6 Best Safety Razors: Top Brands Reviewed (2024)


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If you look in almost any man’s bathroom cabinet, there’s bound to be a safety razor or disposable razor. However, as almost any barber will tell you, a safety razor always provides a superior shave and smooth result. 

A Safety Razor is manual shaving instrument designed to protect the user from injury and hence the name. The primary components of the razor are the handle, safety bar, razor blade and cap. The construction offers the safest shaving experience over cartridge and straight razor shaving and is well suited for a novice user.

The safety razor comes in various configurations, including long handles and double-edge blades. Compared to electric razors or cartridge razors, safety razors are known for offering a very close shave.

Safety Razor Buying Guide

Finding the best safety razor and double-edge blades is essential to using this shaving method correctly. Once you get your shaving technique down with a safety razor, you’ll always have super smooth skin.

While you may think a cartridge razor is the easiest to shave with, it’s not the closest, and safety razors are just as easy and even safer. For example, butterfly safety razors are designed to protect your skin from nicks and cuts. With these razors, all you have to do is change out the blade to get a close shave.

Selection of the best safety razors
Selection of the best safety razors reviewed.

Cartridge razors require you to buy expensive heads with up to 5 blades in each. This leads to much higher cost and a lesser quality of shave.

The B&B team might be biased, but safety razors always produce a superior shave and don’t cause as much skin irritation. When looking for the best safety razor, keep these features in mind:

Benefits of Safety Razors

  • Sharp blades make it easy to get a close shave
  • More savings over long-term use
  • More durable than cartridge or single blade disposable razors
  • Less likely to cause razor burn
  • It can be used with shaving cream or gel

Single Edge Razors vs Double Edge Razors

Most safety razors are designed for single or double edge models. Some men prefer a single edge safety razor because it’s easier to maneuver. Double edge razors are more popular and tend to have a closer shave, depending on the thickness of your beard.

If you have a patchy beard or stubble beard, you may only need a single-edge razor. Both razor blades have similar pricing.

Difference between open-comb and closed-comb razor

Open-comb razor

The open-comb style razor doesn’t have the safety (straight) bar to contact the user’s skin. Instead, it has distinct teeth showing, allowing for a closer (more aggressive) shave and leaving the blade more exposed.

Closed-comb razor

The closed-comb style razor has a safety (straight) bar to contact the user’s skin. It still allows for a close but less aggressive shave. The benefit is keeping the blade less exposed and safer for the user.

Adjustable Razors

Certain skin types are more sensitive than others to razor burn and irritation. You can easily tune a razor with an adjustable safety razor to match your skin type. This means you’re less likely to have issues with nicks and cuts if it’s easier to adjust the blades.

Long Handles

The handle is probably the most important piece of any razor. You want a long, weighted handle with a textured grip. If you don’t have a great handle, holding on to the razor can be harder, causing you to slip when you shave. It’s also important if you’re using a razor for a head shave.

Design and Material

The best safety razors are made from steel and have a chrome finish. They’re slightly weighted, so you can easily balance the handle in your hand and avoid any slippage. Heavy razors are also easier to use because they take the pressure away, so the razor can do most of the work.

Looking for a professional shave at home? Barbers recommend a safety razor for the best shave experience. It offers a safe shave without the irritation or razor burn you get from most cartridge razors.

We rated the top safety razors and placed them into 6 categories. No matter what your budget is, you deserve a super close shave. Here are the top safety razors that B&B tested based on their ability to provide a clean shave with no nicks, super-durable construction, and flexible design.

1. Merkur 34C Classic Safety Razor: Best Overall Safety Razor

As the Merkur 34C is one of the most purchased and highly rated safety razors, we put it at the top of our list to review and find out why people love it so much. Customers refer to this shaver as an “aggressive” safety razor, which means it’s slightly heavier. This gives the razor more balance, and many experienced shavers like it when their razor has a little weight. 

While still a safety razor that beginners can use, it’s slightly more aggressive than most other razors. The blade replacement is easy because it’s a two-piece razor. However, its construction, design, and textured grip handle make it a top choice. You’ll get a lot of use out of this safety razor. 

  • Extra thick handle
  • Reliable grip
  • Made in Germany
  • Allows for a close, comfortable shave

Best Overall Safety Razor

Merkur Mk34c - Classic Double Edge Safety Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle


  • Balanced weight
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Texture Grip


  • Not great for those who like long-handle safety razors


Whether you want a simple, close shave or a weighted razor, the Merkur 34C razor is the perfect option for any shaver in any stage of experience. You can use it simply thanks to the two-piece design. You’ll only need to supply double edge razor blades to use the Merkur 34C. 

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2. Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Safety Razor: Best Razor under $20

This beautiful, Black Chrome Safety Razor by Weishi is a long handle, stainless steel safety razor that lets you get the closest shave with as little pressure as possible. The weight of the razor does the work for you, making it simple to get a close shave in under a minute and head out of the door. 

The hardest part of the Weishi razor is replacing the blades at the very start. You’ll twist the knob located at the bottom of the razor’s handle to open and close the blade chamber. Once you do it the first time, it’s easy to change out the blades in the Weishi. 

  • WEISHI Double Edge Safety razor is for those who enjoy a smooth and clean shave. Easy to use, this razor will help you achieve your perfect look.
  • Easy to replace blades: to your convenience, twist the knob (at the bottom of the razor handle) to open the blade chamber, then replace the razor blade. Use your favorite standard double edge blade in WEISHI.
  • Perfectly balanced to fit in anyone's hand (length: 4.3 in/11cm), excellent grip and perfect weight to use (weights 2.61oz/74g).
  • Here are four keys to a successful shave. Use as little pressure as possible. Let the weight of the razor do the work for you. Hold razor by the tip of the handle. Angle the blade at a 45 degrees angle. Shave with the grain of your beard.
  • WEISHI collection of both classics and fashion. If for any reason you are not satisfied, feel free to contact us.

