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best beard wax

What do you see when you look at your beard hair? Is it angled and coiffed? If you find your beard looks coarse or shaggy, you may want to condition it with the best beard wax. These products include natural beeswax with a mix of carrier oils and essential oils to add moisture and woodsy, earthy scents.

Due to its beeswax content, beard wax is quite tacky, but that’s what makes it so great for sculpting and shaping long beards. We provide a brief guide and reviews of the best beard wax products according to results, customer satisfaction, and natural ingredients.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Beard Wax

Beard wax is a styling product that offers more control and hold. The thick wax consistency helps you keep every hair in place. For medium to long beards, beard wax is helpful on days when your wiry whiskers simply don’t want to stay in place.

best beard wax
The best beard wax products make your beard easy to sculpt and add a bit of shine. You can also use beard wax for your mustache style as well.

Here’s what we look for in the best beard wax products:

High-Quality Ingredients

The most important ingredients in beard wax include beeswax (or another wax, see below) shea butter or cocoa butter (mango butter also works), and oils.

best beard wax ingredients
Beeswax is a strong, antimicrobial wax most commonly found in strong hold beard wax products.

Premium beard wax products use unrefined beeswax because of its antimicrobial properties and styling hold strength, but there are a variety of waxes available. Here’s a breakdown of what each provide to the formula:

  • Beeswax: Naturally produced in a beehive, beeswax has organic antimicrobial properties and offers a tacky, strong hold on hair. Some customers prefer other wax because beeswax is not vegan.
  • Carnauba wax or Brazilian wax: Made from the Brazilian palm tree called Copernicia cerifera, adds a thick, hard control and shine to beard hair.
  • Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax:Plant-based wax used for vegan products, more spreadability but not as hard as Carnauba or beeswax.

Carrier oils include jojoba oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, avocado oil, and others that aid in skin care, hair health, and other benefits. Essential oils include sandalwood, cedarwood, juniper, or peppermint that have aromatic properties.

If the ingredients start out with beeswax, shea butter, and oils, then you probably don’t have to worry about skin irritants. However, if you spot any of the bad ingredients on the list below, avoid using r skin.

Ingredients to Avoid in Beard Waxes

  • Aluminum: Disrupts endocrine system
  • DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), and TEA (triethanolamine): Linked to ammonia poisoning, not good for sensitive skin
  • DMDM HYDANTOIN & UREA (Imidazolidinyl): Releases formaldehyde
  • Mineral oil: Made from plastic, clogs pores
  • PARABENS (Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl): Contributes to hormonal imbalances
  • PEG (Polyethylene glycol): Reduces your skin’s ability to naturally moisturize
  • PHTHALATES: Increases flexibility of plastics, skin irritant
  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PG) & BUTYLENE GLYCOL: Weakens your skin’s cellular structure
  • TRICLOSAN: Antibacterial that disrupts proper thyroid functions

While most beard wax products do a great job of using natural ingredients, some others use these ingredients as preservatives and foaming agents. Your wax should feel and look natural with a light fragrance, depending on the scent you choose.

Great Control and Hold

Wax and shea butter offer a stronger hold over facial hair rather than just beard oil or beard balms. The beeswax ingredients make it tackier and stronger than any other styling product.

Most of the World Beard Champions use beard wax to create a distinct beard shape that doesn’t droop or sprout spray hairs within the first hour. Instead, you’ll have an all-day hold that keeps all of your beard hairs in place.

Unscented or Scented

Fragrances may cause skin irritation, depending on the ingredients used. Unscented is best if you simply want a styling product with a strong hold.

This helps if you have a specific beard style in mind such as a ducktail beard that has a slight curl on the end of your facial hair.


Most low-cost beard waxes fall under $10, but you should always check the cost per product size. It’s normal to pay between $6 and $10 per 1 oz.

