8 Best Shaving Kits for Men & Buyer’s Guide (2023)


best shaving kits for men

The best shaving kits for men make it easier to get a clean, smooth shave anytime with sharp razors and all the products you need for a barber-like shave. I’ve reviewed which shaving kits offer the best products for mens grooming.

A classic shaving kit includes a razor handle, typically a cartridge or double edge safety razor, along with replacement blades, shaving cream, stand, shaving brush, and a shaving bowl. Some kits only include 2 or 3 items, while ultimate shave kits typically include 4 or more.

In this review, I look at the top men’s shaving kits based on products included, quality of the shave, and overall customer satisfaction. The buyer’s guide below offers some unique insights into types of shaving kits (safety razor vs cartridge razor) and benefits of purchasing a shave kit verses sticking to your old razor.

Top Shaving Kits (TLDR)

These shaving kit picks proved to offer the most value and best products overall:

  1. Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor: Best Overall Shave Kit
  2. Edwin Jagger Shaving Gift Set: Top Cartridge Razor Shave Kit
  3. Merkur Razor Futur Shaving Kit: Best Safety Razor Shave Kit
  4. Harry’s Deluxe Travel Shaving Kit: High Quality Cartridge Razor Kit
  5. Gillette ProShield Fusion Razor: Easiest for Beginners
  6. Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit: Best Luxury Shave Kit
  7. Bevel Shaving Kit: Best Starter Shaving Kit
  8. Miusco Men’s Wet Shaving Kit: Top Starter Kit For Wet Shaving

I chose shaving brands and kits that were highly rated and contained multiple top-notch products, then reviewed each based on their ability to provide a close, clean shave.

Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor: Best Overall Shave Kit

I wanted to kick off these reviews with one of my favorite all-in-one shaving kits because it includes more than the essentials for a great price.

The Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor shaving kit is perfect for men who want a close shave and like a consistent shaving routine with pre-shave oil, great shaving cream, and aftershave balm.

  • Perfect Holiday Gift For Men - Make any man extremely happy with Viking Revolution Safety Razor Shaving Kit. This luxury shaving kit for men is ideal as a gift for fathers, husbands, sons or any man for that matter.
  • Most Complete Kit- This kit contains everything one will need to keep their face silky smooth or just to trim up that beard nice and tight
  • Top Quality- Our kit contains the highest rated product on the market, giving you complete confidence in your purchase along with our Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Contents- This kit contains our Safety Razor with 10 Razor Blades, Safety Razor Stand, Shaving Brush, Shaving Bowl, Shaving Soap, Preshave Oil and Aftershave Balm.
  • The Viking Promise- We are so sure that you will love your new shaving kit that if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we'll take care of it right away

Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit - Includes Double Edge Safety Razor, Stand, Bowl, After-Shave Balm, Pre-Shave Oil, Badger Brush

The best part about this shaving kit is that it comes with a stand and premium-quality badger hair shaving brush, as well as a bowl. There are so many pieces included in this kit that it’s a perfect gift for under $60 and results in a super close shave. You’ll love how your skin feels after shaving with this Viking Revolution shaving kit.

Check Lowest Price $49.99

Edwin Jagger Shaving Ivory Gift Set: Top Cartridge Razor Shave Kit

When looking for a classy cartridge razor kit, there’s nothing better than Edwin Jagger’s Ivory Shaving Kit. It comes with a stand, shaving bowl, shaving brush, replacement blades, and an ivory razor handle.

Of course, it’s faux ivory, but that doesn’t diminish the posh look of this kit. In addition, it also works with all Gillette Mach3 replacement blades.

  • Designed, created and branded by Edwin Jagger, a guarantee of authenticity and a Gillette Trusted Partner
  • One Gillette Mach3 blade included, perfectly suited for both new and experienced shavers to provide a safe, close and comfortable shave
  • Pure badger shaving brush produces excellent lather with bowl, hot water and shaving cream or shaving soap
  • Delivered in smart Edwin Jagger branded presentation packaging with product insert and registration instructions
  • Spoil someone with this excellent gift for any wet shaver

Edwin Jagger Shaving Gift Set, Ivory

The Edwin Jagger brand is known for its sleek aesthetic and masculine but unique designs – perfect for a sleek facial hair cut. You’ll not only love how this shaving kit looks, but the razor and shaving brush just feel great in your hand. It’s very easy to control and get a close shave. While expensive, it’s definitely a durable, long-lasting product.