Best Safety Razor Under $20

Weishi Nostalgic Safety Razor with Long Handle, Butterfly Open and Double Edge


  • Incredible Look and Feel
  • Perfectly Weighted for an Easy Shave
  • Easy to Use
  • Excellent grip


  • Customers reported issues with a mechanical knob sticking
  • Included double edge blades aren’t high quality


For the price, the Weishi Nostalgic razor is a great value and offers a superior shave just as if you were at the barber. One thing that we noted was the quality of the double edge blades upon opening the package. These weren’t the best in quality, and I recommend purchasing a stronger double-edge blade. 

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3. Merkur Futur 23C Long Handle Razor: Best Safety Razor Under $50

The razor built for a “man’s hands” is known as the Merkur Futur 23C. This long handle safety razor provides more comfort and control over your shave, and the design of the razor is pretty great, too. With a longer length and slightly weighted design, this razor is perfect for those who crave more pressure to guide their hand easily.

Made in Solingen, Germany, the Merkur Futur 23C is another popular, highly rated razor that provides more leverage and maneuverability. 

  • merkur 180
  • long handle merkur razor
  • safety razor

Best Safety Razor Under $50

Merkur Futur MK 23C Long-Handled Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor with Chrome Finish


  • Long Handle for More Control
  • 4.2 inches in length
  • Chrome finish


  • Buy higher quality double edge blades


Even though it’s marketed as a razor “made for man’s hands,” both men and women can use this razor and get a high-quality shave. It’s a durable handle made with a textured grip that you can use for your face, body, and head shaves. 

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4. Edwin Jagger: Best Safety Razor for Beginners

Edwin Jagger makes high-quality safety razors with different, colorful designs. This Edwin Jagger double edge safety razor is a comfortably weighted razor for a balanced, close shave. It’s perfectly suited for new and experienced shavers. It’s also one of the more well-known, historic brands, so it comes with a guarantee of authenticity. 

These razors are incredibly durable, chrome-plated, and made for wet shaving. Made in Sheffield, England, the razor handle has a two-part double-edge design. The original kit includes five double edge replacement blades.

  • Clean Shave: The Edwin Jagger DE8 razor head, featured on the DE86 razor, is expertly engineered to deliver a professional shaving experience. A single blade (not included) means fewer cuts, less irritation, and a smoother result.
  • Eco-Friendly: Simply recycle and replace the stainless-steel blade (not included) for years of cost effective, close, and comfortable shaving. Be kind to your skin and kind to the environment while saving money.
  • Premium Quality: Manufactured using the best-quality specially selected imitation ebony synthetic materials, this classic men’s razor offers a comfortable, barbershop quality shave - every time.
  • Classic Design: The Edwin Jagger DE86 is a traditional double edge safety razor. Made using specially selected high-quality synthetic material for a sleek and sophisticated appearance, your reusable, eco-friendly Edwin Jagger razor will last a lifetime.
  • Edwin Jagger: Made by the renowned manufacturer in Sheffield, England, to the highest standard. This luxury razor is delivered in smart presentation packaging, includes care booklet and instructions, and makes an ideal gift for both men and women.

Best Safety Razor for Beginners

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor great for Beginners


  • Superb for wet shaving
  • Affordable and durable
  • High-Quality
  • Excellent product support
  • It fits all standard DE blades


  • Keep Dry, or zinc pieces will corrode and make it difficult to unscrew the blade compartment
  • It doesn’t come with a case


With over 10,000 positive reviews, Edward Jagger makes the best safety razor. Their double-edge safety razor offers a supreme shave, and it’s quite stylish to have in your bathroom, too. 

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5. Vikings Blade Chieftain Razor: Best Heavy Safety Razor

One of the original, time-tested safety razors on the market, the Vikings Blade Chieftain razor is a top-notch medium-aggressive safety razor. It’s a bit heavier, which leads to a smoother shave. Vikings Blade uses high-end, eco-friendly materials to make its products, and it comes with a luxury case and mirror. 

Another great feature of this product is the Swedish 13C26 steel mild double edge blades that come with the initial purchase on Amazon. With its stylish design, textured grip, and weighted handle, it’s one of the best shavers to buy yourself or someone else. 

  • THE SMOOTHEST SHAVE for both men & women – Significantly reducing ingrown hair, skin irritations and razor burn often experienced with plastic cartridge razors, helping you finally achieve the smoothest, cleanest and closest shave.
  • LIFELONG DURABILITY – This classic double edge safety razor is made from solid, premium metals, thus easily lasts a lifetime.
  • WISE, ECONOMICAL CHOICE – Replacement blades are smoother, milder, more effective, and significantly cheaper (15x-20x) than plastic cartridges.
  • ECO FRIENDLY – Unlike costly disposable cartridge razors, when you purchase this product, the entire razor and all its refill blades contains zero plastic, thus 100% reusable and recyclable.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT – 1 safety razor (single blade razor), 5 platinum-coated Swedish steel mild blades, 1 luxury case. This is the ideal gift or present for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines, Father’s or Mother’s day.

Best Heavy Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE - The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor (Neutrally Aggressive)


  • High Quality design
  • Textured grip
  • Affordable


  • May be too aggressive for beginners


We recommend that experienced shavers use a safety razor like the Vikings Blade Chieftain for higher control and a smoother shave. With steel blades, a 20% heavier design, and a stylish chrome design, it’s fun and leaves behind a superbly smooth result. 

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