Premium beard waxes with natural, organic ingredients may cost as much as $20 for a 1-2 oz tin. Not all beard waxes are created equal so check the customer reviews and see if the beard wax is worth the price tag.

How to Apply the Wax

With good beard wax containing high-quality wax ingredient, shea butter, and natural oils, application should be easy to do. You simply scoop a small amount with your fingers, rub in your fingertips, then apply it to your beard.

Men grooming experts typically apply the wax lightly to areas along the jawline, while angling the tip or point of the beard according to the beard style they want to achieve. Ducktail beards have a curl at the end, while pointed beards are sculpted down to a sharp point.

You can use a beard comb to spread wax and create straight lines with your beard. While balm or wax can help you tame your facial hair, wax will leave your beard hair in place for a much longer period of time than a typical balm.

Best Beard Wax Reviews

We reviewed the top 10 beard waxes to see which ones could stand up to our beards and provide the most control. Here’s what the B&B team found:

1. Honest Amish Beard Wax (Original)

The brand Honest Amish is known for their high-quality beard products, so naturally we wanted to start with their Honest Amish Original Beard Wax to see how well it would sculpt and hold our beard hair together.

This wax works perfectly and adds a light, minty scent to your beard. We found that it also softened and conditioned to my beard hair.

  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Beard Control, Light Shaping, Rogue Hair Control
  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Softens and Conditions, Tames Unruly Beard Hairs
  • The Most Trusted Brand for Beards in the World

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax - All Natural and Organic- 2 ounce


I highly recommend going with this beard wax if you need a light to medium hold and don’t want to pay a whole lot for 2 ounces of beard wax product. This was probably the best beard wax we reviewed, but there were a few others that offer a stronger hold.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $12.77

2. Badass Beard Care Beard Wax for Men

We tested the Badass Beard Care Beard Wax for Men to see if the product offered any change in hair thickness, as it claims. We noted that the beard wax does provide a thicker hold and can make it easier to sculpt your beard around patches or less dense areas.

Badass Beard Wax offers a variety of scents, each one has a different set of carrier oils and essential oils. The Ladies Man scent is a jojoba, argan oil sweet citrus blend that smells rather nice.

  • SCENT: The Ladies Man Beard Wax is scented with Sweet citrus.
  • QUALITY AND SATISFACTION: All Badass Beard Care products are made with 100% natural ingredients. We back all of our products with a satisfaction guarantee - if you don't love it, we will replace it or refund you in full.
  • USE: Softens hair, hydrates skin, gets rid of itch and dandruff, and promotes healthy growth.
  • BENEFITS: Gentle on hair and skin. Helps to maintain a healthy beard.

Badass Beard Care Beard Wax for Men - The Ladies Man Scent, 2 oz - Softens Beard Hair, Leaves Your Beard Looking and Feeling More Dense


Overall, you’ll love the way your beard feels after using Badass beard wax, but it’s not exactly known for its strong hold. If you’re looking for an all day wax that will keep your beard shape exactly the way you want, then we suggest going with the next beard wax on our list.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $19.99

3. The Bearded Goon’s Ridiculously Strong Beard and Handlebar Mustache Wax

The Bearded Goon’s Ridiculously Strong Beard and Handlebar Mustache Wax is made for sculpting and not much else. You can use this beard wax to shape short beards into lined, edged perfect points, as well as sculpt long beard styles.

However, this product is a little different as it uses carnauba wax, also known as Brazilian wax, which can be much stronger in comparison to beeswax formulas.

  • TAME UNRULY FACIAL HAIR: Whether you wear a suit and tie or work in the great outdoors, The Bearded Goon’s Beard Wax was designed to keep those pesky whiskers in place for a smooth hold.
  • STYLING HOLD FOR YOUR MUG RUG: Ideal for guys who like to add style to their beard profile. Whether you’re sporting a Rollie Fingers with a curl or a robust Garibaldi, the Goon has you covered.
  • QUALITY, ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Bearded Goon’s Beard and Moustache Wax utilizes simple, natural ingredients that are free of dangerous and smelly chemicals and is made in the USA.
  • NO FOUL ODORS: Because it’s made with natural ingredients, The Goon won’t dry out your facial hair and you won’t smell like you just came from the club because it has a mild, light earthy scent.
  • ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE: No animal testing of any kind was performed with the product, so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your flavor saver.

