Beards for Double Chin & Weak Chin: 7 Must-Know Styles


Beards for Weak Chins

When asked, many men feel they have a weak jawline to some extent. But if you want to hide the chin, a beard can be the perfect solution. Not only will it cover your chin nicely, but it can also create the illusion of a stronger and structured jaw.

If you’re looking to grow a beard for the first time, here are some tips that will help make the process as smooth as possible. And if you already have a beard and want to start hiding your weak chin, read on for some essential beard styles that will help achieve the desired effect!

Is a Beard a Good Way to Hide a Weak Chin?

The short answer is yes, and choosing the right style is key to hiding a weak chin. With many beards to choose from, finding one to suit your face and chin type is key to a stronger looking chin.

Tips for Growing a Weak Chin Beard

If your jawline is weak, pointed or shallow, you can use facial hair to create the illusion of a stronger jaw structure. With so many beard options, start with the basics to get the right style.

1. Determine your Face Shape

The first step is to determine your facial shape and facial features that make up your jaw. This will help you choose the beard style that best suits your features and chin.

It’s important you grow a beard that flatters your face type, so some experimentation may be required. So, experimenting until you find one that looks good on you!

Once you’ve determined the shape of your face, it’s time to start looking for styles that will flatter it. We have pics below to help.

2. Grow your Beard Out

You need some hair to work with. So, no matter the style of beard you’re after, you’ll need to grow out some facial hair first.

Beard growth is slowest at the beginning, so you’ll need to be patient for a few weeks depending on your rate of growth. So, stay with minimal trimming until you have a good base.

3. Keep the Neckline Low

There are a lot of styles that work well on men with double chins or weak jawlines. The ones that incorporate a low neckline beard can help.

It’s important to manage the height of the neckline. General rule of thumb is 2 fingers up from the adam’s apple.

The goal is to trim your beard in a way that frames your neckline and avoids going too high on your cheeks. This will give you an edge in terms of facial attractiveness.

4. Trim Sharp Edges and Bold Angles

If you want your beard to look its best, make sure that the sharp edges and bold angles are properly trimmed. Certain styles take advantage of the angles and edges like a boxed beard or ducktail.

Dull or uneven edges can cause lumps and bumps on your face, which will only make your double chin or weak jawline beard look worse. If you’re not comfortable trimming facial hair yourself, find a professional barber who can do it properly for you.

5. Keep the Sides Short

Keeping the sides short is one of the best ways to achieve a sharp-looking jawline beard look. By trimming it regularly, you will keep it in shape and style.

Too much bulk on the cheeks will shorten your face. While it’s a good tactic for some facial shapes, those trying to strengthen their jaw area should avoid it. So, by keeping the sides short, you’ll create balance and symmetry in your beard appearance.

6. Keep it Groomed

Keeping your beard groomed and styled is an important part of your beard grooming routine. It ensures that people can see your reshaped jawline clearly, which will help you look more presentable.

Plus, investing in beard grooming regularly will give you the desired jaw strengthening effect every time.

Your beard care routine should then include using a beard brush or comb daily, use a good beard oil and beard balm.

7. Consult a Barber

Having a beard that frames your face and looks good on you is important.

Working with a barber is a great option. Typically, they know exactly how to widen a narrow jawline and soften a double chin with the right beard style.

You need to find someone who knows how to style beards for these specific types of facial features, proportions and widths.

Best Beard Style for Weak Chins

If you’re suffering from a weak chin, it’s time to invest in a beard! Choosing the right style beard can be tricky, but with the help of these must-know beard styles, you’ll be on your way to a jaw-dropping beard that reshapes your face.


Ducktail Beard to help a Weak Chin.
Ducktail Beard to help a Weak Chin.

If you’re looking for a versatile beard that can be dressed up or down, then a ducktail beard is the one for you! This style of beard is grown out and tapered at the end like a duck’s tail, giving it a unique look.

It’s perfect if you have a receding chin, as it fills-in the jawline with facial hair. Additionally, it’s a trendy look worn by many celebrities.


Garibaldi beards for a strong a chin line.
Garibaldi beards are bushy, rounded, and thick. They can help strengthen a chin line.

If you’re looking for a beard that will make your weak chin go away, the Garibaldi style is perfect for you.

This beard style is designed to give you a fuller appearance and helps to create the illusion of a strong jawline. If your chin tends to be weak, this might be the best option for you.


Strong jawline with a Balbo Beard.
Strong jawline with a Balbo Beard.

If you’re looking for a beard style, that’s versatile and can be styled to match any face shape, the Balbo should definitely be on your shortlist.

This classic beard look is short and neat, with no fancy designs or patterns. It wraps around the jaw so it’s perfect if you have a weak chin. Just make sure the beard is kept trim, so it doesn’t become unmanageable.

Yeard Beard

Longer jaw line with a Yeard Beard.
Longer jaw line with a Yeard Beard.

