Buzz Cut Hairstyle: 15 Bold Looks for Modern Men


Buzz Cut Style Guide

Have you tried to cut your own hair with clippers? If so, you may have given yourself an impromptu buzzed cut. This stylish haircut is easy to achieve, and many guys style their hair this way to save time and money.

The buzz cut is a military-style, using a #1 or #2 electric clipper setting to cut the hair length uniformly all-over the head. It’s a popular look because it’s easy to cut and requiring little to no maintenance. Even with the style’s simplicity, a unique cut is still possible with several buzzed style variations.

Stay on-trend by learning about popular buzzed styles, longer buzzed looks, and barber favorites like fades. Plus, get tips on how to self-buzz your hair for this look. Read on below for pictures and videos for the perfect buzzed haircut.

Buzz Cut Taper

Buzz Cut Taper
A longer buzzed style slightly combed forward and paired with a subtle taper.

Traditional Buzz Cut

Jake Gyllenhaal also rocked this style for multiple films

Short Induction Cut

Induction Buzz Cut
Induction Buzz

Butch Buzz Cut

Butch Buzz Cut
This buzzed look is in a butch style with a high fade.

Crew Cut Buzz

Colton Haynes with military style crew cut
Colton Haynes. See more crew cut styles.

Brush Cut

Crew Cut with skin fade
Slick brush cut buzz with a high skin fade.

High and Tight Buzz Cut

High and Tight Buzz Cut - <a href=
Tom Hardy with a high and tight.

Burr Buzz Cut

Wentworth Miller's Burr Buzz Cut
Wentworth Miller

Flat Top Buzz Cut with Fade

Flat Top Buzz Cut
Classic Flat Top Buzz Cut into a taper fade.

Buzz Cut Fade

Michael B. Jordan Buzz Cut
Michael B. Jordan takes it up a notch with a flat buzz cut fade.

A Buzz Cut Fade combines a traditional buzz cut’s uniformly short hair length with the gradual reduction in hair length seen in fade cuts. The hair begins short on top and tapers to shorter lengths towards the neckline. This versatile style can be customized to suit different preferences and face shapes.

Mohawk Buzz Cut

Mohawk Buzz Cut
Mohawk Buzz Cut with tight sides.

Undercut Buzz

Undercut Buzz Cut
Tom Hardy with an undercut buzz.

Uniform All over

Nick Jonas Buzz Cut
Nick Jonas with a uniform and tight cut.
Justin Timberlake with buzzed hairstyle
Justin Timberlake also uniform and tight.

Longer Buzz Cut

That doesn’t mean it can’t look good on older men. George Clooney sported this long on top variation:

George Clooney sporting the longer buzz cut look
George Clooney

Bald Buzz Cut

Jason Statham has always been one icon to buzz his hair completely:

Jason Statham's "go to" buzzed look
Jason Statham

Buzz Cut with Goatee

The Fight Club's Tyler Durden Beard
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. Image source: E! Online

Buzz Cut with Beard

Short Hair on RDJ
Robert Downey Jr.

Drake Buzz Cut

Drake's Haircut is a stylized buzz cut with a fade.
Learn how to get the Drake Haircut.

Variation Tip: You may also leave more hair on top. For example, with the high and tight, the hair grows slightly longer on top, and the mohawk buzz may have much longer hair or even be styled with a comb-over look.

Do Buzz Haircuts Look Good?

This style was considered being the standard uniform, no-fuss look. Not meant to look good or bad, but there were certain ways of making it look worse. For example, if you didn’t know how to fade into the buzzed section properly or if you wanted to style a high and tight with a beard.

Keep your look well-balanced by uniformly buzzing and fading with different guides.

To keep your style on point, we offer these quick tips:

  • Study pictures of what you want beforehand
  • Find a cut that accentuates your features and keep length on top if you like
  • Get a pair of electric clippers including several guards from #1 to #4
  • Purchase a pair of barber shears to clean and fade hair more accurately
  • Follow our beard style and hair fade guides to get more tips

Check out a few videos first to the right look for you:

What Does a #3 Look Like?

What Does a #4 Look Like?

Before and after a buzz cut.


What Is A Buzz Cut?

The ‘Buzz Cut’ is a class of hairstyles where the head is shaved using clipper guards to form a short modern look. Buzzed cuts have many style variations, from the traditional with a uniform length to faded or tapered buzz cuts with stylish variable lengths. Styles are achieved using an electric shaver with single or multiple guards sizes #1, #2, or #3.

Are Buzz Cuts In Style?

There are several celebrities currently rocking buzzed look or who’ve popularized this trend for years. This look will always be in style because it’s fashionable for younger men, like Nick Jonas.

Do Girls Like Buzz Cuts?

There are several celebrity men who’ve buzzed their head to keep things simple. While we’re unaware of scientific studies on the attractiveness of short hairstyles, you can make it attractive if it builds your confidence. Since there’s very little hair to style, you should feel good about your face shape and take care of your skin since short hair calls attention to your hygiene.

What Number Is A Buzz Haircut?

The technique of using an electric clipper with uniform guard length, easily trimming your hair in minutes. You can clip your hair with varying guard sizes from #1 to #4. The shortest would be to buzz your hair with no guard, but you likely want to start with a #3 or #4 at first.

How fast do buzzed cuts grow back?

Buzzed hair typically grows back at a rate of about half an inch per month. However, individual growth rates can vary based on factors such as genetics, diet, and overall health. Therefore, the time it takes for a buzz cut to grow back can range from 1 to 6 months.

What is the difference between a buzz cut and a crew cut?

The main difference between a buzz cut and a crew cut is the length of the hair on top. A buzz cut is too short to be styled, while a crew cut features a longer top that can be swept to the side or styled with pomade for a fuller look. Historically, the crew cut had a faded silhouette with a difference in length between the sides, back, and top.

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