15 Best Beard Styles for Round Faces (2024)


Beard Styles for Round Faces

Many men think they can’t pull off a beard because they have a round face. That isn’t true.

Plenty of beard styles look great on guys with round faces. You need to find the right style for you.

This article will show you the best beard styles for round faces.

Best Beard Styles for Round Faces & Fat Guys

The best beards for round faces aim to add the illusion of a longer and more defined face shape. The style tip and trick is to add length to the chair area.

1. Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard for a rounded face. Professional Beard Style.
A Short Boxed Beard is good for a rounded face.

The short boxed beard is the perfect alternative to the full beard for men with round faces who aren’t comfortable with a full beard.

The neatly groomed, short boxed beard gives you a more defined face shape and is good for men with wider face shapes. It’s a professional beard style for a round face that can easily be worn to the office.

2. Balbo Beard

Balbo Beard for a round face.
Balbo Beard for a chiseled look.

Named after a politician “Italo Balbo“, the Balbo is similar to the Hollywoodian beard but better because it doesn’t add width. The Balbo beard will give your face an angular look while sharpening facial features to make them appear more distinct.

The style has slim sides with more volume on the chin while adding continuity along the jaw to the point of connection. This adds length to your face, makes curves less noticeable, and gives a more oval shape to your round face.

The style also allows you to grow a beard longer than the typical 1-2 inch length.

3. Anchor Beard

Robert Downey Jr. Anchor Beard - round face short beard styles
Robert Downey Jr. (plays Tony Stark) – Anchor Beard is a great short beard style option.

The Anchor Beard (AKA anchor goatee) is a short beard style perfect for highlighting the jawline and adding angles to the face without adding lots of facial hair.

This beard also provides a polished and put-together look, making it a perfectly round-face short beard style.

Shaped like a boat anchor, it’s a snap that keeps trim and refined looking without too much effort.

4. Hollywoodian

Jax Teller - The Hollywoodian is an excellent beard shape for round face.
Jax Teller Beard – The Hollywoodian is an excellent beard shape for a round face.

The Hollywoodian beard style, sometimes called the “extended goatee” or “tailback,” is one of the most popular choices for round faces.

With a goatee, mustache, and jawline facial hair, the beard style is suitable for round faces, giving the illusion of a longer and thinner face.

If you have a chubby face and are looking for a beard style that will make you look slimmer and more handsome, then the Hollywoodian is worth considering.

5. Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard for round and chubby faces.
Ducktail Beard for round and chubby faces.

The ducktail beard style is a brilliant choice for those with round heads and fat guys, as it balances the roundness with its short sides, long chin, and defined jawline. This is a go-to style choice!

This beard style features a prominent chin beard trimmed to a point and shorter than the sides and mustache. Ducktail beards vary in length, width, and pointiness, allowing a unique style for everyone.

6. Full Beard

Viggo Mortensen - Full Beard is amazing for a round face.
Viggo Mortensen – Full Beard is amazing for a round head.

A full beard is a popular round face beard style because of its versatility. A precision trimmed full beard looks amazing on a weak chin and round face.

This type of beard can make your face appear more proportional because the extra hair volume can be manipulated to straighten out the curved portions of the face.

The full style beard is straightforward and conventional and is always a popular option for its enhanced masculinity.

7. Garibaldi Beard

Nick Offerman - Garibaldi Beard for Chubby Guys.
Nick Offerman – Garibaldi Beard for Chubby Guys.

The Garibaldi beard style is an exceptional look for round faces and fat guys. It’s a long, full beard with rounded edges that extends well below the chin, stretching a round face into an oval shape.

The mustache is connected to the rest of the beard and is often styled in a handlebar shape. This beard style is a great option because it helps to add length and definition to an otherwise chubby looking face.

8. Verdi Beard

Verdi beards for round face shape.
Verdi Beard for Men.

The Verdi beard is another great option for round faces. This beard style is similar to the Garibaldi, but it features a thinner mustache that does not extend down the sides of the mouth.

The beard is also trimmed shorter and neater around the chin, making it appear more compact. This style works well for those with a round head because it elongates the face shape and helps soften the facial curves.

9. Van Dyke

Hugh Jackman Van Dyke Beard
Hugh Jackman – The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard is an elegant style that suits round faces the best by adding structure to your jawline, according to pro barbers. The style includes a V shape and provides a slimmer face for a more masculine touch, which is ideal for those with rounder, chubbier faces.

The style diverts attention to the chin area, giving your face a lengthier look – something that can benefit those with rounder visages.

10. Chin Strap Beard

Chin Strap Beard Style for Round Head Shapes.
Chin Strap Beard Style for Round Head Shapes.

The chin strap beard style is a popular choice for guys with round faces because it tends to slim down the facial features. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and has a sharp jawline.

However, if your face is really chubby, this style won’t add enough dimension as the style is typically kept along the chin.

11. Goatee

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Goatee Styles for Round Faces.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Goatee Styles for Round Faces.

You might want to consider growing a classic goatee if you have a round face. This beard style can help to make your face look more proportional and defined.

It’s an easy style to grow and maintain. However, unless you grow your chin hair on either side of the jaw, it won’t have a drastic thinning effect like the rest of the beard styles here.

