10+ Short Fade Haircuts for Men: Styles and Ideas for a Cleaner Look


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Looking for a way to elevate your short hairstyle? Look no further than the short fade haircut. This modern and trendy look is perfect for the gentleman who wants to add a touch of boldness to his style without being too flashy. The gradual reduction of hair length from the temples to the ears draws attention, adding shape and focus to your overall look.

But why stop there? Adding texture to the top of your hair allows you to take your style to the next level and truly stand out from the crowd. Don’t settle for a traditional short hairstyle when you can achieve grooming perfection with a short fade. Read on to discover how this fade style can transform your look.

What is a short fade haircut?

A short fade haircut is a style where the hair on the sides and back gradually fades from longer to shorter, creating a smooth transition from the longer hair on top. It is achieved by either tapering or buzzing the hair on the sides and back to create a fade effect.

There are different types of fades, including low, mid, and high fades, which refer to where the fade starts on the sides and back of the head. The benefit of choosing a short fade haircut is its versatility, as it allows for various lengths, textures, and styles on top while still maintaining a clean and polished look. It is also easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for men’s hairstyles.

What to consider when choosing a short fade haircut?

When choosing a short fade haircut, several factors must be considered to ensure the perfect style for your face shape, hair texture, and personal style preferences. It’s important to consult with your barber as they can provide expert advice to guide you towards the most suitable and flattering fade haircut.

Consider your lifestyle and workplace dress code before adding color to your hair. The low fade haircut suits short and medium hair lengths, while a medium length hairstyle complements a slicked-back look. Combining your short fade with facial hair can create a cohesive and stylish appearance. It’s crucial to clearly communicate your desires and expectations with your barber, bringing pictures of styles you like and being open to their suggestions.

Guys can choose from various fade haircuts, ranging from dramatic contrasts to clean cuts. With proper maintenance and styling, a short fade haircut will keep you looking fresh and on-trend. By following these tips, you can achieve a stylish and manageable look that showcases your personality and enhances your appearance.

Best short fade haircuts for men

Short Mohawk Fade

short mohawk fade
Short Mohawk Fade

The short mohawk fade is a popular and edgy hairstyle for men that features a pronounced mohawk with shaved sides that gradually taper into the skin. This low-fade cut creates contrast and adds a stylish touch to any look. The length of the mohawk can vary depending on personal preference and hair type, and the fade can be high, mid, or low depending on the desired level of contrast.

This cut works well for most face shapes and hair types and can be enhanced with strong-hold products to maintain the height and structure of the mohawk. Examples of this style can be found on Instagram under the hashtags #shortmohawkfade or #lowfademohawk.

Short Mid Fade Haircut

short mid fade haircut
Short Mid Fade Haircut

To achieve the perfect short mid fade haircut for men, start with at least an inch of hair on top. The sides and back should be gradually tapered starting from the top of the ears, with the midpoint of the sides and back being the starting point of the fade. Communication with your barber is crucial to blend the fade seamlessly. Regular maintenance is also important to keep the look sharp.

Use a good quality styling product, such as clay or pomade, to add texture and hold to the hair on top. The short mid fade is a versatile, timeless haircut that complements various hair lengths and styles. With proper maintenance and styling, this mid fade haircut can provide a bold and edgy look that is appropriate in both casual and professional settings. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different variations of this classic haircut to find the one that suits your style best.

Taper Fade Short Hair

taper fade short hair
Taper Fade Short Hair

A taper fade is a gradual decrease in hair length from the top to the neckline, blending hair from one length to another subtly. It differs from other fade haircuts, such as skin or bald fades, as it maintains more hair while still providing clean lines. The high taper fade, low taper fade, and temple fade are popular taper fade short haircuts for men.

The high taper fade features longer hair on top that can be styled into a slick back or pompadour, while the low taper fade reveals just the right amount of skin for a purposely sleek look. The temple fade tapers around the ear very smoothly and is great for men with round or square face shapes. This haircut suits men with straight or wavy hair who want a professional and polished appearance without sacrificing style. The top should be kept full and styled according to personal preference.

Blowout Fade Short Hair

blowout fade short hair
Blowout Fade Short Hair

The blowout fade short hair is a men’s hairstyle with short sides that gradually transition to a burst of hair on top, creating a unique and elongating look. This style is perfect for men with broad or round faces who want to slim their face’s appearance. The blowout is achieved by brushing the hair backward and upward using heat tools and styling products, and pairing it with a low fade for a neat and polished appearance. To achieve this cut, use a volumizing product before blow-drying and finish with hair wax (medium hold) and hairspray.

For wavy or curly hair types, use anti-frizz hair cream before blow-drying and finish with hair wax (medium or stronghold) and hairspray. Recommended styling products include Johnny’s Chop Shop – Wild Cat Clay for a dry finish. This low-maintenance haircut is suitable for most face shapes and hair textures, making it a versatile option for style-conscious men.

