How to Dye a Beard: Ultimate 7 Step Guide


Easiest Ways to Dye Your Beard

As you age, the grey hairs come for your facial hair. So beard dye is an old standby tp help you look younger while making your beard look thicker and fuller. Many men dye their beards crush the greys, while others recolor for a new look.

Beard dye is one of the best solutions for grey hair, patchy colored beards or to change your beard color completely. Beard dye is easy to use, has a ton of cosmetic benefits and is readily available at any pharmacy or online.

See how your beard care can benefit from a new color. To find out if you should color your beard and see how it works – read our guide below.

How Does Beard Coloring Work?

Beard dye kits make it super easy to cover up gray hair, stray red hairs, stray brown hairs or change your beard color completely to match the hair on your head. From going to a bright blonde beard to opting for a darker, thick beard, beard dyes offer a range of color.

There are even some hair dye kits that work with beard hair, too. So choose a color that’s the best match for your hair.

There are a few different methods for beard dyeing as well, including:

  • Permanent dye powder and processor/base (typically included with a beard dye kit like Grizzly Mountain)
  • Semi-permanent hair dye creams (my favorite Just for Men)
  • Henna powder dyes
  • Cover-up or touch-up spray
  • Instant brush-on beard products (like Blackbeard for Men)

Can Hair Dye be Used on a Beard?

While hair dye could theoretically dye beard hair, it wasn’t developed to go penetrate tougher facial hairs. You may also risk irritating your face’s more sensitive skin. Before using any dye on your beard, always consult with a dermatologist.

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Avoid Irritating Ingredients

There are some ingredients in hair dye that may irritate the skin under your beard or create an allergic reaction. So, you should stay clear of dyes with the following ingredients:

Beard Dye Color Trends

We’ve found a few looks to check out if you need ideas on beard colors. However, if looking to cover greys in your beard, it’s best to go with a dark brown or black color depending on your hair color.

How Do You Dye a Beard?

There’s a safe way to apply beard color and dye your beard the right way. So, we strongly urge you to test products on a small hair patch before applying to your entire beard.

With so many beard coloring kits available, there’s a wide range with their own specific instructions. So, always follow the manufacturers box instructions to the letter.

Here we’ll cover the beard coloring or traditional beard dyeing method that uses a dye color and a processor to color your beard hair.

1. Prep Your Skin

Beard Washing

Note on prep: To wash or not wash your beard before coloring? Some believe you should wash your beard beforehand, cleaning hair follicles and removing dead skin cells.

Where others believe washing removes essential oils from your skin, leaving it exposed. I can make an argument for both, so I’ll defer to your favorite dye product’s instructions.

I personally like to shampoo my beard before coloring, then pat dry. I feel like I’m working on a clean slate.

Protect the Skin

Before you painting your beard, take a small pea-sized amount of vaseline and massage into the skin beneath your beard hair.

Try not to get too much on your hair. It’s a tedious process but will protect your skin from trying to absorb the dye.

2. Prepare the Dye

Most beard dye kits come with everything you need in the same box. However, there are some products like ReflectoCil that sell items separately, so be mindful when buying.

Most kits will include:

  • Base color or tint
  • Color developer
  • Applicator brush

3. Mix the Beard Dye

In this step, follow the instructions meticulously on the beard dye kit.

There’s typically a color dye and a processor which must be mixed together appropriately.

Mix the solution with the plastic end of the brush if you don’t have a plastic utensil to do so. You shouldn’t use the bristle side of the brush as it may cause your color to be uneven once you paint on the color.

Mix Enough

Most dye kits come with multiple applications, so you can always use more on a second application if you want a darker look.

When mixing your product, make just enough dye to cover your beard once, however if you have more hair, you may need to create more product yield. This definitely takes a little practice.

Always use a plastic or glass bowl to mix your dye, as metal bowls will oxidize the beard paint and change the dye color.

4. Apply to Beard

You should always read through the instructions first and follow the technique suggested. Here is the basic way to apply beard dye using an applicator brush and the dye solution.

After you have mixed up the dye solution, take the applicator brush and dip the very tip of your brush into the mix. You should only do a little bit at a time, using just enough to cover your beard hair.

When applying, you’ll use an up-and-down movement, applying the dye deep into the beard strands. You may want to start at one side and work across systematically to cover all parts of your beard and mustache.

You also want to avoid getting the dye on your skin as much as possible. In this case, use light strokes with the brush to apply the dye to each strand.

Applicator Tips

You should only buy a beard dye kit if it comes with an applicator brush. These applicators have long handles and special bristles to help the dye product stay on your facial hair.

You’ll use gentle up and down strokes, starting at your sideburns or side of your beard and moving inward to your chin.