12. Bandholz Beard

Bandholz Beard for increasing face length.
Bandholz Beard for increasing face length.

The Bandholz is another great option for round faces. This beard style features a thick, full beard that is allowed to grow out long and wild. The mustache is also allowed to grow long but is not typically connected to the beard.

The style will take patience to grow and require extra work to keep groomed, but it is a beast of a style. This style works well because the shear volume of the beard may be used to add hard edges to the facial curves.

13. Faded Beard

Faded beard styles for fat faces.
Faded beard styles for fat faces.

Faded beards are trendy and a great choice for round faces. They help to create depth and angles on your face, making it look more angular.

Though it can be done at home, the precision trimming by a barber would be well worth the extra trip. A fade can be a trendy and welcome addition to many beard styles for extra flair.

14. Stubble Beard

Stubble Beard style for Men.
Stubble Beard style for Men.

The stubble beard is a stylish beard that’s gained tons of popularity. It instantly adds character to your look and makes you appear more rugged and masculine.

If you have a darker color beard, it will give the impression of a slimmer face without adding any extra width.

Stubble can be grown in just a few days and is the easiest beard style to maintain while only needing an electric razor with a #1 guard.

15. Beardstache

Beardstache (best beards for round face) - Image courtesy of @chrisjohnmillington
Beardstache (best beards for round face) – Image courtesy of @chrisjohnmillington

A beardstache is a style of facial hair where the mustache is more significant in weight than the beard.

This look can be achieved by trimming the beard down to a very short length or even shaving it completely while allowing the mustache to grow out long and thick.

Beardstaches are a popular choice among men with round face shapes, as they help to offset the fuller cheeks and make the face appear more oval-shaped.

What is a Round Face Shape?

A wide hairline, full cheeks, and a rounded chin define a round face shape. Certain beard styles with short sides and volume along the chin can help minimize the roundness of facial features, giving the illusion of a longer face.

How do you know if you have a round face?

If you have a round face shape, your forehead, sides of the face, and chin will be short and lacking sharp angles. To correct this, you can try growing out your facial hair to add some extra definition to your face.

How to Choose the Right Round Face Shape Beard for Men?

Step 1: Determine your head shape

Look in the mirror or use a measuring tape to determine your face shape. If the widest part of your face is your cheekbones, you have a rounded chin and wide hairline; then you have a round face shape.

Step 2: Find a style that complements your face shape

First, we need to increase the face length. This can be done by choosing an angular beard style that frames the face well with volume along the chin and less on the sides.

Step 3: Choose a style that creates good angles

If you have a round face, it’s important to choose a beard style that will flatter your features and fit into your daily work and activity routines.

Keep your beard groomed and cared for to look its best. There are three steps to good beard care: cleanliness, conditioning, and styling. Experiment with different styles until you find one that looks best on you.

Step 5: Grow your beard length

Depending on their preferences, many different beard styles are suitable for round-faced men. So now it’s time to grow out your chosen style.

Growing a beard can boost your confidence and improve your facial appearance. Be sure to follow a proper beard care regimen to get the most out of your beard. Keep a clean face and beard to avoid skin irritation and bad Beard oil smells – more on that below.

Grooming Tips for Round Face Beard Styles

1. Keep your facial hair trimmed

It’s important to trim your facial hair if you have a bigger face. This will help to make your face look slimmer and avoid irritation or itching along the way.

2. Mind the sideburns

To style sideburns for a round face, it’s important to keep them trimmed short. This will help create the illusion of a narrower face. Muttonchops are never a good look, no matter the situation, and will make your face look wider.

3. Elongate Face Length with Chin Hair

If you have a rounded face, there are a few easy ways to elongate your chin. One way is to grow a chin strap or goatee. This will help to give the illusion of a longer chin.

Another way is to keep your beard or goatee well trimmed and neat. This will also help to create the illusion of a longer chin.

4. Keep your neckline clean

To keep your neckline clean, ensure any hair below your Adam’s apple is away from your neckline. This will give you a more polished look. Ensure your face looks vertically proportional, avoid a neckbeard, and hide any double chin.

5. Get a Good Haircut

If you have a round face, having the right haircut is important to finish your look. Check out Fat Guy Haircuts for the best inspiration.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best beard styles for round faces. Whether you’re looking for a short and tidy style or something a little longer and wilder, there’s sure to be a style that suits you. So get growing and find the perfect style for you!


What beard is best for a round face?

A short beard with thin, trimmed sides effectively complements a round face by emphasizing vertical lines and creating an elongated appearance. This style sharpens the facial structure and minimizes roundness.

What type of beard is best for chubby guys?

The ducktail beard is ideal for men with larger features, as it lengthens the face with its pointed, longer bottom and sleek, shorter sides. It also aids in camouflaging a double chin, enhancing facial contour.

What beard style slims your face?

Goatees, such as the Van Dyke style or a goatee with a soul patch, are effective in slimming the face. These styles draw focus to the center of the face, promoting a V-shaped facial illusion and highlighting the jawline.

Should I shave my beard if I have a round face?

No, instead, focus on styles that elongate the face, such as well-trimmed sideburns and a triangular goatee or a short, squared-off beard. These styles narrow the appearance of a round face by drawing attention vertically.

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