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Bald Celebrities Before Bald

Are bald men attractive? One study revealed how women like bald men. If that’s not enough, many bald celebrities have opted for the shaved clean look. While some of these are actors are working on a new role, others simply want a clean, effortless bald look.

The following actors do it best. From Jason Statham to Samuel L. Jackson to Vin Diesel – even Britney Spears, these celebrities look great with the bald style.

See our list of celebs when they had hair compared to their bald look.

1. Vin Diesel

Our favorite muscle car enthusiast and badass action star, Vin Diesel, didn’t always have such a smooth head. He’s also changed up his facial hair for a full beard in The Last Witch Hunter.

Vin Diesel Mohawk Hairstyle
Vin Diesel with a mohawk on the set of The Last Witch Hunter. Image Source: IFC Films.
Vin Diesel Before Bald
Before he was bald, Vin had a crew cut hairstyle.

But we all know Vin Diesel for his classic bald look.

Vin Diesel Bald
Look Fast & Furious with the bald look.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson once explained why he went bald to Vanity Fair. While we can’t forget that The Rock once sported acid jeans, we know that his classic looks were only enhanced by going bald.

Young Dwayne Johnson with hair
Young Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with hair and chin strap beard during his football years before wrestling – pure Hollywood famedom.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson with Hair
Hark back to the days of 2007 when The Rock had short hair.
The Rock Bald hairstyle
Now bald in true Rock style.

3. John Travolta

Even though actor John Travolta has hair now, there was a period that the famous Pulp Fiction star was losing his hair and had a nearly bald head.

Many stars have been reported to have hair plugs – check out celebrity hair transplants. Here’s the progression and a look at Travolta’s hair transplant surgery:

Younger John Travolta with long hair
Young John Travolta with hair.
Travolta with hair and Before Balding
John Travolta with a pompadour in Grease.
John Travolta after Hair Transplant
The actor was rumored to have had hair transplant surgery.
Shaved almost Bald John Travolta
John Travolta had a receding hairline before opting for transplant surgery.
Bald and Beard looks good on John Travolta
See more of the actor – John Travolta’s Bald Style

4. Samuel L. Jackson

These days the African American actor Samuel L. Jackson is a chameleon, but off the movie set, he has maintained a cleanly shaven bald head for many years. We love all of his looks, from his time as Julies Winnfield to his sophisticated photoshoot in an issue of The Rake.

Samuel L. Jackson with Hair
Sam Jackson with hair on Pulp Fiction. Image source: Black Enterprise.
Samuel L. Jackson with Curly Hair
Sam Jackson with hair. Image source: GQ.
Samuel L. Jackson Bald
Samuel L. Jackson Bald Style. Image Source: Rake Magazine.

5. Jason Statham

The action star has changed little since his time as The Transporter, but he did join the ranks of Fast and Furious crew with the same rugged stubble beard.

Jason Statham buzz cut & stubble beard style
Classic Jason Statham buzz cut & stubble beard style
Jason Statham with hair before balding
Jason Statham with hair vs bald look.
Jason Statham is one of the best looking bald celebrities with his beard stubble
Jason Statham is the king of the stubble beard.

Was there a time of Jason Statham with hair? Yes, but you’ll have to go way back into the internet to see Statham’s former long-haired self.

6. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis has always been iconic with his no-hair, stubble to a clean-shaven bald head. Here are some of our favorite shots of the legendary Die Hard actor with and without hair.

Bruce Willis Full Head of Hair
Bruce had plenty of hair back then. Image source: from “Moonlighting,” Reddit.
Bruce Willis with M-shaped Hairline
Bruce Willis with M-shaped hairline and 5 o’clock shadow. Image source: Reddit.
Bruce Willis Bald
Bruce is one of the coolest bald actors in Hollywood.

7. Common

The iconic rapper Common is a legendary bald man with a beard. We can’t find a picture of Common with hair unless we go all the way back to his high school yearbook.

Common with a full head of hair
Common with hair. Image source: BET.com
Common with Shaved Head
Common looks better bald…right?
Common Circle Goatee & Bald Style
Definitely in our top 5 bald celebs.

8. Patrick Stewart

From Star Trek to Professor X, Patrick Stewart plays an amazing captain and superhero. His smooth head has been part of that transformation. However, he looks exceptionally distinguished in older films.

Check out Patrick Stewart with and without hair:

Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard with Hair
WOW Captain Jean-Luc Picard with Hair!
Patrick Stewart With Hair
Patrick Stewart with combed over hair. Image source: Guff.
Patrick Stewart Bald
Bald Patrick Stewart as we know him today.

9. Howie Mandel

With his iconic mustache and clean-shaven head, Howie Mandel has always been a guy with big hair. We take a look back at his curly do to his stylish spread in Rolling Stones magazine.