Be careful with beard dye as it can stain your skin. When handling the color, you may want to use gloves to protect your skin completely.

5. Wait for Color to Set

Every beard dye kit has a set amount of time to wait for the beard dye to “set” or change the color of your hair – so refer to instructions.

If it’s an instant or quick application, it may take only 10 minutes. With dye solutions as described above, it can take 20 to 40 minutes typically.

Start Lighter

It’s best to start with a shade lighter and gradually dye your beard to be darker, to match your eyebrow and hair color. Remember, your color will fade after each shampoo and rinse, so keep that in mind.

If you want it Darker

Once you have waited for the suggested time on the box, you can use a cotton swab or paper towel to wipe a small section of your beard hair.

If your beard color remains and you like the shade, then you’re done. However, if you want to go darker, you may need a second application and wait again.

6. Rinse the Excess

Once time is up and you like the beard color, you can rinse out the excess dye with cold water.

If the color is too dark, do a quick shampoo, but it can fade the color, so be careful.

Once finished, pat your beard gently with a towel or rag to ensure that the color has set in and doesn’t run.

7. After Care

You can extend the length of your beard hair dye by using a color-safe shampoo. Dye has a strong scent, so you will want to wash your beard after the first day.

Beards grow quickly, so it’s best to stay on top of new gray or original color hairs.

Follow up with a good beard oil to help smooth and soften your beard.

How to Dye a Beard Blonde

Dyeing your beard blonde is no easy task as the tactics and products are somewhat limited. I’ve outlined 4 options below.

Can you Dye your Beard Blonde?

If you have light hair color, dyeing your beard blonde is possible with the help of a professional barber. This is the safest option and will produce the most natural looking results.

How to dye beard blonde. Platinum blonde beard and mustache.
Platinum blonde beard and mustache.

Blonde Beard Tinting

If you have light or gray hair, Just for Men Blonde and Sandy Blonde beard dye available. However, it’s for light tinting only. If you have a dark beard, this option won’t work for you.

Just for Men Blonde Beard Dye

Bleaching Your Beard with Hair Dye

Though it’s not recommended, using a platinum beard dye can produce an ultra blonde beard if done correctly.

You can try beard dye doing a small patch test or use it directly on the skin of your forearm to see if it will work for you.

Avoid horror stories from hair dye gone bad and stick with professional help.If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to try out the dye you want to use before going all the way.

Before attempting yourself watch the video I’ve linked up a below.

Bleaching beard blonde.

Permanent or Temporary Beard Dye

Permanent Beard Dye

This includes any product that’s meant to stay in your hair from 4 to 6 weeks. While these aren’t exactly permanent, they last a lot longer between applications than a temporary or semi-permanent hair dye.

It also doesn’t wash out easily, so you may be stuck with a permanent beard color if you don’t test it out first.

Semi-Permanent Beard Dye

Also called temporary or non-permanent dye, these dyes vary in their length of time. Some last for just two weeks, while others can last up to four weeks.

The big characteristic of these dyes is that they tend to look extremely dark or colorful at first, then fade with each wash.

Natural Beard Dye

Natural beard dyes work the best and won’t stress out your beard. There are also quick and easy methods of painting your beard using beard dyes like Blackbeard products, which work best for covering up greys.

However, if you want to fill in your beard and add a darker color, we suggest going with Grizzly Mountain or Just for Men because of how natural the colors look. You may also want to save some dye to color in your eyebrows.

How Often Should You Dye Your Beard?

If you have never dyed your beard before, then you should probably test out a kit and see if your skin is sensitive to the ingredients. We chose safe beard dyes with natural ingredients and no PPDs for our beard dye reviews.

For those who experience no skin issues after the sensitivity test, you should be able to use beard dye every 2 to 4 weeks or as needed if your greys keep showing up. If you want to wait longer in between colorings, then you may want to look for a stronger permanent method for dyeing your beard.

We also don’t recommend the Just for Men beard dye products because of the potential to burn your skin and diminish the health of your hair. There have been multiple lawsuits showing that these products aren’t safe.


How Long Does Beard Dye Last?

This depends on the brand and type of beard dye. There are creams, sprays, dye solutions, and henna powders. However, there’s one key difference you should look for when purchasing a beard dye.

If you’re skeptical about dyeing your beard or want a professional opinion, your local barbershop should be able to show you photos and talk to you about the right color to match your beard to your hair.

Can You Bleach a Beard?

While you can certainly dye or bleach your beard if you take the proper steps to support your beard care routine, it’s not the greatest idea for your facial hair’s overall health. So, research the proper products to protect from hair damage before dyeing it.

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