The Bearded Goon Ridiculously Strong Mustache and Beard Wax for Men | All Day Style Control to Tame Facial Hair | All Natural Handlebar Moustache Wax - 1oz (30ml)


You really should only use the Bearded Goon’s beard wax if you want the extra hold on your beard hair. It is incredibly strong and requires you wash your beard daily, or else it could lead to acne under your beard.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $13.92

4. Billy Jealousy Tin Man No. 1 Nourishing Styling Beard Wax

The Billy Jealousy Tin Man No. 1 Nourishing Styling Beard Wax is a premium beard care product made with lanolin wax, which offers a great hold but isn’t as heavy as other beard waxes. We noted that it feels more like a balm rather than a wax, but you can still sculpt medium to long beard hair into the exact shape you want.

  • TAME UNRULY MANE - Beard grooming is made easy with this mens beard care that provides a light hold for styling to keep disorderly hairs in place; Lay down flyaways and give your beard longer shape
  • "NO PRODUCT" LOOK - With its matte finish, this beard tamer gives you natural-looking, well-groomed beard; It's definitely the perfect styling wax for everyday use
  • SOFTENS BEARD - Formulated with Beeswax, Lanolin Wax & Glycerin, this beard styling effectively softens, conditions & adds luster to your facial hair; That's why it's a well-loved beard frizz control
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - Our travel-size mens beard wax comes in an airline-approved size & a rust-resistant tin container to keep you looking sharp all day; An awesome on-the-go beard maintenance
  • HOW TO USE - Rub a small amount of our beard wax products rapidly between palms to emulsify, then work into beard; Brush beard to evenly distribute balm wax and style as desired

Billy Jealousy Tinman Beard Wax with Light Hold & Matte Finish, Nourishing Beard Care Product Formulated with Natural Beeswax & Glycerin for Soft, Tamed Facial Hair, 2 Oz


If you’re after a beard wax that can soften and shine your beard hair with a decent hold, this is the right product for you. Beard hair easily falls in line and stays put after one application, but the scent and shine make it a spectacular choice for everyday beard care.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $17.30

5. Seven Potions Beard Wax 1 oz. Natural And Organic Beard Styling Wax

Finally, we’ve heard a lot about Seven Potions Beard Wax. It’s a natural and organic blend of Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter, as well as dozen other essential oils.

While it’s not the strongest hold, you can still tame beard hair and add a great shine to your facial hair.

  • TAME THE BEAST: A beard wax that will shape your beard without making it look stiff or unnatural
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We use only 100% natural ingredients with NO animals testing
  • ONLY PURE INGREDIENTS: NO Colorants, NO Parabens, No Synthetic Chemicals. Just pure natural ingredients.
  • MEDIUM HOLD: It's ideal for beard control with shaping and not sculpting. Use it as a mustache wax for making it look naturally tamed.
  • CONDITIONS & PROTECTS: The premium natural butters, vitamins, carrier and essentials oils ensure that this beard styling wax will keep your beard nourished and protected throughout the day.

SEVEN POTIONS Beard Wax 1 oz. Natural Beard Styling Wax For Medium Hold. Shape And Nourish Your Beard While Looking Natural. Doesn't Make The Beard Stiff (Woodland Harmony)


While it’s thicker and tackier than a balm, Seven Potions beard wax definitely doesn’t have the same strong hold as other waxes made from beeswax. You’ll like this beard wax if you want a lightweight styling product with an intoxicating earthy scent.

Where to Buy

Check Lowest Price $13.99
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