Best Fade Haircuts for Black Men (NEW): Styles, Tips & Hair length


Black Mens Fade Haircut Men

Get a fresh and stylish look with Fade Haircuts for Black Men. Our guide showcases the latest trends and techniques to help you achieve the perfect fade haircut.

Fade Haircuts for Black Men are a type of haircut that gradually fades from longer hair on top to shorter hair on the sides and back. This style is popular among Black men and is often paired with a line-up or edge-up for a sharp, clean finish.

Ready to upgrade your hairstyle with a fresh and modern look? Fade Haircuts for Black Men offer versatility and style that can be customized to your individual preferences. Our comprehensive guide provides expert advice on everything from selecting the right type of fade to finding the best products for your hair type.

Best Fades for Black Men

Taper Fade

Black Mens Fade Taper
Fade Taper for Black Men

The Taper Fade haircut is a classic and clean-cut look that gradually transitions from longer to shorter hair near the hairline, making it a more conservative cut than other fades. It is a versatile hairstyle that can be paired with longer hairstyles like an Afro to frame the face.

Temp Fade

Temp Fade
Temp Fade

The Temp Fade is a sharply-defined hairline that starts high near the edges of the temples and then gradually fades away.

It is a versatile cut that can be combined with a range of hairstyles to create an edgy and modern look. To get the best out of this haircut, use an edge-up to define the hairline and add a taper for contrast.

High Fade

High Fade Black Men
High Fade for Black Men

The High Fade is a bold and striking haircut that starts high on the head, above the temples, creating a crisp, masculine look that elongates the face, making it perfect for round or square features.

It also offers ease of styling, allowing you to experiment with flat tops, dreads, and Afros for a modern, edgy look.

Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade Black Men
Low Fade Black Men

The Low Fade Haircut is an easy-to-manage and professional looking style that creates a subtly blended, graduated transition from natural curls to skin around the ears and nape, offering a polished and modern look.

With its manageable length, this cut provides effortless styling, giving an edgy and stylish yet timeless appeal; pair it with cropped curls for an added burst of texture.

Mid Fade

Mid Fade Haircut Black Man
Mid Fade Haircut for Black Men

The Mid Fade is a versatile all-rounder cut, featuring sharp contrast between short sections and longer hair for a semi-undercut look.

Its signature gradation of textures from natural curls to bare skin creates a modern, edgy style that is perfect for line-ups and shaved parts.

Bald Fade

Bald Fade Haircut for Black Men
Bald Fade Haircut for Black Men

The Bald Fade is a bold and striking haircut that requires more upkeep than other fades, seamlessly blending the sides and back of the hair into the skin for a modern look.

For Afro-textured hair, this look can provide a clean, sharp definition and can be tailored to suit any style from short to long.

Curly Fade

Black Men's Curly Fade
Black Men’s Curly Fade

The Curly Fade haircut is a chic and stylish look that combines a faded sidecut with a curly top section for added definition and structure.

This look is perfect for men wanting to show off their natural texture and stand out from the crowd, with the added benefit of keeping their hairline looking sharp and well-defined with a line-up or shaved part.

Wavy Fade

Wavy Fade
Wavy Fade

The Wavy Fades haircut is a modern, stylish look featuring hair cut short on the sides and longer on the top, showcasing natural waves. This classic cut gives a fresh and edgy look, adding texture and dimension to hair.

For a look that stands out, ask your barber to add a simple wavy line to the side of the head. This look can be easily achieved with the right styling products and techniques.

Mohawk Fade

Black Mens Fade Mohawk
Fade Mohawk for Black Men

The Mohawk Fade haircut is a bold and edgy style with a high fade with a volumized central section, making it perfect for those looking for a unique and stylish look.

It provides a long-lasting impression when combined with a disconnected beard and offers the wearer versatility for different occasions. Adding a fade will create a unique blend of a mohawk and an Afro for those with naturally curly hair.

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk Fade for Black Men
Faux Hawk Fade for Black Men

The Faux Hawk Fade is a striking haircut featuring a volumized central section and faded sides, with a sharp geometrical hairline in the front part. T

his impressive yet versatile look offers styling versatility for any occasion and works especially well for those with Afro-textured hair wanting to try a mohawk without relying on products.

Drop Fade

Drop Fade with Waves for Black Men
Drop Fade with Waves
Drop Fade Afro for Black Men
Drop Fade with Afro

The Drop Fade is a dynamic haircut with a curved line that drops at the back and neckline, creating a striking look.

It provides a cleaner look with easily manageable hair and looks particularly striking when paired with Afros, twists, and other natural hairstyles, with the option to add a line-up or shaved part for a modern finish.

Side Fades

Black Men Side Fade
Black Men Side Fade

The Side Fades haircut is a dramatic gradient effect that creates a unique twist by curving around the sides and back of the head.

This look offers a cleaner style while allowing for an easy-to-manage look, with the option to add structure, definition, and personality with a line-up and curved sides.

Fade Haircut with Beard

Black Mens Fade Haircut With Beard
Black Men’s Fade Haircut With Beard

The Fade Haircut with Beard combines facial and head hair in one seamless transition from a low-to-mid skin fade, emphasizing the waves of hair on top and creating a crisp line between head and facial hair.

This style is perfect for a professional look and can be enhanced with the use of beard oil and a brush for a soft, smooth, and itch-free beard.

Fade Haircut with Design

Black Mens Fade Haircut With Design
Fade Haircut With Design for Black Men

The Fade Haircut with Design is an expertly crafted look featuring a gradual tapering of hair length that adds a unique twist to the classic fade while providing a clean and fresh finish.