Low Fade Short Hair

low fade short hair
Low Fade Short Hair

A low fade is a haircut where the hair gradually gets shorter as it goes down the sides of the head, typically stopping around the ears or nape of the neck. It differs from other types of fades, such as the high fade or skin fade, in that it starts lower on the head. Men with shorter hair can benefit from a low fade as it can create a clean and polished look while also helping to hide thinning hair.

Popular low fade haircuts include the short fade, the faux hawk with a fade, and the slicked back with a low taper fade. The low skin fade is another variation that involves shaving the hair down to the skin around the ears and nape of the neck. The low fade is a versatile and stylish option for men looking to update their short haircuts.

Mid Fade Short Hair

mid fade short hair
Mid Fade Short Hair

The mid fade short hair is a popular choice among men who want a stylish and versatile haircut. It differs from other fade haircuts by starting at the midpoint of the sides and back, offering a balanced look that complements various hair lengths and styles. This fade haircut is perfect for men who want a clean and sharp look without the dramatic contrast of a high fade or the subtlety of a low fade.

To style and maintain the mid fade short hair, you can use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and nourished. You can also use a styling product like hair wax or pomade to add texture and hold to your hair. Some popular celebrities and models who have rocked this haircut include David Beckham, Zayn Malik, and Chris Hemsworth.

Overall, the mid fade short hair is a great choice for men who want a stylish and easy-to-maintain haircut. Its versatility and subtle contrast make it a popular choice that can be customized to suit your personal style and preferences. So, if you’re looking for a new haircut that’s both trendy and timeless, consider giving the mid fade short hair a try.

Short Fohawk Fade

short fohawk fade
Short Fohawk Fade

The short fohawk fade is a modern and edgy hairstyle for men. Unlike a traditional mohawk, the fohawk features hair spiked up in a strip from the front to the back of the head but with tapered cuts such as a fade to create a more subtle appearance. The hair on top is kept short and spiked up with a strong-hold product, while the sides and back gradually fade to a shorter length.

To achieve this look, use a strong-hold product and a skilled barber who can create the perfect fade. Celebrities such as David Beckham and Zayn Malik have rocked this style. This haircut is ideal for men with fine or thin hair who want to add height and structure to their locks.

Crew Cut Short Fade Haircut

crew cut short fade haircut
Crew Cut Short Fade Haircut

The crew cut short fade haircut is popular for men who want a clean and sharp look. This style works best for those with straight or wavy hair and can complement oval, square, or oblong face shapes. Ask your barber for a crew cut with a high fade on the sides and back to achieve this look. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a skin fade or a taper fade.

Use clippers with a #2 or #3 guard to trim the sides and back and scissors to cut the top to a length of about 1 inch. Style the hair on top with a matte pomade or wax, and use a comb to create a neat and tidy look. Finally, use a blow dryer to add volume to the hair on top and finish with a hairspray for hold. With these simple steps, you can achieve a crew cut short fade that is both stylish and easy to maintain.

High Fade Short Hair

high fade short hair
High Fade Short Hair

The high fade short hair section is about creating a sharp, edgy look perfect for the modern man. The ideal length for this haircut is short on the sides and back, with longer hair on top that can be styled in various ways. There are different types of high fades, including the classic high fade that starts at the highest point of the head and the bald fade that gradually fades to the skin.

To style this haircut, use a strong-hold product to create volume and texture on top, and consider adding some scruff to your beard for an extra edge. Whether you prefer a messy, textured look or a sleek, polished style, the high fade short hair section has something for every man looking for a clean, modern look. So book that appointment with your barber and get ready to turn heads with your new haircut.

Short Spiky Fade Haircut

short spiky fade haircut
Short Spiky Fade Haircut

A short spiky fade haircut for men is a trendy and stylish hairstyle that features short hair on the sides and back, gradually fading into longer hair on top that is styled into spiky strands. This haircut differs from other types of fades as it focuses on creating a textured and voluminous look on the top of the head. To achieve this haircut, use clippers with different guard sizes to create the fade. Then, use scissors to trim the hair on top to the desired length.

Style the hair by applying a styling product such as pomade or mousse and using your fingers or a comb to create a spiky effect. This haircut suits men with thick hair and oval or heart-shaped faces. To maintain this look, regular trims are necessary, and styling products should be used to keep the hair in place.

Hispanic Short Hair Fade

hispanic short hair fade
Hispanic Short Hair Fade

If you’re looking for a clean and sharp look, a short hair fade is the way to go. For Hispanic hair textures and facial structures, there are several styles of fades that work best. The low fade is a friendly way to keep the contrast of bushy and shaved hair. The high fade brings a more youthful effect to your style. And the skin fade helps to create a cooler look.

Popular hairstyles include the short combover, short Afro, and a buzz cut. To maintain the short hair fade look, use hair products such as pomade, hair gel, or wax to keep the hair in place. Regular visits to your stylist for upkeep are also recommended. With these tips, you can achieve a fresh and modern look that suits your style and personality.

