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Bradley Cooper Haircut

Bradley Cooper is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, known for his stylishly good looks, blue eyes, and chic hairstyles. His coveted celebrity hairstyles come in various looks, from the poetically disheveled to a classic pulled back style.

The iconic Bradley Cooper Hairstyle is short, wavy hair that’s layered and lightly pulled back. The sides are cut, trimmed, and carefully blended into the top and back. The look is often paired with longer sideburns and a scruff beard for a more rugged appearance.

Bradley has been known to sport various hairstyles, such as long hair, but he’s also served up with buzz cuts and slicked-back looks for his roles. His hair always seems to reflect the current characters he’s currently portraying on screen.

How to Get Bradley Cooper Hair

  • Long, textured waves
  • Light brown to chestnut highlights and lowlights
  • Short, spiked hair or crew cut
  • Slicked back long hair looks
  • Thick, medium-length beard 
  • Uses wax, pomade, hair gel, and texture spray to style

See Bradley’s haircuts from the past few years, plus a style guide below.

The Best Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

As a country music star in A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper played alongside Lady Gaga. In the film, he was Jackson Maine, who had a very masculine rocker look.

While his hairstyles are always changing, Cooper enjoys styling his long locks with texture sprays to keep a wavy, tucked behind-the-ear style.

1. Long Haircut

In A Star Is Born, his swept-back, long-haired musician look turned him into a heartthrob; ever since the long-haired look has been back in popular demand.

Cooper also revealed that he based his look and style on Eddie Vedder, the frontman of the rock band Pearl Jam.

Bradley Cooper Star Is Born Haircut
Bradley Cooper show of his A Star Is Born Haircut. Image courtesy of Vanity Fair.

2. Slicked Back Haircut

Slicked Back Bradley Cooper
Slicked Back looks trendy.

3. Layered Haircut

Long Layers Bradley Cooper
Long layers with a slight part.

4. Spikey Haircut

Spiked Bradley Cooper Haircut
Medium, messy spikes.

5. Buzz Cut

Bradley Cooper buzz cut
Short Hairstyle (buzz cut)

6. Wavy Haircut

Wavy Hair Bradley Cooper
Wavy on top and curly in the back.

7. Man Bun Haircut

Man Bun Bradley Cooper
Man Bun in a small topknot.

8. Parted Haircut

Hair Part Bradley Cooper
Center Parted Hairstyle

9. Long and Bearded Haircut

Bradley Cooper with slicked back hair and long beard
Slicked back hair

10. Highlighted Haircut

Bradley Cooper Highlights
Wavy Highlights

How to Style Hair Like Bradley Cooper

People Magazine voted Cooper “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2011 with several thick, long-haired looks. However, sometimes, he’s rocked a spiked or buzz cut, shaving most of his hair. In addition, Brad is a fan of thick, medium-length beards that match his unkempt, long hair.

His Famous Haircuts

Most recently, Cooper opted for a dark long hair look with tousled waves and layers. The back and sides are medium-length, not quite as long as his locks on top. You may want to see a barber once every 2 months to layer and texturize your hair.

In the past, Cooper has played around with hair dyes and highlights, opting for blonde and honey highlights to add more definition to his thick waves.

The Hangover actor also typically has a medium-length to long, thick beard and styles it with a mustache.

Copy His Hairstyle

Whether on the screen or the red carpet, Bradley typically styles his hair slicked back or tousled with wavy locks. He does this using a texture spray or wave spray.

Depending on the look, we think the key to Bradley’s hairstyle is keeping your hair medium length to long with layers.

Experts say they don’t use a blow dryer with this look. Instead, just air dry and use a styling cream or sea salt spray to add shine and texture.

Once finished, slightly push the hair on the sides back behind your ear. You may also notice that Cooper may part his hair in the middle or push it back. In some cases, it’s slicked back using pomade.

Barbers say it could take upwards between 6 – 9 months to grow your hair, like Bradley Cooper’s longer hairstyles.

  1. If you’re having trouble growing long, healthy hair, look into hair products like thickening shampoos. Some telltale signs include brittle hair, split ends, dry hair, thinning spots, and dry scalp.
  2. Try a shampoo or conditioner with jojoba oil or argan oil to fix your routine and optimize for the best possible hair growth. However, experts say not to shampoo long hair too often.

Does He Have Thick Hair?

Yes! Bradley Cooper is known for his thick, often wavy locks. His haircuts typically feature flowing waves past his ears with curly hair in the back.

If you’re worried about thinning hair and this look, you can still achieve Cooper’s slicked-back look that works really well with a V or Widow’s Peak. This is because the length on top can be styled over thinning spots.

Styles from A Star Is Born Movie

Jackson Maine Hat

According to fans on Reddit and an expert stylist, the type of hat Bradley Cooper wore in A Star Is Born movie is a Stetson.

Like the Stetson Sturgis wool hat, but possibly modified with a unique leather band after the Wool Stetson from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Stetson Hat Worn by Jackson Main (Bradley Cooper) in A Star Is Born
Jackson Main, played by Bradley Cooper (left), with Lukas Nelson (right) in a scene from the movie “A Star Is Born” (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Jackson Maine Hairstyle

Jackson Maine is a troubled country musician, but his locks are quite golden. There are a few key characteristics to this look you must nail if you want to get it right:

  • Long, nearly shoulder-length hair
  • Unkempt, tousled waves
  • Texture spray or sea salt spray to achieve the wavy look
  • Medium-length trimmed full beard and mustache
  • Light brown highlights and chestnut lowlights
  • Tucked behind ears
  • Parted to the side or slightly pushed to one side

Jackson Maine Hairstyle

Maestro,” a 2023 drama film, presents an in-depth look at the complex and enduring relationship between music legend Leonard Bernstein and Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein.

Directed and co-written by Bradley Cooper, who also stars in the film alongside Carey Mulligan, “Maestro” explores their life’s emotional and artistic nuances together. See them during the BAFTAs 2024 interview.

This film looks into Bernstein’s musical genius and his personal trials and triumphs with Felicia, offering viewers an intimate, cerebral, and emotional cinematic experience.

bradley cooper maestro
Bradley Cooper “Maestro”


How to grow Bradley Cooper hair?

To achieve Bradley Cooper’s hair, grow the top and back to at least four to five inches and the sides slightly longer. Opt for a layered cut at your barber, maintaining the necessary length without heavy styling.

Does Bradley Cooper have wavy hair?

Bradley Cooper is naturally curly and recognized for his distinctive wavy hair, which contributes significantly to his signature look.

Is Bradley Cooper’s hair naturally curly?

Bradley Cooper’s hair naturally exhibits a light wave and texture, making it neither overly straight nor distinctly curly.

Did Bradley Cooper perm his hair for American Hustle?

Bradley Cooper underwent a daily perm treatment involving rollers and dryers for his role in “American Hustle,” significantly altering his hair texture for the film.

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