Wolverine Beard Style: How to Get It & Look Like a Badass


Wolverine Beard

As comic book fans love to point out, the Wolverine beard is one of the coolest celebrity beard styles. But did you know Hugh Jackman wasn’t the first choice for Wolverine? Now, Jackman’s facial hair has become like Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow beard.

The Wolverine beard is a combination of thick, full beard growth and mutton chops without the mustache. The iconic beard style was made popular by the Wolverine character “Logan” from the X-Men movies played by actor Hugh Jackman.

So learn to cosplay with the Wolverine beard or just grow something as wildly cool that suits your face shape. Use our complete guide to the Wolverine facial hair style below.

Classic Wolverine Beard

In 2000, X-Men was released, showing off a spot on Wolverine portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

Wolverine Beard
Hugh Jackman as “Wolverine”.
Classic Wolverine Beard
Classic Wolverine Beard. Image source: VanityFair.com.

Wolverine Beard in X-Men

In each movie, his beard is styled differently while sticking to the same thick mutton chops, although sometimes he has more chin and mustache stubble.

Wolverine X-Men Beard
Wolverine X-Men Beard
Wolverine Beard Style in X-Men
X-Men Beard. Image: Hollywood Reporter.

Logan Beard Style

By 2017, Wolverine had grown out of his mutton chops, opting for a full beard with long sideburns and connected facial hair.

Logan Wolverine Beard
The new Wolverine Beard in “Logan”.

Hugh Jackman Beard

While on-screen Wolverine typically has longer mutton chops, Hugh often lets his beard grow and keeps his mustache style on the lighter side, even when not filming X Men movies.

How to get the Wolverine Beard

Whether or not you like mutton chops, Logan’s beard is unique, rebellious, and stylish. For those who already have a full beard and mustache, you’re just a trim away from becoming Wolverine. However, if you don’t have any facial hair, it may take a few months to get the thick Wolverine beard.

Actor Hugh Jackman doesn’t keep the mutton chops all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t trim your stubble and create this facial hair style exactly to the shape of Wolverine sideburns and beard.

1. Grow your Beard out

Make the choice now. Do you want to grow a full beard and trim away or style your stubble towards the mutton chops Wolverine look?

Both steps take some time to grow hair, and you can leave the grooming behind for a few months.

Mutton chops don’t have to be fully and bushy either, and if you prefer a short beard, then you can maintain your beard hair length.

2. Study the Wolverine Beard Style

Once you have a thick base of facial hair, you’re ready to shape this character beard style.

3. Shape and Trim

It’s easy to create the Jackman’s Wolverine beard by trimming away your mustache and a strip of chin hair. However, there’s one area that requires a bit more attention to get the “perfect Wolverine shape” like in the movies.

Tools and Supplies

  • Electric beard trimmer or razor
  • Trimmer guards in #.5, 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Barber shears or scissors
  • Beard shaper guides (optional)
  • Beard comb
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Beard balm or beard oil for finish

Thin and partially Shave Mustache

Wolverine doesn’t like a lot of hair on his upper lip, but his mustache isn’t completely removed. Reference the pic below to see where you need the corner mustache hair preserved.

Set your trimmer to a 1 to start, then trim down with a 0.5 and fade to a 0. (See our faded beard guide for more tips)

Wolverine Facial Hair
Wolverine Style Facial Hair doesn’t typically have a full mustache.

We think fading this to be clean-shaven in the middle or leaving a stubble mustache or no mustache is perfect for this look.

See Our Complete Beard Without Mustache Style Guide

Soul Patch?

Jackman vs Wolverine? Hugh Jackman likes to keep a little patch of hair below his bottom lip (AKA soul patch), but the Wolverine beard has a no soul patch policy.

Clean-Shave the Middle Chin

Take off the guard and shave away a strip of chin hair in the center of your chin. Wolverine beard separates the facial hair at the chin with a strip of clean-shaven skin.

This achieves the longer mutton chops beard while also putting that unique Wolverine spin.

It’s a fun experience trimming this beard, so spend some time on it and even fade your beard if you want to add a modern twist.

4. Beard Maintenance

  1. Electric trimmers work best for trimming down bushy patches and maintaining the overall shape
  2. Trim away stray hairs with barber shears
  3. Keep your cheeks and sideburns in check
  4. Trim and shave your neck hair but don’t create a strict edge
Hugh Jackman Goatee
Here’s Hugh without the movie beard. Just a goatee style, long sideburns and a side part hairstyle.

The best part is that you don’t have to keep this beard style neat and trim at all – the rough look is better. Wolverine’s beard style changes frequently, and Hugh Jackman has even taken inspiration to shape his own beard.

If you want to keep the Wolverine beard for the long-term, we recommend trying out Hugh Jackman’s laid-back scruff with thinner hair around his upper lip and chin.

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