Check Lowest Price Price not available

GBS Shaving Kit with Merkur Safety Razor Bowl: Premium Luxury Shaving Kit for Less

I’m lucky to test a product like the Merkur Razor Futur Shaving set because it’s a pricey, premium four-piece shaving kit. However, The GBS Shaving Gift Set comes with a genuine long-handle Merkur safety razor for just under $70, as well as a stainless steel shaving bowl, stand, badger brush, and shaving soap.

  • Merkur Futur
  • Silvertip badger shaving brush
  • Made in Germany
  • With bowl
  • With stand

Merkur Razor Futur Shaving Set

You’ll love how the Merkur safety razor feels on your skin if you’re looking for a close shave. It’s a premium quality long-handle safety razor for more control, and the rest of the set is really just a bonus for the price you pay. You’ll have everything you need for a perfect shave with this kit, and it’s much less costly than the Merkur luxury shaving kit.

Check Lowest Price $330.33

Harry’s Razors Travel Shaving Kit: High Quality Cartridge Razor Kit

If you’re on the go a lot or prefer a cartridge razor, the Harry’s Razors for Men shaving set is the perfect compromise. Not only is the cartridge razor a higher quality than a Gillette razor, but it also comes with 5 razor blade refills, travel blade cover, and shave gel.

While it’s a little different from the premium wet shaving kits, this is the perfect premium cartridge set for a great price.

  • HARRY'S RAZORS FOR MEN - Includes our Truman mens razor handle, German-engineered razor blades refills (5 count), travel cover to protect your razor blades on the go, and Harry's Shave Gel for a smooth shave.
  • PREMIUM BLADES - Harry's Shaving Razors for Men include 5 German razor blades, a flex hinge, lubricating strip, and a precision trimmer for your hard-to-reach places like sideburns or under your nose.
  • INCREASED CONTROL - Harry's Men's Razor handle is designed with a rubberized matte exterior, textured grip pattern, and weighted core for maximum grip and control.
  • FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING - Harry's bought a factory in Germany to ensure the quality of our Razors for Men and to pass the savings on to our customers who deserve a great shave at a fair price.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED - We want you to love every product we make. If you're not happy with what you ordered, send us a message and we'll take care of you.

Harry's Razors for Men - Men's Razor Set with 5 Razor Blade Refills, Travel Blade Cover, 2 oz Shave Gel (Ocean Blue)

The German-cut razors deliver a pretty sharp shaving experience and last for at 3 shaves each. The razors also come with a lubricating strip and the razor handle includes a precision trimmer. You may get more use out of these blades if you don’t shave as often. For a quick shave, Harry’s travel set gets the job done.

Check Lowest Price $19.99

I also reviewed Harry’s Razors and their shaving products, if you’d like to see what other shaving products are available.

Gillette SkinGuard Men’s Razor Set: Best for Your Budget

In comparison to Harry’s Razors, I wanted to try out the top-rated Gillette SkinGuard Men’s Razor Set that includes a razor handle, 3 blade refills, and PURE shaving gel. It’s a nice bundle for the price, and it works with sensitive skin. The razor also works with Fusion blade refills. If you’re looking for something that’s under $20 to get started, this is a great cartridge razor set that includes a flexible head and lubricated razor strips to eliminate skin irritation.

  • Designed to stop irritation
  • Smooths sensitive skin to protect it from the blades
  • Clinically proven for sensititve skin
  • Shields skin from irritation with lubrication
  • Handle fits all SkinGuard and Fusion blade refills

Gillette SkinGuard Men's Razor Handle, 3 Blade Refills + PURE Shave Gel

Even though Gillette makes some cheap products sometimes, I really liked the Gillette SkinGuard razor. It’s very different from the multiple blade and five-blade razors, as it only has two razor blades on each replacement. However, I found that it led to more flexibility and less irritation, although the PURE shaving gel isn’t my cup of tea for shaving creams. I prefer an after shave balm for additional moisture and less irritation from the alcohol in the shave gel can.