Short Hair Skin Fade

short hair skin fade
Short Hair Skin Fade

The short hair skin fade haircut for men is a popular and versatile style that offers a clean and sharp appearance. To achieve this look, the hair on the sides and back gradually faded down to the skin, creating a seamless transition. This style can be paired with a messy or textured top, brushed forward or side-parted.

Recommended hair products for this style include a good quality pomade or styling cream to add texture and hold. The ideal face shape for this haircut is oval or square, as it helps to accentuate the facial features. To achieve the best results, visiting a professional barber who can tailor the style to suit your needs is recommended.

Drop Fade Short Hair

drop fade short hair
Drop Fade Short Hair

The Drop Fade Short Haircut is a precision grooming technique that gradually tapers the hair from the temple to the nape of the neck, creating a seamless blend of hair lengths. This grooming technique adds dimension and texture to the hair and accentuates the facial features, making it an ideal choice for those who want to enhance their overall appearance. To style, apply a small amount of hair product to the hair on top and use a comb or fingers to create the desired look, whether a messy textured style or a slick back look.

Recommended hair products include a volumizing product for fine and flat hair types, anti-frizz hair cream for wavy or curly hair types, hair wax (medium or stronghold), and hairspray for finishing the look. With these tips, you can rock the perfect drop fade short haircut with confidence and style.

Short Burst Fade

short burst fade
Short Burst Fade

The short burst fade is a unique variation of the classic fade haircut that encircles the ear and gradually tapers down the neck. Unlike other types of fades, the burst fade focuses on the hairline’s edge and behind the ear, creating a sleek and stylish look that works well with curly or straight hair.

The top of the hair is often kept full and can be styled in various ways, such as a mohawk or faux hawk. Variations of the short burst fade include low and high fades, which can be customized to suit individual preferences. To maintain this hairstyle, it’s important to consult with a skilled barber and use quality hair products to keep the hair looking fresh and clean.

How to get a short fade haircut

Getting a short fade haircut is easy when you know what to expect and communicate your desires with your barber. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the perfect short fade haircut:

  1. Research and choose the type of fade haircut you want, such as a clipper cut on the sides and the top or clippers on the sides and scissors on the top for added texture.
  2. Bring pictures of your favorite styles and be open to your barber’s suggestions. They have the expertise to help you choose the best fade haircut for your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle.
  3. Invest in high-quality hair products like pomades, waxes, or clays that provide hold and texture without weighing the hair down.
  4. Dampen your hair with water before the haircut.
  5. Ask your barber to start with a longer guard size, such as #3, and trim the hair on the back and sides, moving the clippers upward.
  6. When getting to the line of the fade, run the clippers along it from side to side.
  7. Switch to a smaller guard size, such as #2, and trim the hair, starting from the bottom of the hairline and moving upright. Indent from the top a couple of inches for a smoother transition.
  8. Put on an even smaller guard size, like #1, and trim the hair along the hairline for a sharp outline.
  9. Use the clippers over the comb method to remove any hairs sticking out.
  10. Cut the hair on top in the desired way.
  11. Finally, use a trimmer or razor to create a sharp outline.

Remember, clear communication with your barber is key! Explain the look you’re going for, whether you want a clean-cut look or a dramatic fade. With these steps, you’ll be on your way to a perfect short fade haircut.

Over to You

A short, faded haircut is a great choice for any man who wants a stylish, clean-cut look. With so many variations, a fade haircut suits every style and texture. Plus, it’s easy to style and maintain. So if you’re looking for a new haircut, try a fade!


How do you ask for a short fade haircut?

To ask for a short fade haircut at the barbershop, first, explain your personal style and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Bringing a picture of the fade you want can also be helpful. Then, talk to the barber about how short you want your hair to be. If you’re looking for a very short fade, ask for a #1 or #2 sized clipper.

Additionally, you can specify how you want your fade blended, such as a low, mid, or high fade. Finally, let the barber know if you have additional styling preferences, such as a textured top or a hard part. By communicating clearly with your barber, you can ensure you get the short fade haircut you want.

What products should I use to maintain my short fade haircut?

Maintaining a short fade haircut requires a good hair clipper for regular trims, high-quality shampoo for cleanliness, and a hydrating conditioner to nourish the hair. Additionally, consider hair wax or pomade for styling and shine, and a boar bristle brush to distribute natural oils evenly.

What should I consider when selecting a short fade haircut?

When selecting a short fade haircut, consider your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. A skilled barber can recommend styles that complement your facial features and manageability needs. Frequent trims may be necessary for upkeep, so factor in time and cost.

What are the latest trends in short fade haircuts?

The latest trends in short fade haircuts include the high and tight fade for a clean look, the drop fade for contouring the head shape, the zero fade with high contrast, and the crop top fade for added texture. Additionally, pairing fades with longer, textured tops or hair designs is popular.

How do I know which short fade haircut is right for me?

To determine the right short fade haircut for you, assess your face shape, hair type, and personal style. Consult with a professional barber for their expertise on flattering cuts. Remember, haircuts should enhance your features and fit your lifestyle.

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