The Monkey Tail Beard – Ridiculous and Fun to Try


monkey tail beard

The monkey tail beard features a wild new look to the average men’s beard style by wrapping around your face and twisting up to a mustache across the upper lip. So who would really want a monkey’s tail on their face, anyway? Read on to find out why.

What is a Monkey Tail Beard?

The Monkey Tail Beard is styled to simply look like a monkey placed its tail on your face. The tail grows from a single sideburn, down to the jawline, then wrapping around the chin and finally curling up and over into the mustache.

This wacky trend is a fun new facial hair style this generation can claim as their contribution to iconic bear styles for men. While at first glance, it may be hard to tell the beard doesn’t go up both sides of the jaw, this lighthearted, fun beard trend is guaranteed to make someone laugh.

Monkey tail beard hair
Crazy looking Monkey Tail
Monkey tail beard
Image source: @frasertelfor on Instagram

It’s a beard style that certainly captures the attention of anyone around, and it can be a real surprise to those when you turn your head to reveal the missing side of your beard. However, it may not be the most professional beard, depending on where you work and their facial hair policies.

It’s also been used to raise awareness for cancer on Instagram during men’s health month, which is in June, as well as during October for breast cancer awareness and No-Shave November. (The monkey tail can become an interesting beardstache style, too.)

Advantages of the Monkey Tail Beard

There’s no reason why you can’t have a little fun with your facial hair. It’s a captivating style that may even boggle the minds of those around you. There are even a few advantages to styling your beard this way.

Easy to Style

With a pair of clippers, you can easily clean-shave your neck and one side of your jaw. However, you want to move your clippers slowly along the curved edge of this beard so it’s not too thin. Below, you’ll find some updated pictures of the best monkey tail beards to style your own after.

Fun and Unique

While this look may be polarizing, it’s certainly original and takes a true jokester to pull it off. In addition, you’ll probably turn some heads everywhere you go.

Good for Raising Awareness

Men often use their facial hair to raise awareness of different causes. The monkey tail beard is a fun style for awareness, and you’ll find many of these variations on Instagram under #beardsofInstagram or #monkeytailbeard.

That’s why it’s perfect to wear for cancer awareness, as one monkey tail beard wearer proved with his pink monkey tail beard (see end of article).

Low Maintenance

Whether you want to try something different for a couple of days or surprise some friends with this upbeat beard style, you won’t have to do much to maintain it.

Stubble may grow around your monkey tail, but you can always clean it up to make the tail more visible again.

Monkey Tail Beard Pictures

Want to style the monkey tail beard? It’s easy to do, but you’ll need a careful hand to expertly curve your shaver around your chin and mouth, perfectly aligning with your mustache. All you need is a pair of electric beard shavers or even barber shears to carve out this look.

Start with a full beard and shave away the monkey tail to outline a clear shape from sideburn to mustache.

Monkey tail beard and mustache
The monkey tail mustache and beard combo instantly gets attention wherever you go. Image source: @nwhetstine on Instagram
Beard looks like a Monkey's Tail.
Image source: @kangarudy on Instagram
Full size Monkey beard style
Image source: @team.144 on Instagram
Pink Monkey Tail for awareness
When @steph_child91’s dad dyed his monkey tail pink for breast cancer awareness, he really wowed her followers on Instagram.
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