look. Though he’s taken his knocks in his acting career, he has solid fashion sense.

Billy Zane Bald Mens Style
Billy Zane casual look.

11. Common

When it comes to the red carpet, Common is one of the most stylish bald guys. Bam! 

Common Rapper Bald Style & Fashion
The very definition of bald style! Common stuns on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.
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