Howie Mandel with his Curly Hair
Howie Mandel with Hair. Image source: Gremlins Wiki.
Comedian Howie Mandel with a full head of Curly Hair
I almost forgot Howie used to have curly hair. Image source: Twitter.
AGT Judge Howie Mandel with a shaved bald head.
America’s Got Talent Judge and Famous Bald Celebrity – Howie Mandel.

10. Michael Jordan

The Michael Jordan we all know has always sported a clean, smooth, bald head. However, there was a time when he sported short stubble as a young, collegiate basketball legend.

Young Michael Jordan with Hair
Young Michael Jordan with hair. Image source: Sports Illustrated Vault.
Michael Jordan with short hair
MJ sporting short hair. Image source: Sports Illustrated Vault.
Michael Jordan without Hair
The basketball legend looks best with a shiny bald head. Image source: Biography.com.

11. Action Bronson

Rapper Action Bronson used to have rather curly locks. He has opted for the bald with a beard look that has become his iconic look.

Action Bronson with Hair
Action Bronson with a full head of hair. Image Source: RVCA Japan.
Action Bronson with Short Buzzed Hair
Buzz cut hair. Image Source: RollingStone.com.
Action Bronson Bald Celebrity
Action Bronson bald haircut.

12. Pitbull

Rapper Pitbull is one of the most popular music icons, but his shaved head has added to his unique look. Was there ever a time that Pitbull had hair?

Here’s a look back at Pitbull’s bald transformation.

Rapper Pitbull with Hair
OMG is that Pitbull with hair? Image source: 9gag.com.
Pitbull with Short buzz cut.
Mr. 305 is rolling with a buzz cut. Image source. MTV.com.
Pitbull bald and sunglasses.
Pitbull is best known for his bald look. See more bald with sunglasses styles.

13. John Malkovich

John Malkovich can do any role he pleases, and so can his hair. Here are some legendary John Malkovich with hair moments, followed by his current bald look.

John Malkovich with Hair
John Malkovich with thinning hair. Image source: The Independent.
John Malkovich with Spiked Hair
John Malkovich with a full head of hair. Image source: Movie “Bishop” DVD.
John Malkovich Bald
John Malkovich today bald.

14. Seal

Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, better known as the British musician Seal, has always had an iconic bald profile. However, was there a time when even this singer had hair?

Young Singer Seal with Hair
The singer Seal with hair. Image Source: The Sun.
Singer Seal with dreadlock hair
Seal with dreadlocks.
Singer Seal Bald Celebrity
Seal with his bald look. Image source: Wikipedia.

15. Corey Stoll

While he may have dawned hair for his role in The Strain, Corey Stoll has almost always rocked a bald head. Here’s a look at some of Stoll’s hairstyles and bald looks.

Corey Stoll with Hair
Corey before he was bald. Image source: TV Guide.
Corey Stoll with Hair as Ernest Hemingway.
Corey Stoll with a convincing wig for his role as Ernest Hemingway.
Corey Stoll Bald Actor
Corey Stoll today is Bald.

16. Chris Daughtry

The lead singer of the rock band Daughtry got his start on American Idol, but even this rocker used to have more hair on his head.

Young Chris Daughtry with Hair
Hey the American Idol had hair – what? Image source: American Idol Wiki.
Bald Recording Artist Chris Daughtry
Chris Daughtry with his trademark bald look.

22. Tyrese Gibson

Funny man and Fast and Furious alum Tyrese Gibson was once a model, but has he always shaved his head?

Take a look at Tyrese Gibson with hair:

Tyrese Gibson with Hair
Tyrese Gibson looks good with hair.
Young Tyrese Gibson Stubble Hair
Tyrese Gibson with a short haircut.
Tyrese Gibson without Hair
Tyrese Gibson today is shaved bald.

18. Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley with Hair
Actor Ben Kingsley starred in Gandhi in 1982, looking almost unrecognizable with hair. Image Source: Filmio.
Ben Kingsley Balding
Ben Kingsley Balding with a classic male pattern baldness look. Image source. IMDB.
Bald Ben Kingsley
A bald Ben Kingsley at the 27th American Cinematheque Award Honoring Jerry Bruckheimer, Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA 12-12-13.

19. Terry Crews

The star of the TV show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” our Idiocracy president, and one of the best dudes you’ll ever meet, Terry Crews, has always sported a bald look, or has he?

Here’s a few times when Terry Crews has let his locks grow long for different roles:

Young Terry Crews with Hair
Terry Crews with hair – I don’t believe it!
Terry Crews with Short Hair
The celeb with short hair.
Terry Crews without Hair
Funnyman Terry Crews bald look.

20. Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson with Hair
Woody Harrelson with Thinning Hair.
Woody Harrelson Balding
Almost bald.
Woody Harrelson Bald Celebrity
In 2018, a bald Woody Harrelson attended ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Photocall during the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals.

21. Bryan Cranston

Everyone knows Heisenberg. When Cranston played the role of Walter White, he shaved off all his head. We think the Drive actor looks outstanding either way.

Young Bryan Cranston with Hair
Bryan Cranston with full hair. Image Source: The Cut.
Bryan Cranston with Hair
Bryan Cranston is a different person with hair.
Bryan Cranston without Hair
Bryan Cranston after shaving bald.

22. Aaron Paul

And where would Heisenberg be without Jesse Pinkman? Aaron Paul has gone bald for a few roles in the past. Here’s a look at Aaron Paul with and without hair.

Young Aaron Paul with Hair
Young Aaron Paul with Hair.
Aaron Paul with Hair
Young Aaron Paul Short Hair.
Aaron Paul Shaved Bald Haircut
Aaron Paul with a bald haircut.

23. Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci recently had a moment on Twitter where users discovered Tucci was hot. The bald actor has always had a bare head, or so it would seem.

Young Stanley Tucci with Hair
Young Stanley Tucci with Thin Hair.

Check out Tucci in this old Levi’s 501 ad below:

Hot Stanley Tucci with Hair
Stanley Tucci with Hair and Guns! Image source: IMDB.com.
Stanley Tucci is bald now, but still a great actor.
A bald Stanley Tucci
at the Los Angeles Premiere of “The Lovely Bones.”

24. Jason Alexander

You loved following the ups and downs of George Costanza in Seinfeld. Jason Alexander has always kept this legendary bald look.

Jason Alexander with Hair
In 2012, Jason Alexander with hair – when he opted for a hairpiece on the red carpet.
Bald Jason Alexander
Jason as we know him has always been bald.
Jason Alexander is a bald actor well known for his role on Seinfeld.
Today Jason Alexander is still bald, even from the early days of Seinfeld.

25. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is one of the biggest heartthrob Hollywood actors, but even he has shaved down his hair a few times.

Channing Tatum with Hair
Juvenile vs mature hairline.
Actor Channing Tatum is shaved bald
Channing Tatum shaved bald. Image source: Men’s Health.

26. Jake Gyllenhaal

It’s hard to believe that Jake Gyllenhaal ever shaved his head, but we’ve seen Gyllenhaal bald or with a buzzed cut many times. Here’s the before and after:

Jake Gyllenhaal with Hair
Jake Gyllenhaal with Hair.
Jake Gyllenhaal Shaved Head
Looks just as good shaved.
Celebrity Jake Gyllenhaal shows his  Shaved Head.
Jake looking sharp with his bald haircut.

27. Adam Levine

The singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor is most well known for being the lead singer of Maroon 5.

However, Adam Levine has shaken up his look multiple times, even shaving off his hair to give us this Adam Levine without hair look:

Adam Levine Blonde Hair
Adam Levine Long Blonde Hair.
Adam Levine with crew cut
Adam with a shorter crew cut.
Adam looking rugged with a bald cut. Image Source: Bustle.

28. Tom Hardy

Since Tom Hardy hit the scene, he’s been in every kind of movie, but he’s most well-known for his iconic role as Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant.

While Tom has sported an undercut hairstyle, he’s also shown off a short buzz cut hairstyle as well

Tom Hardy Combed forward look
Tom with a slick Ceaser haircut.
Tom Hardy spikey crew cut
Short spikes.
Tom Hardy bald haircut.
Tom Hardy with a shaved bald hairstyle.

29. David Beckham

Even soccer star David Beckham tried the shaved bald look. Beckham has always been a hairstyle chameleon, changing up his facial hair regularly as well.

David Beckham with Hair
David Beckham with Hair.
David Beckham Buzz Cut
Buzz cut.
David Beckham shaved head
David with a shaved bald haircut.

30. Alexander Skarsgård

It was pretty shocking to see Alexander Skarsgård go bald. The famous actor known from “True Blood” and “Big Little Lies” shaved his head partially bald for the red carpet.

Take a look at the before and after:

Alexander Skarsgard with Hair
Alexander Skarsgard with Hair.
Alexander Skarsgard with Buzz cut
Tight buzz cut.
Alex Skarsgard Shaved Bald
The actor shaved bald for a charity event. Image source: PopSugar.

31. Elon Musk

It was pretty shocking to see Alexander Skarsgård go bald. The famous actor known from “True Blood” and “Big Little Lies” shaved his head partially bald for the red carpet.

Take a look at the before and after:

Elon Musk balding.
Elon Musk balding.
Elon Musk Balding Hair
Elon Musk Balding Hair.
Elon Musk full head of hair.
Elon Musk full head of hair.

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