Check Lowest Price $19.99

Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit: Best Luxury Shave Kit

The Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit is a very posh, highly rated shaving kit that comes with a 100% pure black badger shaving brush, 10 replacement blades, double edge safety razor, and multiple shaving products. Essentially, all of their shaving soaps and after shave oils are premium quality, so it left my skin feeling refreshed and soft after shaving.

  • Handmade in the pure French tradition
  • All you need to create the perfect shaving: double edge safety razor with 10 astra blade, 100% pure black badger hair, organic shaving soap, organic aftershave, organic pre shave oil, and a stainless steel shaving stand
  • Made of luxurious ingredients: organic argan oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No animal testing - Nasty Chemical free - Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Dyes, Toxins, artificial fragrances, Ethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, DEA and petroleum oil!

Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit Set with Organic Shaving Soap, Aftershave Oil, Wood Shaving Bowl, 100% Pure Black Badger Shaving Brush and Double Edge Safety Razor with 10 Blades.

It’s truly an experience to use Maison Lambert’s products. The organic shaving soap smells divine and lathers up nicely, while the wood shaving bowl and pure badger hair shaving brush deliver an exceptional shaving experience. You simply can’t get much better than this kit, but the cost is on the high side. This is definitely a wet shaving set for treating yourself or someone else.

Check Lowest Price Price not available

Bevel Shaving Kit for Men: Best Starter Wet Shaving Kit

For a little bit lower price, the Bevel Shaving Kit for Men offers a deluxe safety razor, shaving brush, shave cream, oil, balm, and 20 replacement blades. It’s an exceptional value that you’ll immediately feel once you start shaving. Everything is included, but the safety razor is what truly stands out. It’s very polished and weighted, so it sits perfectly in your palm as you shave.

  • LUXURY SAFETY RAZOR KIT - This shaving kit includes everything you need for a cleaner, smoother shave that reduces bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR MEN - The Bevel Starter Shave Kit makes for the perfect mens gift for your father, husband, son, or friend, for any holiday
  • HIGH QUALITY - Bevel products are designed to provide a high quality and premium grooming experience
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED - Bevel products are clinically tested to help prevent razor bumps and irritation
  • CONTENTS - The Bevel Shave System includes The Bevel Safety Razor, Bevel Badger Shave Brush, Bevel Shave Cream, Bevel Priming Oil, Bevel Restoring Balm and 20 Bevel Replacement Blades

Shaving Kit for Men by Bevel - Starter Shave Kit, Includes Safety Razor, Shaving Brush, Shave Creams, Oil, Balm and 20 Blades. Clinically Tested to Help Prevent Razor Bumps

The badger hair shaving brush lifts up your hair and gathers shaving cream quickly, making it easy work to get a lather on your skin and start shaving. The replacement blades also make it so you won’t have to go to the store or purchase any more for many weeks or even months. Overall, Bevel provides insane value, and I was impressed just like many other customers who have opted for this brand.

Check Lowest Price Price not available

Miusco Men’s Wet Shaving Kit: Lowest Cost Wet Shaving Kit

Many people recommended trying the Miusco Men’s Wet Shaving Kit because it comes with a high-quality badger hair shaving brush, shaving stand, bowl, and safety razor. A pack of replacement blades is also included. The only thing missing here is the shaving gel, which means the cost is quite low for a beginner wet shaving kit.

  • 100% Pure badger hair shaving brush for generating warm, rich lather for softening and lifting beards, opening pores and moisturizing the skin.
  • Shaving bowl is designed to be gripped comfortably and have the perfect circular motion for great lathering.
  • Double edge safety razor and knurled handle serves excellent function in preventing accidental slippage. Compatible with most double-edge razor blades.
  • Stainless steel razor stand keeps your brush and razor dry and orderly, yet all easy-to-access at any given time.
  • Beginner friendly wet shaving kit. Razor blades are included

Miusco Men's Wet Shaving Kit, 4 Piece, Badger Hair Shaving Brush, Hand Polished Stainless Steel Shaving Stand, Shaving Bowl & Safety Razor

I enjoyed shaving with Miusco’s safety razor. It felt balanced and easy to handle in my palm, and the knurled handle kept it from slipping as I shaved. This kit is perfect because it includes the stand, bowl, and brush, which you don’t always see for this low of a price. Overall, I was very satisfied with my smooth shave and value of this simple razor kit.