If you’re looking for a beard that will give your face an overall rugged look, try the yeard beard.

This style is perfect if you already have some beard length and want to grow way past your chin line. Yeard beards are also popular among those who want to get rid of double chins – as they help disguise this unsightly facial feature.


Lumberjack beard create a wider and longer jawline.
Lumberjack beard creates a wider and longer jaw.

If you want to sport a rugged beard that will make your double chin look smaller, go for the lumberjack style. This beard is tough enough to handle the extra chin while still looking masculine and stylish.

The sideburns should be long while the beard should be filled in at the cheeks and below the jawline. Remember to keep the cheeks trimmed short and not too puffy. Avoiding too much facial hair on top is key, as it will only make your neckline look bigger otherwise.

Faded Beard

Faded Beard for a weak chin.
Faded Beard has style and dimension to a weak chin.

If you’re looking for a beard that’s both stylish and helps with the weak chin, the faded beard is style perfection. This style is on top of current fashion trends and adds extra dimension to most beards styles.

This type of beard requires extra skill to pull off with extra trimmer guards. However, a successful fade will thin upper areas of your face while allowing the beard to reshape the jaw area, giving your weak chin a fuller appearance.

Chin Beard

A chin beard elongates a weak jawline.
A chin beard elongates a weak jawline.

The chin beard is perfect to fill-in weak areas around your jawbone. The chin beard is facial grown right on the chin and around the jawline. Typically, this style does not have a mustache nor sideburns. However, depending on your face shape, you may opt for either or both.

Long Goatee

The long goatee hides the small chin well.
The long goatee hides the chin well.

There’s no need to go for a full beard if you’re not comfortable with the idea of having one. A long goatee style is the perfect solution – it gives you the coverage needed to fill out your chin and make your face look fuller.

Simply grow a standard goat beard and continue growing out the hair along the chin. The extended chin hair can be shaped to suit your face once you have enough length to play with.

Classic Full Beard

The full beard reshapes the chin.
The full beard reshapes the chin.

There’s no doubt that a classic full beard is a look that commands attention. It can cover up your neck and give the illusion of having a perfect chin, making it perfect for those who want to project an image of MANliness.

So, if you’re looking for a beard that will help mask your chin and give your face the fuller appearance you’ve always wanted, go for a full beard.

Worst Beards for a Weak Chin

If you have a weak chin, it’s important to be aware of the many terrible beard styles that are sure to make your chin look even worse.

  1. First and foremost, avoid very blonde or white beards. These colors will only accentuate your chin’s weak points even further.
  2. Second, go for styles that are full and rounded, as these will cover your chin better.
  3. Third, avoid styles that don’t fill voids of your chin.
  4. And finally, make sure the beard style is well-matched to your face – go for styles that fit the contours of your face best. This way, you’ll be less likely to suffer from beard envy and more likely to enjoy the perfect beard for your chin.

Stubble Beard

Short stubble beards don't help the chin profile.
Short stubble beards don’t help the chin profile.

Stubble beard is one of the latest trends for men’s style, and it’s gaining a lot of attention online. It’s basically facial hair that’s not trimmed or shaved completely but styled into an unshaven look.

While beard stubble is great from some men, it’s a poor choice for those with small chins. The beard hair isn’t long enough to have a positive effect.


The Beardstache does not add depth to the chin.
The Beardstache does not add depth to the chin.

I personally like this style. However, for weaker chin men, this beard look isn’t the best style. There’s just not enough dimension to fill the small chin space. There are better options.

However, if you grow the beard portion out more than light stubble to a short beard, it could work if your chin isn’t drastically small or disproportionate. Just know the larger you grow the beard, the larger you must grow a thick mustache, otherwise you’ll just have a beard and not a beardstache!

Circle Goatee

The circle goatee doesn't improve the chin's profile or length.
The circle goatee doesn’t improve the chin’s profile or length.

If you have a weak chin, then a circle goatee might focus too much attention on the jaw area you’re trying to distract.

However, if you grow the circle goatee slightly wider than your jaw and the length lower than your chin, the beard would give the illusion of strength. The added width will provide the necessary look to achieve balance in your facial structure.

Does a Beard Work for Double Chin?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding beards and their suitability for people with a double chin.

Firstly yes, a beard can work for people with double chin. If the beard is well-designed and trimmed correctly, it will help hide the chin area and make the chin look smaller.

Additionally, a beard can add character and uniqueness to the face, which can be attractive and masculine. However, keep in mind that a beard is not a magic wand – it won’t miraculously make your thick neckline go away. If not shaped properly, it can make the chin look even bigger!

Best Beard Style for Double Chins

If you have a double chin, it’s important to know the best style of beard that can suit your unique facial features. The goal is to soften the appearance of the extra chin and bring back some manly confidence.

