Keanu Reeves Famous Patchy Beard (How to Copy it)


Keanu Reeves Patchy Beard

Keanu Reeves may be known for movies like The Matrix and John Wick, but to beardsmen all over the world, he’s also an icon for the patchy beard. While his acting chops have made him one of the most famous action stars, his celebrity beard style, and unique personality has also made the Canadian actor a huge with fans all over the world.

How did Keanu get his patchy beard? The actor has actually made significant progress in growing his beard over the past five years. To get Keanu’s beard, men simply need to start a beard care routine and pay attention to brushing facial hair to cover up patches.

If you have patchy beard growth, Keanu’s beard is the perfect style to aspire to. Your hair typically grows about ¼ an inch every 2 weeks, so it may take a few months to start seeing thicker growth.

Keanu Reeves Beard Style

Keanu Reeves wears a patchy beard style, meaning parts of his face have little or no facial hair growth. Often disliked by many beard wearers, Keanu embraces the patchy beard look. Because of his fame and stature, Reeves has become a beacon for those men less gifted with fuller beard hair.

Earlier in his career, Keanu has typically kept a clean-shaven look. We’ll take a look at how the actor, writer, producer, and director now in his 50s started off his facial hair until present-day where he sports a rather full beard with stylish patches.

Clean-Shaven Keanu

Clean Shaven Keanu Reeves
Young Keanu without beard

Stubble Beard Keanu

Stubble Beard Keanu
Sporting a trendy stubble beard

The Famous Patchy Beard

Patchy Beard Keanu
Keanu embraces his patchy beard

Full Beard

Full Beard Keanu
Keanu Reeves shows off his salt and pepper beard and longer hair.

Styled Beard

Keanu Reeves Beard Style
Confident beard style

How to Grow Out Your Beard Like Keanu

These tips can help any Keanu Reeves beard fan to grow a thicker beard naturally, and if that doesn’t work, we also have some guides on rapid beard growth to help with ongoing slow growth rates.

1. Define Your Beard Shape

Your beard shape is unique. What type of beard growth do you see when your facial hair comes in? Does it grow longer on your lips and chin?

Most men see facial hair growth on their upper lips and chin first. If you have patchy growth, the hardest areas to grow hair are typically around the mouth, where the hair connects from your mustache to your beard.

Other men have trouble growing hair along the jaw and will see patches around the hollows of their cheeks.

If you know where you have thicker areas of growth, you may want to use a boar bristle beard brush to direct hair where to grow over the patches. You can start by brushing your facial hair each morning, knowing what areas have spotty growth to hopefully sponsor thicker growth in that direction.

2. Add Special Beard Products to Your Routine

Most guys who grow out their beards just use a little shampoo in their beards to clean it quickly. This actually may make your beard and skin dry out if the formula contains sulfates and other chemicals that dry out your skin.

To help your beard grow and look healthy, try some of these products:

  • Beard Wash: This is a specially formulated beard shampoo that you put on in the shower, but it’s made with different oils and natural ingredients to prevent beard dandruff and other sensitive skin issues. Take a look at our best beard shampoos and washes guide.
  • Beard Combs and Brushes: Special wooden beard combs detangle and straighten your beard, but boar bristle brushes have also been rumored to stimulate new hair growth and achieve thicker hair. Read our best beard combs and best beard brush guides to see top products.
  • Beard Oil: We believe a dab of beard oil can keep dandruff away, but it’s also just a great idea for moisturizing your skin and keeping your hair follicles happy. Try our guide to beard oil.
  • Beard Balm:For more moisture and a bit of styling panache, beard balm is a better choice if you’re dealing with beard dryness and flakes. If you style your beard, balm will mold your hair when looking for a specific shape such as a ducktail beard.
  • Electric Trimmers and Razors:To shape and define your beard, you’ll want a variety of tools, but a good beard trimmer with multiple guards and edging capabilities is the best choice for ongoing trimming at home.

Once you have the right products, your beard will feel healthy as ever, and you can use a boar bristle brush to guide your hair where to grow each day to cover up patches.

3. Don’t Shave It Off

There will be days when you wake up and see the patches still there after months of patient waiting. First, brush your beard to see how thick it’s all over and try to cover up any patches.

If you really don’t think your beard will come in fully to get the style you want, there are plenty of ways to work around patchy beard growth, such as beard growth vitamins, Rogaine for beards and Food for beard growth.

Before giving up completely, look at some patchy beard styles that work perfectly when you don’t have thick facial hair.

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