Check Lowest Price Price not available

Why are these The Best Mens Shaving Kits?

After testing the highest-rated shaving kits, the most important factors were having everything for a great, close shave at the best price.

Th best shaving kits for men include an assortment of shaving products.
Multiple piece shaving kits serve you better than just a razor handle and replacement blades. Kits have an assortment of quality shaving products.

Here’s why these shave kits stand out to be and why I think they contain the best products for the price, even if the premium kits cost a bit more.

  • More than 3 essential shave products.
  • Includes multiple replacement razors, razor handle, and shave cream (minimum).
  • Mostly affordable, except for luxury wet shaving kits.
  • Quality of the razors, creams, and shaving brushes.
  • Natural ingredients in shaving creams.
  • Smooth, clean shave.
  • Overall customer satisfaction.
  • Customer support options.

Shave Kit Buyer’s Guide

When considering a shaving system (kit), the first consideration is for ultra-sharp razors made of high-quality steel and includes an ergonomic handle for comfort. Today’s shave brands put a lot of effort in to ensuring the perfect shave.

If you want to get your money’s worth, these are a few things to consider before buying the best shaving set for yourself or as a shaving gift set.

What Items Make Shaving Kits Worth It?

There are key components to every shaving kit that must be included:

  • Razors
  • Razor handle or safety razor
  • Shaving cream
  • Stand

In most shaving sets, a shaving brush and shaving bowl are also included. Some kits omit the shaving cream to only provide the essential “tools” like a shaving brush and bowl, while others also include aftershave as well.

Types of Shaving Kits

If you have experience with a cartridge razor like Gillette Fusion, then you probably won’t want to switch out to a safety razor or straight razor. However, you may want to try something different.

Take a quick look at each type of shave kit to ensure you pick the right razor setup:

Cartridge Razor Shave Kits

You probably have used a cartridge razor before. It’s the most popular type of razor and widely available in any pharmacy. A cartridge razor shave kit only differs from a safety razor or straight razor kit due to the handle and blade design.

These cartridge razors are easier to use and often cheaper than a safety razor kit, which is made from higher-quality materials. Since cartridge razors are easier to use, those who are just beginning to shave or who want a quick shave typically prefer this razor.

However, long-term costs can add up for cartridge razors since you have to purchase replacement blades every other week, especially if you shave every day. The initial cost is still much lower than other shave kits.

Safety Razor Shave Kits

For those men who are on more of a budget and want a very close shave, safety razors provide a better experience. These razors are for those who love the art of shaving and have a little more time in the day to spend on the smoothest shave.

Safety razor shave kits come with a razor handle, replacement blades, shaving cream, stand, shaving brush, and shaving bowl. These are all necessary to getting a high-quality shave with a safety razor, which is why it’s so worth purchasing the set.

While there’s a high learning curve, you’ll use double edge razor blades to get the sharpest, cleanest shave. However, these blades are prohibited on planes, so you’ll only use at home.

One added benefit of these razors is that the blades are much sharper and typically lubricated, preventing issues with skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps. So men with sensitive skin often choose to go with a safety razor rather than a cartridge razor.

Shaving Kit Cost

When looking at kits, the most obvious consideration is the price. As a general rule, cartridge razor kits with 3 or 4 items are typically lower in cost than a safety razor set. This is due the steel handle and replacement blade costs being higher with a safety razor kit.

Unless you’re looking at an ultimate shaving set with everything included, you’ll spend between $30 and $50 on a cartridge shaving kit. Luxury razors and high-quality brands may charge over that, but safety razor shaving kits will likely cost the most at over $150 on average.

Final Thoughts: What’s the Best Shaving Kit

One thing you have to keep in mind with razor sets and shave kits is that they’re no more valuable than what you get out of them. I prefer the Viking Revolution shaving kit because it includes more pieces than any other kit for the price, and it’s very well-made.

If you’re constantly traveling and need an all-in-one shave kit, then you’ll likely be happy with Miusco’s safety razor kit, but if you’re looking for something, that’s high-quality and includes cartridge razors, I’d go with Harry’s Travel Shaving Kit.

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