This look can be customized with various hair designs to add personality and stand out from the crowd. For best results, pair this style with a longer length on top and ask your barber to create depth and shadow with the fade’s gradient.

Twist Fade

Black Mens Fade Twist
Black Men’s Fade Twist

The Twist Fade haircut is a modern look that combines precision lines and tapered sides for an effortlessly stylish look.

This haircut can be customized with a low, high, or bald fade or a fade mohawk and is easy to maintain and style. For added flair, pair a classic fade with long twists, or get a drop fade for an edgy look.

Fade with Braid Design

Black Mens Fade Braid Design
Fade Braid Design for Black Men

Fade with Braid Design is a unique look that features a curved section of hair trimmed from the ears to the back neckline, tapering or fading it to blend with the longer hair to create a gradient effect.

This haircut offers an edgy, stylish look and can be further customized with styling products to achieve a personalized look.

Short Haircut with Fade

Black Mens Fade Haircut Short
Black Men’s Fade Haircut Short

The Short Haircut with Fade is a timeless classic, featuring gradually decreasing hair length as you move towards the earlobes and neck.

This stylish and edgy look provides a clean and minimalist look while also ensuring easy-to-manage hair locks and minimal barber visits, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a no-fuss hairstyle.

Fade Haircut With Hard Part

Black Mens Fade Haircut With Hard Part
Black Men’s Fade Haircut With Hard Part

The Fade Haircut With Hard Part is a sharp and bold look that creates a disconnected look with a straight line at the side of the head.

The hard part is a great hairstyle that adds texture and texture to the sides while allowing for plenty of styling options, including waves.

Fade With Side Part

Black Mens Fade With Side Part
Black Men’s Fade With Side Part

The Fade With Side Part is a low fade cutting technique that gradually decreases in length as it reaches the back and neckline, creating a curve effect for a unique, sophisticated look.

This hairstyle helps to draw attention to a specific side of the face while also allowing for a voluminous, textured, and defined style. To get the perfect look, use a comb or brush to keep the hair in place and use scissors to create an edgy, disconnected line along the fade.

What are the different types of fade haircuts for black men?

Combining modern and classic styles is popular for black men’s haircuts. A fade haircut is an example of this, combining contemporary and traditional styles. There are various types of fade haircuts, ranging from low fades to high fades, as well as taper, fades, temp fades, and bald fades.

Low fades are shorter on the sides and blend up to the top, while high fades start higher on the sides and blend up to the top. Taper fades are similar to low fades but blend more gradually and gradually decrease in length. Temp fades are created by using clippers to reduce hair gradually, while bald fades involve shaving the sides and back.

Each of these fade haircuts can be customized to create unique and stylish looks.

How to Style and Maintain a Fade Haircut for Black Men

Fade Tutorial for Black Men
  1. Gather the necessary supplies: barber clippers, a trimmer, scissors, a comb, and a brush.
  2. Start by washing your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Towel dry and then evenly distribute a moisturizing product through your hair.
  4. Create a guideline at the top of your fade. The desired length and shape should determine this.
  5. Begin the haircut at your head’s crown and blend to the guideline.
  6. Use the clippers to create the desired look at each guard line.
  7. Clean up and refine the edges.
  8. Trim the top part of your hair with scissors if needed.
  9. Finish the haircut by brushing through and styling.
  10. Regularly maintain your fade with a brush and moisturizing hair products.

Over to You

So there you have it! Our roundup of black men’s fade haircuts. We hope you found a style that you love, and that inspires you to try something new. Remember, when it comes to hair, there are no rules. So experiment and have fun!


How do black men fade their hair?

Black men can achieve a sharp, stylish fade by starting with a short tapered fade at the sides and back and a relatively short, textured top. A low fade begins to fade at the brow, while a high fade completely disappears much higher than the natural lines of hair growth. High top fades with skin fades to make the top curls stand out for a polished finish.

What is a taper for black men?

A taper fade is a popular hairstyle among black men that involves gradually increasing the length of the hair as you go up the head, blending the top and bottom layers. It is a low-maintenance, reserved look that can be tailored to different hair types and lengths. With the help of a professional barber, you can get the perfect taper haircut to suit your personal style.

What is a high fade vs low fade black men?

A high fade for black men typically means the hair is completely disappearing much higher than the natural lines of hair growth at the temples and back of the head, while a low fade begins to fade at the brow, giving a clean and well-groomed look. A high top fade is a popular hairstyle with a skin fade to make the high top curls stand out.

What is an Afro fade called?

Afro with Fade Haircut

An Afro fade is a haircut that combines a fade on the sides and back with an Afro on the top. It’s a popular hairstyle amongst black men, often featuring a low, mid, or bald fade contrasting with the longer, textured top. The exact style of Afro fades will depend on the individual’s hair length and desired look.

What is the best haircut for a black man?

The best haircut for a black man is one that accentuates his individual face shape and showcases his natural hair texture. Popular styles include the Caesar cut, the wave length cut and skin fade with shorter sides. To achieve the look, men should find a barber with a creative style and use beard grooming gear and products from trusted brands such as King C. Gillette.

How do you fade an Afro?

Fading an Afro requires electric clippers and a gradual transition. Start at the hairline in the back and move upward, using small portions and guidelines cut in the hair. Use various sizes of guards to create a smooth, gradual transition, ensuring the clippers move with the grain to avoid irritation or ingrown hairs. Pair your Afro with a bald or low fade for a modern look.

What do I tell my barber for a fade?

Tell your barber the length you want for the hair on top and sides to get a great fade haircut. Choose the degree of fade (low, medium, or high) and whether you want a skin fade or a tapered fade. Communicate any styling preferences, like leaving more length on top or going for a smooth finish. With clear communication, you’ll get the fade you desire.

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