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Men are lucky to have all kinds of ways of styling their facial hair to get the perfect face shape. One of the best facial hair styles is the beardstache because it combines a longer mustache with a shorter beard for a super unique look.

When you combine beard styles, you automatically start something new and trendy. The beardstache has been made popular by stars like Henry Cavill, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Dornan.

What is the Beardstache?

The beardstache is a beard style with longer mustache hair on top of a slightly shorter beard or even stubble beard. The main focus is on the length of the mustache and how it blends in with the rest of your shorter beard hair.

Much like its name, the beardstache is a combination of a longer mustache style like the Walrus or Chevron with your beard. Some beard wearers like to blend the ends of the mustache into short tidy beards, while others separate the long mustache from a stubble beard with clean-shaven areas in between.

This look has become so popular on Instagram thanks to beard enthusiasts like Millington and Jeff Buoncristiano.

Best Beardstache Styles

To get tips on how to style this beard, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to grooming a beardstache, but we think it’s best to show you the many ways men have worn this look in the past.

Pro Tip: For the best beardstache cut without watching any tutorial videos, get a barber to cut and shave your beard, then just maintain your beard hair length using your own trimmers and barber shears.

Face Shape Guide for Beardstaches

We think you can personally style and groom a beard shape that matches your face, but experts on this style state that the beardstache goes with a strong jawline and strong upper lip to grow out your mustache.

This means these two face shapes go best with the beardstache:

  • Square face shape
  • Triangle face shape
  • Diamond face shape
  • Oval face shape

However, experts say that rounder faces and heart face shapes should avoid this style. We think this depends on your beard growing experience and knowing the right beard length.

Celebrities with Beardstaches

From the star of Fifty Shades of Grey to other male celebrities like Jon Hamm and Zac Efron, the beardstache is a captivating facial hair style that these stars made popular.

Jamie Dornan beardstache
Jamie Dornan sported a beardstache for the movie The Siege of Jadotville.
Zac Efron Beardstache
Zac Efron also sported a slightly updated beardstache at the premiere for his Ted Bundy movie on Netflix: EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE in 2019.
Henry Cavill Beardstache
Henry Cavill made the beardstache famous at this premiere.
Jon Hamm beardstache
Jon Hamm shows off beardstache
at the “Mad Men” Black and Red Ball saying farewell to the famed series.

Beardstache with Short Beard

Unlike the full beard, this look goes best with shorter beard styles, including longer stubble beards or short goatee styles.

Beardstache with Short Beard
Image source: @brianhickman1 on Instagram

Beardstache with Stubble Beard

Heavy stubble looks best with a longer mustache for this style.

beardstache with stubble

Hipster Beardstache

Need to bring more attention to your top lip? The hipster mustache goes well with the stubble beard.

Hipster Beardstache
Handlebar variation Beradstache

Beardstache with Chevron Mustache

chevron mustache beardstache

How to Get a Beardstache

Before you shave this look, take note of these pre-shave tips:

  1. Use an electric beard trimmer with comb guards
  2. Let your beard dry and brush out your hair before shaving
  3. Get barber mustache scissors to trim your facial hair
  4. Try a beard shaping tool for straight or curved cheek lines to style your beard
  5. Apply mustache wax to style your hair further

1. Choose the Right Comb Guards

The key to this style is knowing the comb guard lengths you need to shave down your beard so that your mustache length pops out more. For that reason, you should start with a comb length of 4mm or lower and buzz down your facial hair to the right beard length you like.

2. Determine Length and Style of Mustache

The mustache is the focal point of the beardstache so you want to pick a length and thickness that will shine over your beard, which should be trimmed back.

Any longer mustache style will work perfectly to showcase a true beardstache. Some styles of mustache can be found here:

Quick Tips for Trimming Your Mustache

  • Follow guides for trimming mustaches like the Chevron or Horseshoe
  • Fade your mustache connector lines using multiple comb sizes, going from longer 5mm to 2mm or so
  • Don’t forget to dry and brush out your mustache hair before determining the length

2. Outline Your Beard

If going from a very long, thick beard style, you’ll need to clean-shave around your cheeks and trim up your neckline first. This is helpful to tone down your beard length so your mustache can take center stage.

We suggest using a beard shape guide to define your cheek lines and jawline because it will help you style your beard hair shorter than your mustache.

You can also choose a beard shape that covers just your chin, more of your chin and jaw, or connects up to your sideburns. Some beard shapes that work best with this longer mustache and stubble beard look include:

  • Goatee
  • Stubble beard
  • Extended goatee
  • Short beard styles

3. Stick to the Beardstache Rule

The mustache rules the beardstache. If you look at yourself in the mirror and your mustache doesn’t look longer than your beard, then you should consider going down another length on your chin and mouth hair.

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