5 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers: Auto Collect Hair [Reviews]


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If Action Bronson can start trimming his beard, then maybe it’s time to style your own beard shape and overall look. However, one thing you’ll need is the right tools that are easy to use and won’t make a mess. That’s why your first facial hair tool should be a handy vacuum beard trimmer. The latest technology makes shaving easy and mess-free, trimming time off your regular beard care routine.

Vacuum beard trimmers are electric shavers with a built-in vacuum that sucks up hair gently as you shave. When you’re done, there’s little to zero clean-up.

While there are tons of electric shavers and vacuum shavers, we reviewed the top products to find the best vacuum beard trimmers based on their ability to work as advertised. We also factored in what customers thought and how well the trimmer held up over time.

Vacuum Beard Trimmers – Buyer’s Guide

These helpful shaving gadgets take away all the struggle with beard hair clippings. If you have ever tried to get through a full shave and then realized your sink now has a sweater, you know the value of these devices for your routine.

Vacuum chamber ensures trimmed hair is captured for easy disposal

While these tools are innovative, they’re still new to the market and have some special quirks. We review what the ideal vacuum trimmer does for your beard and what features you should look for in the product description.

Vacuum Efficiency

Since you’re buying this device to help with your clean-up, you want to make sure it works. The vacuum trimmer collects hair as you shave, which should keep your skin and countertop free of hair clippings.

Trimmer's vacuum system captures 90% of trimmed hair

Vacuum trimmers have a small container on the casing that collects all of the hair. It should be easy to remove and open the container, then place back onto the shaver.

Whether you have thin or thick hair, it shouldn’t be difficult for vacuum trimmers to pick up hair with one go. Check customer reviews to see if there issues with the vacuum action and whether it’s picking up as much hair as the description claims it will.

You also want to make sure the compartment itself is easy to remove and clean out after each trim. You should be able to easily remove the vacuum compartment and dump hair, then rinse out in the sink to clean.


There are two types of motors included with a vacuum trimmer. One powers the actual shaving action, while the other motor powers the vacuum. You’ll need both to properly shave and suck up all the hair as you go over the contours of your face.

These trimmers also may have DC motors or magnetic trimmers. Both offer decent power and speed, but you should really look at shaving speed. How many cycles per second does it claim to produce? Around 14,000 cycles per second is typical of a high-powered motor.

Blade Quality

Shavers typically come with their own blades, or you’ll need to buy your own to replace older blades. You ideally want to purchase stainless steel blades, but ceramic and titanium blades are two other blade options.

Size and Weight

The trimmer shouldn’t feel too lightweight in your hand. The weight should be balanced and easy to maneuver around your face. These trimmers have slightly bulkier casings because of the two motors and vacuum compartment.

Top 5 Vacuum Beard Trimmers

If you don’t want hair clippings all over the sink, then a vacuum beard trimmer is the best choice. Not only will it save you time, but if you share a sink with anyone in the morning, it will make clean-up a breeze. You may not even have any issues with hair on the counter or sink after using one of these.

Our buyer’s guide shows how we reviewed these products and what we’d like to see in the ideal vacuum beard trimmer. Here are some quick pointers when picking out the right trimmer:

  • High-powered motor
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Battery life
  • Hair compartment design and ease of maintenance
  • Corded or cordless design
  • Customer satisfaction rating
  • Overall value

Here are the top 5 beard trimmers with vacuum models:

1. Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Trimmer

The Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Beard Trimmer Kit includes 11 different comb attachments as well as trimming scissors, brush, and titanium blades. Remington is one of the best brands for lithium-ion battery powered beard trimming tools, so it’s no wonder this electric shaver has over 1,700 positive reviews.

  • Titanium-Coated Blades - The expertly ground blade edges provide the ultimate haircut experience as they cut through even the thickest hair with ease
  • 18-Piece Kit - The all-inclusive kit has everything you need for a proper haircut: length-adjusting and tapering combs, barber scissors, blade oil, and more.Do not store in temperatures above 140ºF
  • Lithium Power - The advanced chemistry of lithium power provides up to 60 minutes of runtime after a 4-hour charge. The clipper operates cordless or corded, XXL Vacuum Bin - The powerful vacuum ensures trimmed hair is captured in the expanded bin for...
  • Easy to Clean - Use the included brush to clear away hair, then rinse the blades under running water for quick cleanup, Storage Pouch - Keep the kit in one place with a convenient zip-up storage pouch

Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Trimmer Kit


  • Long battery Life
  • Excellent shaving and vacuum power
  • 18-piece kit included
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs to charge for 2-3 hours for full power
  • warranty replacements reportedly slow
  • Doesn’t perform well on head hair


This thing can really cut hair and you won’t see too many clippings thanks to the integrated vacuum system. Remington includes all of the convenience you’ve been looking for in an electric shaver with a vacuum trimmer and multiple comb attachments. This is the hair clipper and beard trimmer that will stand the test of time, and if not, it’s backed by a warranty.

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2. Wahl Model 9870-100 Vacuum Trimmer

Everything you love about the Remington HC6550 model is in the Wahl Model 9870-100 Vacuum Trimmer Kit and then some. This kit includes 22 different cutting lengths with more comb attachments and a few more accessories like the styling comb barber scissors, making it even more worthwhile for the price.

