10 Amazing Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Beard & Skin Care


jojoba oil for beard

Does jojoba oil for beards work? Men have been talking about the oils that are helping facial hair grow thicker and fuller. While jojoba oil isn’t necessarily known for beard growth, you can keep your face well-moisturized and healthy by adding it to your beard care routine.

Pure, unrefined Jojoba Oil is known for its ability to provide long-lasting beard hydration. Organic, cold pressed Jojoba Oil is golden in color and hypoallergenic. When applied to facial hair will it will soothe a dry beard because of its powerful moisturizing properties.

Want to have healthy, lustrous beard hair? Knowing what it does and how to use jojoba oil for beard health is important for anyone who wants to improve their skin and facial hair.

Jojoba Oil for Beard Basics?

Jojoba oil is derived from the nut of the jojoba plant located in North America. For hundreds of years, Native Americans used this plant to heal all kinds of wounds.

Today, Jojoba oil is used as a carrier oil and has excellent hydration properties. In its natural form, the oil is used to moisturize and heal skin because it closely mimics the skins naturally sebum. Additionally, its properties also aid in improving acne and hair health.

jojoba oil plant
Naturally derived jojoba oil closely resembles human sebum oil.

Evidence from many studies and thousands of loyal users shows that it works for healing acne, dry skin, and may even aid in restoring thickness in beards. This is mainly due to its ability to heal dandruff and prevent bacterial infections.

Jojoba oil beard benefits

Known for its healing properties, Jojoba Oil helps promote facial hair growth. When used on a beard, its moisturizing properties reduce follicle breakage, resulting in a fuller and healthier beard. Jojoba Oil also reduces scalp oil while introducing key vitamins and minerals that support beard growth.

If you notice a beard oil, beard balm, or other conditioning wash with jojoba oil, you’re in good hands. While it’s typically a carrier oil, you can use jojoba oil on its own or mixed with other healing ingredients, such as tea tree oil or argan oil.

jojoba oil for beard
Jojoba oil improves skin tone and smoothness, while also nurturing your facial hair.

Many people use jojoba oil as a moisturizer in their skin care routine, but others have found that by massaging this oil into the skin underneath your beard, you can prevent irritation and inflammation caused by seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff.

Here are some main benefits of this popular oil:

1. Moisturizing Oil

Have you heard of humectant ingredients? Jojoba oil is one of them. These types of ingredients seal your skin with a protective barrier so you don’t lose moisture throughout the day. Scientists credit this to the reason that jojoba can prevent acne, dandruff, and bacterial infections.

2. Antibacterial

If you have issues with dandruff and other skin problems, jojoba oil’s antimicrobial and antifungal properties can eliminate these problems. While it can’t kill all fungal or bacterial species, it can kill candida, salmonella, and E. coli bacteria.

3. Antioxidant

Since it contains natural vitamin E, jojoba oil is perfect for fighting oxidative stress and protects it against everyday debris, pollutants, and toxins in the air.

4. Noncomedogenic

In addition, these natural oils have a similar makeup to your own sebum oil produced by your body. Your skin can’t really tell the difference, which makes it less likely to build up and cause problems for your pores. You can reduce acne problems just by applying jojoba oil to your skin and beard hair due to these properties.

You can improve your skin care routine immediately with natural oils. Jojoba oil (and other oils like it) just smell and feel good to use. High-quality beard care products like these oils: jojoba oil, argan oil, grapeseed, and almond oil, work especially well for your skin and for hair loss.

5. Hypoallergenic

Even though we call it an oil, jojoba is actually a wax-like substance. It can be absorbed into your skin easily, but it mostly provides a non-irritating seal on the surface of your skin. That’s why it’s recommended for people with sensitive skin.

6. Controls Sebum Oil Production

As mentioned before, organic jojoba oil has a similar consistency to your own sebum. So when using these products, you can soothe and heal your skin with natural moisture.

This also sends signals to your hair and sweat follicles that you don’t need to produce as much oil, which can help with chronic acne and clogged pores.

7. Promotes Collagen Synthesis

Grooming products like jojoba oil and beard oil can help with skin irritation and growing a healthy beard, thanks to its collagen production.

Collagen is the protein responsible for clarity and elasticity in your skin, as well as joint health and other areas made from cartilage in your body. As you get older, you may notice a lack of collagen, which leads to more wrinkles and fine lines.

You can restore your face’s elasticity and smoothness just by using jojoba oil every day, according to this study.

8. Soothes Dry Skin

You don’t have to worry about dry skin and dandruff with your beard if you apply jojoba oil. If you constantly notice flakes in your beard or suffer from beard itch, using a few droplets of jojoba oil or a beard oil with jojoba can seriously help your skin and facial hair.

9. Heals Acne and Reduces Scars

Because jojoba promotes healing and protection, it’s also great for healing acne and diminishing scars on your face. This is because it promotes your skin cells to bind to one another after they’ve been damaged by a pimple, scratch, or cut.

10. Maximize Beard Growth Potential

By healing your skin and hair follicles with jojoba oil, you can promote healthy hair growth.

Check out the ultimate list of the Best Beard Growth Products to grow a better beard.

While it hasn’t been studied enough to know for sure, many men said using jojoba oil as a moisturizer cured inflammatory conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff. The outcome allowed for new hair to grow, resulting in thicker, fuller beards.

How to Use Jojoba Oil for Beard Care

You need not dilute jojoba oil or mix it with other essential oils for it to be effective. You can purchase 100% natural jojoba oil and apply it directly to the skin underneath your beard.

The B&B team recommends that you do a small patch test before using new products like this. This ensures that it’s safe for your skin and that you won’t breakout from an allergic reaction.

  • Fully wash and dry your beard hair before applying jojoba oil
  • Works as a pre-shave oil
  • Apply directly to your hands and then massage into your skin, pulling gently through your beard hair
  • Only use 1 to 3 drops depending on the length of your beard hair
  • Mix with other ingredients or use a top beard oil for additional moisture and protection against acne

Best Jojoba Oil Beard Products

You can use jojoba oil for your beard, but it’s also a popular skincare product to reduce under eye puffiness and heal acne. Here are some pure, organic jojoba oil products and beard conditioners with jojoba oil that we recommend.

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