So let’s look at some beards that will cover the chin and neck, making the chin appear smaller and less prominent.

Full Beard

If you have a double chin, the full beard style is a great way to disguise it. The bulk of the beard will hide the weight of your chin and bring balance to your facial appearance.

Furthermore, full beard can add some much-needed boost to your image and help disguise areas of concern.

Duck’s Tail or Pointed Beard

There are many styles of beard for men, but if you’re looking for an angular style that will give the illusion of a defined chin, go for the ducktail beard.

The length and volume of the beard and the pointed duck portion is a great for hiding. The focus will be on the magnificent beard and not your extra chin.

The Balbo

The Balbo beard is the perfect addition to any guy’s style. It will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your neckline, while also giving you that desired “chiseled-chin” look.

There are various styles and length of the beard, so you need to experiment with your face shape and style.

Boxed Beard

The box beard hides all the chins.
The box beard hides all the chins.

For those looking for fuller facial hair, go for a boxed beard that stretches down to your jawline. This will give you an overall look that’s more appealing and on trend.

The medium or long boxed beard is perfect for concealing those chins. Its emphasis is on the natural shape of the jawbone while giving you a more masculine appearance in the process.

Bandholz Beard

Bandholz Beard easily hides the double chin.
Bandholz Beard easily hides the double chin.

This beard is all about the fullness. The beard hair starts at chin level and gradually gets thicker towards the neckline, giving you a chiseled jaw look that’s hard to forget.

Plus, this long hair style will make your second chin disappear for good! You just need the patience to grow it.

Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi Beard hides the double chin.
Garibaldi Beard hides the extra chin.

The Garibaldi beard is a classic style that will suit most double chin men. The extra volume of the Garibaldi and roundness is very forgiving and will hide well.

So, for those with a big neckline, go with this fuller, rounder beard that covers your neck and cheeks completely.

The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack Beard conceals the neck.
The Lumberjack Beard conceals the neck.

There’s something rugged and masculine about the lumberjack – a thicker beard that projects an image of strength and masculinity. This beard style is perfect for those ready to hide their double chin and give themselves a more striking appearance.

The lumberjack beard starts at the lower jaw and gradually gets thicker towards the neckline, giving you that full facial look. It’s kept a bit unruly, so it distracts well.

Yeard Beard

Yeard Beard conceals the chins.
Yeard Beard conceals the chins.

Yeard beards are also perfect for those who want to get rid of double chins – as they help disguise the unwanted extra chin. It’s a longer beard style, so it will take an entire year to grow, but well worth it.

The Harden

The James Harden beard will disguise the second chin.
The James Harden beard will disguise the second chin.

Another big beard style. The Harden beard is ideal for double chin men as it will conceal the extra weight. However, be careful growing too much hair on the upper cheeks. James Harden doesn’t have a second chin so he can grow the cheeks out.

Worst Beards for a Double Chin

If you have a double chin, it’s important to know which beard styles are not suitable for you. The following beards can make your chin look even bigger.

Stubble Beard

Beard stubble doesn't work to hide the double chin.
Beard stubble doesn’t work to hide the double chin.

A beard with short whiskers that’s too short won’t cover the double chin at all. Your beard should extend below your jowls or lower if you want it to properly cover.

Chin Strap beard

The chin strap won't work to hide the double chin.
The chin strap won’t work.

A chin strap beard is the worst type of beard for men with a big neckline. This style will emphasize the jawline and you’ll see double chins look even bigger.

Goatee Beards

The Goatee is a bad choice.
The Goatee is a bad choice.

Unless you have a long goatee, it’s not the best style for someone with a double chin. The goatee won’t add enough dimension to cover the lower, second chin and will give the illusion you have a chin below your beard.


The good news is, a beard is a great way to disguise a weak chin and improve your facial appearance. To get the best results, style your beard properly to hide your heavy neckline and give you a more proportioned jawline.


Can a beard hide a double chin?

Yes a beard can help hide a double chin. The truth lies in the way the beard is styled. A full beard will cover your double chin, while trimming it down won’t. This means that if you want to wear a beard and conceal your double chin, you’ll have to style it correctly so it doesn’t add extra weight to your look.

How do I shape my beard with a double chin?

Shape your beard to mask your double chin by shaving the sides and top of your neck. This will help to trim away hair that hangs down towards the neckline and gives the appearance of a more proportioned neckline. For beards with a more pronounced double chin, shave more on the cheeks and below your upper lip – this will provide better shaping balance.

Do beards help a jawline?

Certain beard can help achieve a more proportioned looking chin. Depending on your facial features, some beards will work better than others. For example, chin beards and full beard styles can add shape and strength to a weak jawline.

Can stubble hide a double chin?

Unfortunately, a stubble beard will not hide a double chin and will actually make it look worse in most cases. The fact is, this short beard doesn’t have the facial hair depth required to adequately hide the second chin.

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