  • Less Mess – Powerful, adjustable vacuum intake allows for suction to clean up beard hair clippings as you go; Vacuum captures most hair in our built-in chamber for easy, hygienic clean up
  • Lithium Ion Power - Featuring a lithium-ion battery that boasts a 90-minute run time for a 90-minute charge; Travel-friendly rechargeable electric shaver with worldwide voltage & cord/cordless operation for use whether you’re on the go or home
  • Easy, Hygienic Cleaning – Our detachable high-carbon precision-ground blades can be removed for quick, hygienic cleaning & stay sharp longer, use with our six-position beard regulator for multiple face trimming lengths, from stubble to short &...
  • Complete Beard Trimming Kit – Featuring 12 individual high-performance guide combs from 1/32” to 3/8”, a 10-position adjustable guide comb, rotary nose/ear attachment, worldwide power supply, & an executive travel case
  • The Beard You Want - Wahl beard trimmers provide a smoothly precise trim, so you can get the beard style you want. Choose from a variety of guide comb lengths & widths for any beard or mustache style, from scruff to full

Wahl Model 9870-100 Vacuum Trimmer


  • All-in-One Kit with 22 cutting lengths
  • Lithium-powered & LED indicator
  • Corded or Cordless
  • Powerful suction and smooth shave


  • Vacuum motor is pretty noisy
  • Interchanging parts isn’t always easy


With precision blades, rotary nose hair and ear hair trimmer attachment, and powerful suction, the Wahl does exactly what you need when you’re in a hurry for a quick shave. The motor is a bit noisy, but the multiple attachments, combs, and blade position guide make it a great purchase for anyone who wants the all-in-one electric shaver.

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3. Remington MB6850 Vacuum Trimmer

One of the more popular, lower-cost shavers is the Remington MB6850 vacuum beard trimmer with built-in adjustable length comb that has 11 settings. You can trim all of your facial hair and easily detail your hairline, sideburns, beard, and more with this electric lithium-powered shaver.

  • The powerful vacuum beard trimmer system captures up to 95 percent of trimmed hairs leaving little to no mess.
  • With the full size precision remington trimmer men are able to get easy detailing and edging with facial hair, sideburns, and neckline.
  • The steel blades are easily removable and washable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 13 length and style settings including 1 main trim head, 1 detail/edge trim head, and 1 comb/guard which has 11 adjustable settings (2-18mm) making these hair clippers versatile and functional
  • The rechargeable lithium power gives you up to 90 minutes of cordless runtime

Remington MB6850 Vacuum Beard Trimmer


  • Lower-cost Remington Shaver option
  • Powerful Suction
  • Sleek design


  • Some customers complained of defective Parts
  • Gaurd can cause cut inaccuracy


Remington makes some of the best beard trimmer tools. While this isn’t a kit, it comes with all of the blade lengths that you need to get the perfect shave while also capturing all of your clippings in the process. You can easily remove the blades and compartment for cleaning.

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4. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Trimmer for Men (18 pieces)

For another moderate-cost option, the Remington HKVAC2000A vacuum beard trimmer is a precision cutting, cord-powered beast for the price you’ll pay. It’s an 18-piece grooming kit that sucks away hair as you shave and edge your beard or mustache. We found it’s a great option if you’re not always looking for a super close shave and want something quick and powerful.

  • Vacuum System: The powerful vacuum on these hair clippers for men collects up to 90% of trimmed hairs while you style. That’s a clean look, any way you cut it.
  • Precision Ground Blades: The precision ground blades on these clippers stay sharp through every use, providing accurate and consistent performance. The kit includes oil to maintain the blades for peak output.
  • 18-Piece Kit: Everything you need for a sharp, mess-free haircut. You get length-adjusting combs, barber scissors, an XL storage pouch, and more!
  • Dual Motor Power: Innovative dual motors power the precision hair clippers and the vacuum suction so trimmed hairs are collected as you cut.
  • REMOVABLE HAIR CHAMBER: Trimmed hairs are collected for easy cleanup

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Beard Trimmer for Men


  • 18-piece Grooming Kit
  • Good Suction
  • Easy to Clean
  • Good for head hair


  • Noisy
  • Corded


If you want to keep your beard neat and trim or a full head haircut, this is the budget-friendly Remington vacuum beard trimmer to try. It’s exceptionally priced for a multi-use product and includes a full kit with a scissor, comb and multiple guards. It’s also corded for uninterrupted trimming action.

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5. Philips Norelco Series 7200 Vacuum Trimmer

While the Philips Norelco Series 7200 vacuum beard trimmer has its issues, it’s still one of the most popular electric beard trimmers, and the suction is quite powerful. Unfortunately, you pay quite a lot for something that has lower performance than the Remington HC6550. You’re mostly paying for the double sharpened steel blades and foil shaver, which delivers a very close smooth shave.

No products found.

No products found.


  • Sleek design
  • powerful suction
  • great close shave


  • Very expensive
  • Not as many attachments as lower-cost options


While the Philips Norelco has been hailed by some as the top trimmer because of its rounded contour combs. These do deliver a close shave for an electric trimmer, but we wish there were more attachments in the kit for the price.

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